Friday, June 10, 2016

Ivy - 1 year Old

I think back on this last year with our sweet baby girl as one of the best years of my life.  She has truly been a blessing to each member of our family.  I have treasured her milestones and growth and savored the individual moments.  I smother her with kisses daily.  Age 0 to 1 is my absolute favorite.  And while I'm excited to see her grow, I'm sad to say goodbye to that sacred newborn stage for good.  Knowing she is the very last (and that I'm far too old to have another baby), has made me more aware of each stage.  I've put off dishes and a clean house in favor of baby snuggles, playing on the floor, and listening to baby giggles. We dote on her like she was our first baby and savor her knowing she is our last.  

As we celebrated her first birthday, here is my written snapshot of our Ivy girl:

  1. She has the sweetest temperament still.  We know if she is crying for longer than 2 minutes in her bed, something is wrong (hungry, diaper, uncomfortable).  She rarely cries or fusses.  
  2. My favorite time with her is right before I go to bed.  I sneak into her room, pull her out of her crib and nurse her in the rocking chair.   She's mostly asleep, but sometimes she wakes enough to smile and talk to me some.  She's down to just that one time nursing a day and she melts right into me.  I have no plans to give that up and I sure hope I'm not creating a crazy late-night eating habit.  But for now it works for us.  and is my favorite time of each day.
  3. She has 3 teeth. 2 bottom, and 1 top tooth that just barely came in right around her birthday (which is the latest of all my kids).  She is not a picky eater and devours most of what is put in front of her. She still loves the baby food pouches (genius) that she can feed herself, but she's doing more and more table food each day. Favorites are bananas and blueberries and grapes.  She is having a really hard time switching to whole milk though.  On a rare occasion I can get her to drink some, but mostly she gets her hydration from those baby pouches.  
  4. She's got a seriously funky crawl.  She finally started crawling at 10.5 month.  She does a spider crawl with one leg and then drags her other leg under her like and army crawl.  She can seriously move now and hasn't modified that crawl one bit.  Doc said he isn't worried. The right pant leg of all her clothes is trashed because she drags that leg.  Ugh! She pulls to stand all over the place and balances on her two feet often, but no attempts to walk yet.  And that's just fine with me.
  5. She loves patty-cake and can toss-it-in the oven like a champ. It is the sweetest thing!  But I secretly love watching my kids play it with her the most. They light up in the most adorable baby voices and ear-to-ear smiles as they try and get her to "toss-it"!
  6. She's a baby on the go!  We have carpools and endless errands so she's in and out of her car seat a lot. Thankfully she can stay in the infant seat for awhile so I still lug her around in that when she falls asleep, but she likes to sit in the grocery cart too.  I put her in the stroller during the kids swim lessons and she plays while I do the elliptical or walk around the track.  
  7. She's just starting to get hard at church now that she is crawling and moving more.  We never have to take her out of sacrament meeting, but right as she neared 11mo, that came to an end.  
  8. She can be a little fiesty now.  When she wants something (usually a cell phone or remote) that she can't's quick (fake) tears.  She's got an intense personality (like Rylan) and can be so sweet and then flip a switch to frustration...which never lasts too long.
  9. She loves being held still.  While the kids are at school and I'm working around the house or office, she has a hard time playing independently. I make sure she is fed and changed, but I'm finding she's just not happy when she's not being played with.  We need to remedy that...
  10. She's still a baldy girl with a few long, wispy birth hairs.  So she always has a bow on!  Our bow collection is out of hand (50?).  Yah, it's nuts. Etsy kills me.  
  11. Favorite toys are blocks, keys, and a couple dolly's that she got for her birthday.  
  12. She still loves her muslin blankets and must have them to go down for a nap along with the binkie.  Quite an attachment to both of those things.  
  13. She takes naps when she can, but usually goes to bed around 10pm and will sleep (with that midnight feeding by me) until 10:00am.  It's glorious!
  14. She's a little pipsqueak.  18 pounds 9.5 ounces (10th percentile), 29.75 inches (75%), head 20%.  She fell off her weight curve a bit due to crawling.  

We had a blast celebrating this sweet girl! I'll need to do a whole post just on her cake-smash photoshoot which was just one of the most adorable things I have ever seen and will never forget.  

We can't imagine our family without this darling girl!  Happy birthday baby doll!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mother Son Dance

The Daddy Daughter dance in our Stake is always a huge success --- so I really wanted to make it happen for the Mothers and Sons.  I have quite a few families in our ward with just boys in their families----so I feel like they have missed out in prior years.  It's a little sting in your heart when you see all those Daddy Daughter pics!  And knowing that my boys adore dancing too, I knew they would be all over a Mother Son dance!  We couldn't get it going at the Stake level, but we were able to pull together with the 2 other wards at our building to plan and host the dance.  Sometimes it's really nice to be the Primary President and be able to actually get these activities going!  Splitting the work up 3 ways, it wasn't really too difficult at all.  

I just love these dapper little dudes!!  
 Easter outfits doubled as dressed up dance outfit.  Boutonnieres and all!  

These boys have my heart...that's for sure!!!

The dance was a huge success!  There were some boys in the age 8-12 range that weren't all too excited about it...but we tried to keep the mood light and fun (hokey pokey, chicken dance, YMCA, etc.). Only did a couple of slow songs.  My boys were sweaty and gross by the end! They are already looking forward to next year.   

Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb Misc

 Addison is joining Young Women's in the fall so she was invited to attend 'New Beginnings' in February where they introduced all the incoming Young Women at this fun Boot Camp!

Bike Rides and walks with my babes.  

Preschool sometimes takes its toll....

He's such a good helper! Sheesh!

My good friend, Robin, helped Addison make this blanket for Ivy. I love how it turned out!  

Addison has been on the Student Council this year at school and she got to MC the assembly in February with her friend, Savannah.  

This little dude got the "Leader of The Pack" award at the same assembly.  Can you tell it was Star Wars Day??

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cruising to age 40

Trevor's high school buddies wanted to plan an epic 40th birthday celebration for all their 40th birthdays happening in 2016.  Dave took the lead and conducted surveys etc regarding trip destination, cost, timing.  Sadly, we couldn't get the whole Boise Boys group together, but did finally get 3 couples to commit and book a trip.  Dave & Kellie, Nate & Christy, and Us... (plus Ivy!).  I was still nursing and couldn't possibly leave this pipsqueak at home. She's such a good baby, we gladly had her tag along!  

Destination? Cruising out of Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean! No better way to travel!

We got in on a Sunday night and couldn't board the ship until Monday late afternoon. So after connecting in the am, we took some uber rides over to the Florida Everglades.  It's a national park and so unique and awesome! An entire ecosystem like no other in the world.  We went on an airboat ride as we toured the wetlands. 

 We saw dozens of these friends creeping alongside the boat!  Yikes!!

And even got to hold a baby alligator!  

We hopped on the ship as soon as we could.  Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas.  It was a fantastic, gorgeous ship!  

Bon Voyage!!

Having only done Disney Cruises in the past, we were amazed at the lack of children (of any age) on the boat.  You really had to be looking for kids to spot them...and infants?? We maybe saw 1 other?  So Ivy was just a huge hit wherever we were!  Everyone absolutely LOVED her.  
 It was such a special time for Trevor and I to be one-on-one with Ivy at this age.  Most thought she was our only child (and we loved the shocked looks on their faces when we told them we left 4 at home! Ha!).  We truly just doted and enjoyed her.  She's chill, patient, happy!!  
 Our first day was at Sea.  It wasn't super warm with the wind from the boat moving, so we found a sheltered area from the wind and just sat there and baked in that glorious sun!!

The ship had a "Flow Rider" which was a super awesome man-made created surf.  We tried the wake board and managed's so much harder than it looks! I actually enjoyed watching the instructors take turns...they were incredible!  

 Once you lose your balance, you wipe out and get swooped up to the top! (Prepare for wedgies and don't get up until you've done a full swimsuit check! haha).  

Formal night on the 2nd night!  Again, Ivy...just melted everyone (and me too!)

On the 3rd day we were in port at Royal Caribbean's privately owned beach and property in Labadee, Haiti.  Unfortunately, the weather looked ominous.  But we journeyed off the ship anyway. How could we not when this was the view from the top deck?  

The first part of the day wasn't bad...not much sun, but definitely warm.  

We cozied up on the beach for awhile and let Ivy play in the sand.   

It started to sprinkle and then downpour at lunch time, so we huddled under the pavilion to eat.  It subsided after awhile and we got to walk around at the shops.  A total tourist trap...remember this is owned by Royal Carribean.  So it didn't feel truly authentic (but I wouldn't really want to be traveling with an infant in Haiti anyway!), but it was interesting.  

The 3 Boise Boys: Trevor, Dave, Nate...missing those guys who couldn't come.  

It looked like it was really going to come down, so we suddenly made a mad dash back to the ship. I love, love this pic!  (Seeing all the rain and gray clouds makes me feel cold...but it was not cold! That made the rain was so warm! I love the Caribbean humidity and heat!  

A few games that night (Nate and Christy sacked out). We were on an official 4 meals a day routine. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Late Dinner.  Glorious!  

Next day was in Falmouth, Jamaica!  Another gloomy, wet day...darn!
We split up because the other couples booked a tubing excursion that we couldn't do with Ivy (and we didn't feel comfortable leaving her on the ship in daycare).  So we decided to do the Dunns River Falls hike.  Spectacular sets of water falls! You walk down the stairs to the bottom and then take a guided tour to the top.  It was very cool (even if it was pouring rain!)  

 At first they wouldn't let us take Ivy with us and wanted us to leave her with a random Jamaican lady at the info center. Um...really?? No.  We begged to pack her in with us and the guide agreed as long as we stayed at the front of the group. Done!  
 Loved stealing Carson's GoPro for the trip!  Perfect for a wet waterfall hike! 

Jamaica nickle and dimes you for tips! We had to tip the bus driver, the bus driver tour guide, the helper that led us from the bus to the entrance of the water falls, and the water fall hike guide!  It was really nuts!  But we did have a lot of helpers!  

The next part of our excursion was a sky ride up the side of one of the largest mountains in Jamaica.  It was a wet ride to the top.  

But at the top...the rain let up!  We were really the only ones there. Usually there are 4-5 ships in port, but there was only 2 that we had the place to ourselves.  These musicians really wanted to play for Ivy (more tips).  

The bobsled ride was at the top so we couldn't pass that up!  Not really a bobsled in anyway other than shape...ha!....but it still was a blast!
Pic with Ivy...she couldn't go, so we took turns.

The ride down was much rain!

And quite the view! Gorgeous country!  (But have to admit, I did feel unsafe and extra cautious.  We just stuck with the cruise guides. I wouldn't have ever ventured out on our own here).  

Back on the ship and headed back to Florida!

But not before another cruising day at Sea!  

Happy Baby!!  The cruise captain found the sun and we enjoyed that day so much!  
 Finally got to try out the rock climbing wall.  

 Catch some reading mixed with good food.  Always food. Always.

Our final night...we had a glorious sunset!  

But my hair was doing this while taking pics in the wind!  

The next day there was a delay in getting off the ship.  Most people waited in the theaters...but we headed to the top deck to sit in the sun for another hour.  Pool to ourselves (too bad our swimsuits were already packed and loaded).  We had the best time with our friends!! Goodbyes are always hard...we go years between seeing these guys but sure treasure their friendship! We are determined to go on another '40' trip when Christy and I turn 40 (2018).  

As luck would have it, we had a 2 hour layover in Denver. So we convinced Trevor's sister to meet us at the airport so she could meet Ivy and we could meet baby Georgia! These sweet cousins finally meet!!  

Plus our other niece and nephew; Ellie and Beckett.  Love these kiddos and don't see them nearly enough!!

But after a week (including travel), I was ready to be back to my big kids.  And boy oh boy were they missing their baby sister!  They couldn't get their hands on her fast enough!!!  
 Can't thank my mom enough for managing this crew!!!  They kinda like her!!

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