Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A dirty face, faux hawk, and one more lost tooth makes three...

It has been tough for corn on the cob and apples this summer for our Carson. He lost one of this top front teeth a couple weeks ago and the one next to it is about to go...sure to make things even more fun. We are trying out a 'faux hawk' on him this summer, but I am realizing it means actually DOING his hair everyday...not something in our normal routine. But, hey, who am I kidding, we don't even have a routine around here this summer.

Other tidbits:

The baby gear is in full force with no place to go. The baby's room is oh-so-close to being ready to at least move stuff in (paint, trim, and doors left to go). But, we are headed out of town again tomorrow, so it will have to wait another week (or two).
And, no more placenta previa. Yep, my placenta decided to migrate north by 31 weeks and is no longer a problem. Hooray! Last week the baby was measuring in the 55th percentile weighing 4 pounds 4 ounces. I am starting to worry this is going to be a big baby if I still have 7 weeks to go!! But, I am measuring right on track and it feels great to be in the perfectly healthy (although not necessarily comfortable) pregnancy category now.
The to-do list for baby seems never ending. I am driven to bring this baby home to an organized space and home. But with so many projects going on at once and the clock ticking....I am getting nervous! I guess with baby #3 I know how much work it is going to be when he I am perfectly content for this little guy to arrive on his due date and not any earlier (but I reserve the right to change my mind about that last statement).


Carson's last T-ball game is tonight. I LOVE this summer sport. The weather has been great at every game, it is so low key, everyone plays, no scores are kept, and the kids have a great time. Carson has really improved over last year and is hopefully ready for coach-pitch next summer (a big step!!). Most of the time the coach is just trying to get them to run to the right base or actually do something with the ball after they catch it (mostly they are just excited to get their hands on it). We see a lot of runners tagged with the mitt (minus the ball) or the entire infield running to the outfield to chase a long ball. It has been fun to watch. Go Rainiers!

Addy definitely wants to play someday! The girls on our team are adorable, complete with pink batting helmets and pink bats. I think eventually Addy will realize the helmet goes the other way!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Baby Room in Progress....

We are enclosing in part of our loft to add a 4th bedroom. The option came with the house, but the first owners opted out, and we have enjoyed the layout. But, time to make room for baby #3! Hopefully in a couple years we can put the two boys together in the same room, and I can re-claim the new room for an office. We are totally indebted to our awesome friend, Jeff, who has been our free contractor. And I think Trevor has actually enjoyed the construction work (must be a guy thing). As for me, the dust and chaos is hard. I am anxious to get to the point where I can paint and set up the nursery as well as rearrange the loft with my desk, TV, and new bookshelves. There is a definite sequence for things to be done...and only one thing can be happening at a time! In the mean time, I am trying to buy baby gear. I have checked off several things including a baby book, pacifiers, lotion & soap, blankets, diaper bag, diaper genie, and a few outfits. I have a lot on my to-do list but am grateful this remodeling project is underway! I'll post pictures of the final product (which I am hoping isn't too far away).


Our little 7 foot by 3 foot strawberry patch has been amazing this year!! We planted the patch 4 summers ago and each year it does better and better. We have been picking a cereal bowl full of strawberries every few days for the last 2 weeks and did a major picking tonight! These are 'June bearing' strawberries....and the major harvest has/will come in July this year because of our slow start to summer! We hope to enjoy a few more bowls-full in the next week before the strawberry season is sadly over. We can never seem to get enough and these don't last very long around our house! We are hopeful for raspberries (2nd year on these guys), but there doesn't seem to be many blossoms...don't know what is up with that. And our tomatoes got a slow start but are finally growing too! With food prices rising, it feels good to have a little garden in our back yard.

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