Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Addy: Strike a pose

Today was picture day at Addy's dance class and also a chance for us to make sure we have all the costume pieces together in preparation for the recital coming up in June. Addy has really loved her tap/ballet class despite not previously knowing any of the girls in her class this year. Unfortunately preschool conflicted with all the morning classes, so she is in an afternoon class this year..at 4:15pm. So I drag the whole crew each week to her class....which is not ideal, but worth it because she enjoys it so much. I have to keep reminding her to pay attention to what is going on...she gets so absorbed with watching herself in the mirror. But, man, she did look really cute today. Addy is the kid in the family who always lets me take her picture. She'll strike a pose on cue. I think I like that because I'll get a great photo like this and wonder why I even order the dance pictures from the studio:

Oh, by the way, this is my 100th post on my blog. Congrats to me. I think I'll celebrate with a bowl of ice cream while watching The Biggest Loser. :-)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go Utes! ...well, at least for Women's Soccer.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, BYU's biggest rival: University of Utah. But, we are definite fans now since my sister plays on the Women's soccer team. We've had a few years getting adjusted to wearing red. We don't get hung up on the rivalry...I mean, Trevor has a degree from each school so we can totally claim both. So, move on. We're over it. :o). But last weekend, we came to see HER:

And we came out in full force at the 2 game tournament at the AMAZING Nike campus in Beaverton, OR. The team plays about 6-7 'friendly' games in the spring, and these were the final two before time off for summer. Gorgeous weather, beautiful field, major family, and Trevor's first Saturday off in months...we had a blast. And thanks to Bryce and Beck for hosting the whole crew. Erin took a medical red shirt last year due to an ACL injury, so we were all pumped she was back on the field, and she managed to spoil us with 2 amazing goals in the second game. She's awesome and continues to pull up the athletic average in our family by being such a rockstar.
My mom tricked out all the grandkids with new duds. We were the only Utah fans in attendance the first game...but you couldn't miss us.

Ry Sporting the crazy Ute hair.

Major signage.

A rare smile from my sicky boy.

The sweetest the kids were all day....the cousins love being together...even lunch on a blanket is exciting!

And we snuck over to waterfront park in Portland to play in the fountain. We just couldn't pass up the good weather. The kids can't get enough of Aunt Erin.

Here's hoping to more Northwest games on the Ute schedule in the next 3 years!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I need to knock on wood or something. I mean, I just posted about Ry's sicky spell...so you can imagine how excited I was when Trevor showed up at the church last night with all 3 kids on his way to urgent care because Addy's fingers might be broken. Carson + Addy + playing tag in the house + slamming door = crying Addy + trip to urgent care. So, I sent Trev this time...I mean, the health care workers at the clinic know me by name...how embarrassing, and I just couldn't stand another waiting room. So Addy came home all taped up with orders for an x-ray and visit with the pediatrician today. I totally feel bad for her, really I do, but it was like repeating the scenario from last week: Trip to the imaging place, wait for x-rays, back to pediatrician, wait for doctor...I don't know why, but this is torturous for me. 3 hours later, no fracture. Definitely could have been worse. And, despite the swollen fingers, she hasn't complained about the pain since last night and was very excited to show off her injury to her preschool class this morning. We are headed to Disneyland at the end of next week and I am just praying that all my kids are healthy and free from injury...April has been tough!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sicky Baby

photo by Tia Bennett

My poor little guy is FINALLY feeling better. 3 days before he finished his round of antibiotics for pneumonia, he got a viral infection. Completely unrelated. Geez...what luck. So, while we were down in Vancouver for the weekend to see my sister play soccer (more on that soon), we were up both nights with a fussy, feverish, baby and consoling him and worrying about him during the day. After taking his temp constantly (thanks to my sister in law's cool thermometer, you know the forehead kind? gotta get one of those)...and pushing the Tylenol every 4 hours, we finally took him to an urgent care facility because his fever of 103 just wouldn't come down. Two hours later, after a round of Motrin, the fever finally broke. Scary. Sometimes I'm just not sure when to ride it out or take him to the doctor. So, the poor kid has seen a doctor 5 times in less than 2 weeks, including 2 urgent care visits. Feel the joy of all those appointments. Well, he was negative for RSV and flu. Good. And still eating. Good. But, fevers lasting for more than 5 days.... Bad. So, we are grateful he started coming out of it after 3 days and seems to be returning to his normal self. You just feel so helpless caring for a sicky baby....But, we had him giggling on the couch tonight...we've missed that.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter was great (despite the down pour rain fall today)...egg hunts, easter egg dye, easter clothes, and of course plenty of talk about the reason for it all. The kids sang "Did Jesus Really Live Again" in church today, and Addy has surprised me by how much she understands about the resurrection. Maybe I had a part in it??...probaby not, but at least we aren't totally self-indulging today. Mom's candy patrol' starts again today too. I swear there is more candy at Easter than Halloween...between 3 egg hunts and filled Easter baskets...I'll be policing (or eating it myself) for weeks...

Oh, and this little guy has pneumonia! After a visit to convenience care last Thursday because he was breathing funny and seemed sluggish and agitated, and then xrays and doctor again on Friday, all signs pointed to pneumonia...which kind of faaa-reaks me out, but the pediatrician said it is only scary when it goes un-treated. So, he is on antibiotics for 10 days and has perked right up. Follow up check on Thursday, so I hope all goes well. If it would just warm up around here!!!

Classic Addy face.

New Crocs from the Easter Bunny!

The best picture I got because it was pouring rain as we were leaving for church...and pretty much the whole rest of the day too. Sunshine we miss you so ......

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