Tuesday, August 26, 2008

37 week update

Since my life is revolving around the baby coming....(oh, and not to mention the start of school on the 2nd, Preschool on the 9th, soccer yesterday, dance next week, and tax season)....here is an update:

4 cm dilated
75% effaced

And, NOT in labor! I hung around 4cm with Addy for about 2 weeks. I didn't go into labor on my own with either Addy or Carson despite being dilated..so I am not expecting an early delivery....but at least I am getting some of the work done before I am in major pain. Although, this last week --- more heartburn, more cramping, more contractions, and less and less sleep. It has been a steep increase in the uncomfortable department....must be a "you are 9 months pregnant" thing. I am trying to enjoy the quiet moments at home when my two, independent children are asleep or content playing on their own. Having a newborn is going to be like living in a whole new world. It is actually hard to anticipate all the change about to happen. But, I can't wait...can't wait for the delivery, the kids seeing the baby for the first time, my mom coming to take care of me, the smell of a newborn, the cuddling. My doctor said she'd set an induction date if I make it to my appointment next week. We don't want this baby falling out at home.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

36 weeks

Okay, this is the last belly shot I am willing to post...I am feeling WAY too huge these days. I can't imagine looking or getting any bigger! So I'm just assuming I am at my max right now. I swear the baby is swimming around in my ribs, they are so sore! Carson had fun at church today laying a plastic lizard on my tummy and watching the baby kick it off. The little baby is so active! Anyway, I feel I had to document my huge-ness in some kind of permanent way. So here is a pic from today. You know it is bad when people keep asking, "Now, aren't you due any day now?"...yeah, I still have 4 weeks. Quiet.

Hospital Class for Carson & Addy

I signed up the kids for a 'big brother/big sister' hospital class at Good Samaritan's hospital where we'll be having our baby in just a few weeks! It was an hour and a half and the kids loved it. The lady leading the class let the kids (about 8 total) ask any questions they wanted about the baby coming and mommy's stay in the hospital. We got to tour the labor and delivery rooms as well as the postpartum rooms. They got to look in all the drawers, try out some of the equipment, and get a general idea of what is going to happen (i.e. how their lives are about to change in a MAJOR way!). The last half of the class was devoted to learning how to hold, diaper, and swaddle a baby. They loved it, but let's just say they won't be helping right away!! Since the hospital is under construction (and, by the way, why is it that hospitals are ALWAYS under construction??), it was good to know where to go and how to get there. And it was nice seeing how nice the family birth center is....I was ready to just check myself in.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We have a baby nursery!

Yes!! The wall is finally complete! This was the office 'before'. We built a wall straight across to enclose the 3-sided space into a room. You can see the 'in process' pictures here.Below is my hard-working husband putting up the trim around the door. He has hardly had a moment to himself over the last 2 months. He has added this huge project on top of other mounting pressures. Let's just say he has had many a late night! I am really proud of him. He knew this was important to me, and he has been working so hard to get it finished in time. He did SUCH a good job!!

The finish work took forever! He did all the measuring, cutting and nailing. And even vacuumed up the dust each time to keep it from spreading throughout the house (seriously, wow.) I did all the caulking and painting. I am so sick of painting!!

The finished wall: view from the loft side. Inside the door is the new baby room. We opted for a glass door ---- I may be kicking myself later as it already has fingerprints on the glass....but, I wanted the light from the room to filter out to the loft. Plus it gives it more of a 'den' appeal if we wanted to market it that way when we sell (since it is the smallest of the 4 bedrooms). The crib is on the opposite wall so the baby can't 'peek' outside to see what is going on :-)

Finally the pile of baby gear is ready to be set up!

Baby nursery! Okay, so I changed the bedding all together. The sets I was trying to choose from originally were pretty spendy. I continued to look and found this line at Target. I went to check it out in person and the bedding was on clearance! It was a sign!! I visited 2 other Targets and with my sister's help at her Target, I was able to pick up the coordinating pieces (still, all on clearance!) between the 3 stores and on-line. I love how it just uses primary colors. And, I pulled the blue from the from the bedding to add more 'boy' elements (blue stripey rug, blue curtains, and blue lamp). Plus, it has that chocolate brown I was wanting. I still need to add something above the crib (not sure??) and I'll add one more shadow box to the wall when we have the new baby. Anyway. I am happy and relieved. We still have some shelves to put up in the closet and the light fixture to change out, but if that baby came today his room is ready to go (clothes in the dresser, diapers on the changing table and everything!). Now time to tackle the loft-side of the new wall. The organizing is very therapeutic, but it is going to be time consuming.....For now I can sit back and enjoy one completely clean and organized space in my house!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mariners Fun

We scored some tickets to the Mariners game on Monday (thanks to some friends in our ward and their hook-up from someone else). It was the perfect day for a baseball game---sunny and warm! Now, the Mariners haven't had the best of seasons this year...BUT on Monday they looked fantastic coming back to win from a 0-6 deficit! It was exciting to see a Grand Slam in the 7th inning to put them back in the game. It made it worth getting home after 11pm. So, I have been to 2 games this season and they have won both (and winning has been a rarity!) Gotta love a good baseball game, the lemonade, and baseball food. And it was free hat giveaway night! Go Mariners!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Summer Camping

We were lucky enough to finally get our trailer out of storage (after using it once after we purchased it last fall) and go on 3 camping trips this summer. We always wish we had more time. I forget how much the kids really enjoy it (and how much effort it takes to get ready!). After the 3rd trip I can say I am officially less nervous riding shot-gun while Trev is pulling the trailer. I was having serious contractions at one point during our first outing. Trev is totally calm about the whole thing, but towing 4500 pounds seems so scary to me! I still can't sleep while he is driving...but we can hook-up and unhook with ease now. We still feel like rookies in all the trailer business. I should have paid more attention growing up. My mom and dad always had a trailer, and I never noticed much about it except that I had a bed and a place to shower! But having the trailer (um, an actual bed AND bathroom) does wonders for a pregnant woman in her 3rd trimester. Our two main trips were to Silver Falls, OR with Trevor's family and Paradise Point (near Vancouver, WA) with my family.

Silver Falls was gorgeous! The water was icy cold, but you couldn't beat the scenery. We went on a few hikes (one on a trail that goes behind a waterfall, so cool!), ate lots of food, and enjoyed lots of family. We loved having the new baby cousins (Evee & Beckett) around to hold and enjoy..they grow up so fast! We don't see these guys nearly enough!!

Happy 4th of July!

Addy & Beckett watching a movie in the trailer.

Craft time in the sun

We missed my parents and Erin at Paradise Point. Erin just had surgery to repair her ACL, so mom had nurse duty back at home with her. We missed them so much, but we were surprised how the rest of us managed on our own without the parentals --- great meals and even dutch oven desserts! The kids had so much fun with their cousins, riding bikes, and exploring. What's not to like when it is okay to be messy, you can run around in the dirt, and the cooler is full of soda and juice?! Seriously, the simpleness of it all is heaven to them.

Playing in the river. You can't see that we are directly under a freeway overpass! The campground was seriously 200 feet from I-5! It was a last minute reservation, so we took what we could get. We were able to block the noise out a bit after awhile...but it sure didn't feel like the good 'ol outdoors! But we were all together...so that's what counts, right?!

Water balloons! They took an hour to fill and about 3 minutes to go through them all!

We haven't 'winterized' the trailer yet in hopes that we might sneak in once last trip at the end of August. It would definitely be close by because the baby clock is ticking. But, I am afraid the 'to-do' list might be too long! We'll see...

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