Thursday, April 23, 2009


I need to knock on wood or something. I mean, I just posted about Ry's sicky you can imagine how excited I was when Trevor showed up at the church last night with all 3 kids on his way to urgent care because Addy's fingers might be broken. Carson + Addy + playing tag in the house + slamming door = crying Addy + trip to urgent care. So, I sent Trev this time...I mean, the health care workers at the clinic know me by embarrassing, and I just couldn't stand another waiting room. So Addy came home all taped up with orders for an x-ray and visit with the pediatrician today. I totally feel bad for her, really I do, but it was like repeating the scenario from last week: Trip to the imaging place, wait for x-rays, back to pediatrician, wait for doctor...I don't know why, but this is torturous for me. 3 hours later, no fracture. Definitely could have been worse. And, despite the swollen fingers, she hasn't complained about the pain since last night and was very excited to show off her injury to her preschool class this morning. We are headed to Disneyland at the end of next week and I am just praying that all my kids are healthy and free from injury...April has been tough!!


thehalvs 5:36 PM  

Poor girl. Poor mommy too. Hope all is well with the fingers. Thanks for all your hard work last night-

Becca, Bryce, Ty and Caden 7:15 PM  

Ty got hurt last night, too!! He was at a primary activity. He fell and hit his eye on a chair - it's really swollen and bruised! It looks like someone socked him hard! What's with my accident- prone kid lately?! Hopefully both Addy and Ty will bounce back - I'm not too worried!!

chris...reese...paige...brynn 7:25 PM  

I shouldn't complain about my trips to least it's not my kids! You deserve a break!! Glad it's not worse. She looks pretty dang cute with her taped fingers!! Any pics of the swollen fingers????

Carmen Goetschius 9:02 PM  

POOR ADDY!!!! O my gosh! Glad you have D-land to look forward to! Here's to a week injury-free!

Camille and Bryce 8:24 AM  

You guys are on a roll! Between you and Beck I think you're taking care of enough injuries/sicknesses for the rest of the family. :) I laughed at the picture because it kind of looks like she has a HUGE middle finger and is flipping us off :)

Kalie (+ the Jesse Boys) 7:38 PM  

I couldn't believe this post when I read it. You don't EVER get a break anymore do you? If it's not sickly babies its kids in casts...what's next? At least she's smiling I guess. I hope you are smiling too! You guys totally deserve a vacation!

Darin and Melinda 8:09 PM  

Addy makes a really good injured person (well, she looks rediculously cute in the picture...even with the semi-flipping off the camera pose) :)
I hope you guys have a better week with less visits to urgent care!

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