Monday, November 17, 2008

1:00 AM

So, I just finished mopping the kitchen floor (my LEAST favorite household chore...okay, maybe folding clothes is a tie), and I walk up the stairs to find Carson peeing in the garbage can in the bathroom. Now, at least he was IN the bathroom and the garbage can IS white like the I can KIND OF see where he got confused, but hello?! Grrr. He was so out of it ... he just looked at me when I asked him why he peed in the garbage can. He was really trying to figure out why. I couldn't get mad, I mean, he was obviously barely coherent. I just tucked him back in bed and told him to try and remember to pee in the toilet and not garbage cans. Apparently that doesn't go without saying. So feel sorry for me as I now go clean out the pee garbage. At least little Ry is sound asleep, but knowing my luck, he'll wake as soon as my face hits the pillow. How do newborns really do that??


Jen I 4:07 AM  

Mopping is totally my least favorite chore too - I was just thinking that exact thing the other day. Although chances are, if you're doing it at 1AM, you do it a lot more than I do! Yeah, my habit of saying bad words developed during the as soon as my head hits the pillow the baby wakes up stage.

Our family 9:01 AM  

I'd much rather mop than clean bathrooms or take the garbage out.

Your story reminded me of a time when our hubbies were roomies and yours used the sink in his sleepy state. Sorry to embarrass him, you can delete this if you want. I just thought it was funny -- like father, like son!

Dan and Anne 9:59 AM  

That is soo funny! maybe it runs in the family because I remember some story about I think tyler and trevor where one of them was in the others room and started to pee on the wall and when the other protested they shouted "get out of the bathroom!" Sorry you had to be the one to clean it up but think of the great story you have now!

chris...reese...paige 11:36 AM  

That is hilarious!!! I guess he was pretty dozey. Too bad you had to do major cleaning in the middle of the night. Hope Rylan slept well! I want to come see you this week...I'll call you.

the Halversens 3:32 PM  

One of my good friends in high school was sleep walking and woke his mother. She went downstairs to see what the ruckus was all about. She found him peeing in the crisper in the fridge. Things can always be worse!

This story took place by the way when he was IN high school.

Melissa 8:37 PM  

So glad I don't have boys . . . YUCK!

bret and family 4:12 PM  

Bret says, "I've done that before..."

Jason 8:07 AM  

LOL! That was hilarious!

SabinJT 10:42 PM  

So here's a good one for you... Beppe came in to taddle on Chili for peeing on his head... after some investigating I discovered that while Chili was peeing outside off of a hill Beppe tried to walk under the arc(Chili told him to stop)... but the stream was tapering off so the end of the stream landed on Beppe's head... This is what is wrong with little boys!!!

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