Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trip to Utah

We escaped for a week to Utah at the beginning of November. We were mainly focused on the Mountain West Conference Women's Soccer Tournament in Provo. It was a little strange walking around BYU in red, Utah gear...but, you do what you have to do, right? During the first half of Game 1, Erin took a ball in the face/head from about 10 feet without seeing it coming. So she was out the rest of the first half and they finally put her back in with a few minutes remaining in the 2nd half. Utah won the game. But, later that night the trainers were sure she had a concussion, so she was kept out of the rest of the tournament. Utah ended up losing in the next game...so it was hard to watch knowing they really needed Erin. But, I guess damaging your brain is a worse outcome. We had a great time watching the team play anyway.

We took the kids around BYU campus and went to the BYU vs TCU football game (Go Cougars!). It hasn't been THAT long since we were living in Provo, but somehow the campus manages to change in huge ways in such a short time. And we have already started giving subtle hints to our kids about the REQUIREMENT of going to college...you know, how amazing and fun it is to be poor and studying all the time....okay, so I focus more on the football games and BYU Creamery for now.

We crammed in some visits with family and had an all-day shopping trip on Saturday for major Christmas decor (hey, I can check 9 bags now...so I took a lot home...there has to be some perks for buying airline tickets for my kiddos). After Trevor headed back to Seattle for work, I headed to Boise for a two-day Tax update conference. Let me tell you...exciting stuff. The kids had fun having Grandma all to themselves for two days. I returned to SLC and spent one more day before heading back to the rain. Did I already say the weather was GORGEOUS in Utah...70 degrees almost every day!

We managed to fit in one more shopping trip before heading to the airport: Gardner Village...where the kids were just a tad scared of the apparently starving ducks!

We had a great time! And the visits always seem too short! Dang it, I have Kindergarten to plan around now!! We can't wait for the fam to all be together up here for New Years.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Our 3 Year Old Princess

Here she is....3 years old! I seriously can't believe it! Her birthday was on October 27th. I was loving that it was on a Saturday this year. Daddy made her waffles with strawberries for breakfast, then off to Carson's soccer game, an after-game stop at Starbucks for yummy hot chocolate, then back to the house for the big princess party! This year I limited the party to 1 hour...which was perfect timing for 3 year olds. She was lucky to have 1 brother, 3 cousins and 5 little friends celebrate with her. We had streamers and balloons, tiaras for the girls and prince crowns for the boys. The kids painted a little wood craft, had pink cake and ice cream, tried to play "princess, princess, frog" (duck, duck, goose), and opened presents. It was a lot of preparation for such a short party...but she was so excited! Grandma Judy and Grandpa Chuck came the night before to visit which both her and Carson loved. And then we got to hang out with her cousins, aunts, and uncles after the party. She was spoiled rotten and now thinks all birthday cakes, presents, and festivities are for her! At least her birthday princess outfit doubled as her Halloween costume. She is definitely a girl with major attitude you can hear screaming a mile away, but she gets smarter everyday and keeps us laughing all the time. We love having her in our family.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Crazy Hair Day at school

Halloween 2007

Get candy, get candy, get candy. That is the name of the game. I am dreading my 2-3 month shift as the candy police. But it is worth it for fun night. Uncle Tyler was in town, we had spooky spiderwebs covering the porch, the new fogger we bought didn't work, our pumpkins looked awesome, homemade chili and pumpkin pie, plus hot cider and hot chocolate....all makes for a perfect Halloween. I especially enjoyed the 30 minutes cozying up by the fire reading a book while Trev and Tyler took the kids trick or treating. Plus, we had a great turn out of trick or treaters again this year almost going through 2 bags of Costco candy.

The kids wore their costumes most of they day. Addy got to wear her costume to dance class....5 princesses and one supergirl. No costumes allowed at Carson's school. In fact, last year they banned all Halloween parties in favor of 'Harvest' parties because members of the Wiccan religion found it offensive. I'll hold my comments on that one.

So it was almost torture to wait until dark to begin trick or treating. It was a cold night (but not rainy!), so they were bundled up tight!

On a side note, we had a small set back in our schedule when I realized our freezer must have been unplugged for 2 or 3 days. The 2 bags of ice had melted out of the freezer all over my garage. It was a good chance to clean out the freezer, and luckily since everything was still cold (just defrosted)...some of it was salvageable. Just not something I wanted to do that day!

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