Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sicky Baby

photo by Tia Bennett

My poor little guy is FINALLY feeling better. 3 days before he finished his round of antibiotics for pneumonia, he got a viral infection. Completely unrelated. Geez...what luck. So, while we were down in Vancouver for the weekend to see my sister play soccer (more on that soon), we were up both nights with a fussy, feverish, baby and consoling him and worrying about him during the day. After taking his temp constantly (thanks to my sister in law's cool thermometer, you know the forehead kind? gotta get one of those)...and pushing the Tylenol every 4 hours, we finally took him to an urgent care facility because his fever of 103 just wouldn't come down. Two hours later, after a round of Motrin, the fever finally broke. Scary. Sometimes I'm just not sure when to ride it out or take him to the doctor. So, the poor kid has seen a doctor 5 times in less than 2 weeks, including 2 urgent care visits. Feel the joy of all those appointments. Well, he was negative for RSV and flu. Good. And still eating. Good. But, fevers lasting for more than 5 days.... Bad. So, we are grateful he started coming out of it after 3 days and seems to be returning to his normal self. You just feel so helpless caring for a sicky baby....But, we had him giggling on the couch tonight...we've missed that.


Carmen Goetschius 5:32 AM  

Stressful!!! I am so glad he is finally feeling better, which is a huge relief for mommy!!!

You are awesome Shell.
Love, Car

Dan and Anne 7:52 AM  

Wow.... that is just so hard! Doesn't it just break your heart when you can't do anything for them. I always worry about being the mom that is too paranoid and brings their kid in for anything but with a fever it is just so hard to tell. (I've spent a few nights wondering if I should go into the ER or something when his fever wouldn't break) I hope little Ry starts feeling better!

Camille and Bryce 7:54 AM  

So glad Ry Ry is feeling better. Don't worry, remember I took Graham to the doctors like 5 times before he was a month old...paranoid right here! Can NOT wait to see you guys, I hope next week flies by so I can be on a plane to see you guys!

TiAnn, Paul, Kalispell, and Brinnley Finn 9:37 AM  

It is so hard having a sick baby, and we're so glad that he's starting to pull out of it. Poor little guy, precious babies should never have to be sick. Hope he bounces back quickly, and your photo is beautiful of the both of you.

thehalvs 1:42 PM  

So glad he's feeling better...

SuburbiaMom 5:54 PM  

Yes, kids with fevers is scary stuff. At least he hasn't, and hopefully never will have, a febrile seizure. Those are scary!

Hope you are okay.

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