Thursday, August 23, 2007

Milestone for Carson

You never have to learn to ride a bike twice. We tried taking Carson's training wheels off a few months ago, and he just wasn't ready to try it. But a few weeks ago he kept asking me to take them off. I hesitated for a few days because I thought I would be putting them right back on. Then he came running in the house one day and said "Mom, I can ride a two-wheeler!" One of Carson's friends had been busy hunting down tools in our garage to take those training wheels off. I was surprised they did it all by themselves! Anyhow, after a few wobbly moments, he went sailing down the street with no problem. A few minutes later he had mastered turning. What a milestone he achieved all by himself! He was so proud. Then we changed his talent in the Primary Talent Show at the last minute so he could show the whole ward. Oh, and he is starting Kindergarten on Sept 4th (sniff, sniff). When you are little life is so full of 'firsts'.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Evee Kate

Our newest niece was born on August 9, 2007. Todd (Trevor's brother) and Onjali seem to being doing great with their first little one, who they say never cries! We are grateful to them for providing the very first cousin for Carson and Addison on that side of the family. She is so sweet, and we can't wait to see her in person! Congratulations!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Be Prepared

Be Prepared

It is the Boy Scout motto, you know. Well, I didn't until just recently. Trevor has been the Scoutmaster at Church for the last few months (yes, feel sorry for him).

Ever since he got called I have been wanting to track down his old Scout uniform. Trev's an eagle scout (surprised you didn't know that). Anyway, I was thrilled when his dad found it in some old boxes at the house.

It doesn't quite fit (I guess he has put on some weight since he was 16), but here he is in all his glory.

Bring on an Emergency

We may not have a 2 years supply of food and water, but check out our 72 hour kits! After almost 6 months of gathering items, we now have 4 functioning 72 hour kits (one for each of us!) Trevor's mom gave us a good start with the backpacks and 3-day food kit .... and I have been adding (slowly, mind you) items a little at a time. Now we keep one in each car and the kids' in the garage. So, if we need to leave in a hurry (like Mt. Rainier blows...) then we are prepared! Go Pettingills!

I pulled item lists from several different websites and here are the master contents in ours (the only thing not actually packed is the propane...Trev is in charge of getting that at the last minute). And, any suggestions of what I may be missing would be greatly appreciated:

2 liter of water + 6 water pouches
Light stick
Change of clothes (pants, shirt, under clothing , socks)
4 tea lights
Ensign magazine
Metal cup (holds 2 cups)
Pencil & paper
Money – coins only
Solar/battery powered radio with extra batteries
Flashlight with extra batteries
First aid kit
3 wash cloths
5 tissue packets
Hand Sanitizer
Contact Solution
Extra contacts/glasses
2400 Calorie Food Bar
18-hour + Hand and Body Warmer
Emergency Blanket
Waterproof matches
Emergency poncho
Pocket Knife
3 days worth of meals (see below)
Individual propane stove

Kids only:Diapers/wipes-Addy
Small toys/games

Meal Planner

Day One
Breakfast: 1 instant oatmeal & 1 hot chocolate
Lunch: 1 granola bar, 1 beef jerky, 1 apple cider
Snack: 3 pieces candy & 1 stick gum
Dinner: 1 Ramen Noodles & 1 cup fruit

Day Two
Breakfast: 1 instant oatmeal & 1 hot chocolate
Lunch: 1 Ramen Noodles & 1 cup fruit
Snack: 3 pieces candy & 1 stick gum
Dinner: 1 beef jerky, 1 fruit snack, 1 apple cider

Day Three
Breakfast: 1 instant oatmeal & 1 hot chocolate
Lunch: 1 fruit snack, 1 beef jerky, & apple cider
Snack: 3 pieces candy & 1 stick gum
Dinner: 1 Ramen noodles & 1 granola bar

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


We have had a great time watching Carson play T-ball this summer. After 6 games the players still have trouble knowing which base is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and home. And it is oh so hard to understand that when you play 1st base you don't run to 2nd when the ball is hit. It is really a hard game to figure out!! (much harder than soccer anyway). Carson's coach backed out before the start of the season so two young guys from the military base volunteered to help out. It is funny to watch two 19 year olds try to deal with twelve 5 and 6 year olds. Carson has really enjoyed playing catcher when his turn comes up (it is all about wearing the mask, you know) . He has a pretty good swing too. He does the same routine each time: he winds up and moves the bat slowly toward the ball once, then twice, and the really gears up the third time with all his power and whacks it straight in the air.

Carson playing catcher

Addy has been neglected on the blog for awhile.....she is still cute and wild. Still working on potty training, enjoyed her mom/child swimming lessons, and loved going camping last weekend! Here she is in her new hat (she loves hats):

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