Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We have a baby nursery!

Yes!! The wall is finally complete! This was the office 'before'. We built a wall straight across to enclose the 3-sided space into a room. You can see the 'in process' pictures here.Below is my hard-working husband putting up the trim around the door. He has hardly had a moment to himself over the last 2 months. He has added this huge project on top of other mounting pressures. Let's just say he has had many a late night! I am really proud of him. He knew this was important to me, and he has been working so hard to get it finished in time. He did SUCH a good job!!

The finish work took forever! He did all the measuring, cutting and nailing. And even vacuumed up the dust each time to keep it from spreading throughout the house (seriously, wow.) I did all the caulking and painting. I am so sick of painting!!

The finished wall: view from the loft side. Inside the door is the new baby room. We opted for a glass door ---- I may be kicking myself later as it already has fingerprints on the glass....but, I wanted the light from the room to filter out to the loft. Plus it gives it more of a 'den' appeal if we wanted to market it that way when we sell (since it is the smallest of the 4 bedrooms). The crib is on the opposite wall so the baby can't 'peek' outside to see what is going on :-)

Finally the pile of baby gear is ready to be set up!

Baby nursery! Okay, so I changed the bedding all together. The sets I was trying to choose from originally were pretty spendy. I continued to look and found this line at Target. I went to check it out in person and the bedding was on clearance! It was a sign!! I visited 2 other Targets and with my sister's help at her Target, I was able to pick up the coordinating pieces (still, all on clearance!) between the 3 stores and on-line. I love how it just uses primary colors. And, I pulled the blue from the from the bedding to add more 'boy' elements (blue stripey rug, blue curtains, and blue lamp). Plus, it has that chocolate brown I was wanting. I still need to add something above the crib (not sure??) and I'll add one more shadow box to the wall when we have the new baby. Anyway. I am happy and relieved. We still have some shelves to put up in the closet and the light fixture to change out, but if that baby came today his room is ready to go (clothes in the dresser, diapers on the changing table and everything!). Now time to tackle the loft-side of the new wall. The organizing is very therapeutic, but it is going to be time consuming.....For now I can sit back and enjoy one completely clean and organized space in my house!


Jen I 7:48 AM  

Nice work! How come everyone is so much better and on top of the nursery thing than me? How come everyone elses husbands support the idea? Looks great!

manders 11:16 AM  

Wow that is the cutest nursery I have seen. I love the bedding and the colors you chose. How exciting.

chris...reese...paige 2:35 PM  

Okay...yes it turned out really adorable!! When you can't handle your loft, take a nice break and sit in here (without kids)...what a cozy, organized place!! You guys are major home improvement people now!

Dan and Anne 8:09 PM  

So cute! I actually so the bedding set at target. We just bought Beckett the little rhino toy... it was only a dollar at our target so how could we not!? I'm so exited to meet this little guy! Love you guys!

TiAnn, Paul, and Kalispell Finn 8:36 PM  

The baby room turned out so cute, and I love the way you decorated it! Way to go 'handy man' Trevor! You're getting so close and I'm sure you so so excited, and there's nothing better than getting settled before the baby arrives.

Onjali and Todd 12:21 AM  

The baby room is so cute, I absolutely love that bedding, everytime I pass it at target I have to stop and admire it, I love dwellstudio's whole baby line.

Alyssa 7:45 PM  

How fun. . .makes me a little baby hungry! Pretty impressive! I love the colors. . .and the wall decor. I bet it makes you even more excited!!!!

Hansen Family 6:32 PM  

Aww, it looks perfect. You made a good choice with the baby bedding. And all the other cute decorations look great! We might have to get Trevor down here to help us finish our basement, he's practically a pro now right? We're excited for you!

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