Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to Utah for the 24th of July!

My sister-in-law, Becca, and I drove to Utah for the 24th. This was my first time driving to Utah since we moved here over 4 years ago. But with more plane tickets to buy now, driving is hard to pass up. I was pretty nervous about it ... 14 hours in the car with 5 kids, but they did great! Beck and I are masters of the road now...Thanks for driving with me!! We met up in SLC at my mom's house where my other sisters joined in (all 5 girls, all grandkids, and no husbands...insert sigh for my dad (grandpa) here). Of course they were awesome hosts and spoiled us all rotten... We visited my grandpa and got some pics with the kids and their great grandpa. He is currently in a rehab center, but we hope he is well enough to go home soon! He will be 94 next month.

Then, off to Pine Valley, UT (about 30 minutes from St. George). Yes, we got in the car again with 5 kids and drove another 5 hours to Southern Utah. But it was so worth it!! We have been going to Pine Valley with my mom's side of the family since I was a baby. We love this hidden town with gravel roads and no stop lights. The high altitude (7500 ft) keeps this little valley about 25 degrees cooler than St. George. The smell, the pace, the scenery: it can't be beat and the kids absolutely love it. Here are my cute parentals with all 8 of their grandkids in front of their cabin...

These 3 babies are so fun! Ry, Brynn, and Graham are so cute...I am so glad they have each other as cousins. Ry is the oldest (10 months), followed by Brynn (9 months), and Graham, the biggest, is only 5 months old. We love squeezing his cheeks and baby thighs!

Kids playing with the parachute.

On the steps of the Pine Valley chapel (built in 1868!). Love, love, love this little church.

On the 24th, the ward always organizes a small program and games on the church property. It is something I definitely remember about my childhood. The kids were so excited about the races (by age) and even practiced the day is Addy running with the 4 year olds.

Swimming at the Veyo pool is another tradition. My kids finally got over their fear of the water and became fish this balls, underwater handstands, flips, back floats. I am so glad they can enjoy the pool without worrying about getting water in their eyes! This is serious progress, folks.

Aunt Erin is always popular with the kiddos.

All the kids again...

My sisters and some of my girl cousins...It was so fun catching up with them!
We had a great time and can't wait to go again next year!


chris...reese...paige...brynn 9:54 PM  

Your photo-taking and photo-editing skills are s-a-weet! Can you send me the one of all the grandkids and the babies?? It was such a fun trip...I hope we can all get back soon!!

Carmen Goetschius 10:08 PM  

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! You have such a beautiful fam. The kids are so darling! Glad you braved the drive to enjoy the family vacay. Just one question. What is the significance of the 24th of July!

love ya Shell!

Our family 7:35 AM  

Seriously? You were in Utah again and still failed to look us up? I'm going to start getting offended here. Boating, football, what else can we use to bribe you?

Camille and Bryce 8:58 AM  

Correction. Graham is six months old. Come on,let's not make him sound or look any bigger for his age then he actually is. Love the pics. Miss you guys tons?

Paul, TiAnn, Kalispell, and Brinnley Finn 8:59 AM  

What a great trip! Also you take great photos, the little collage of all of the cousins is really adorable. How fun!

Robert 6:42 PM  

Wow the pics are great!! I am so sad to have my quiet and still not clean house back. We LOVE it when you come and missed all of you the second you left. Need to get the next trip together on the calendar! Love you tons MOM

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