Saturday, September 12, 2009

Season Openers

Gotta love soccer. I love this time of year in the Northwest. It is THE best season to enjoy an outside sport. And what a gorgeous day today! Addy is finally old enough to play after watching Carson on the sidelines for 3 years (dang October birthday). But, with 2 kids in soccer this year, our Saturdays just got a bit crazier. Luckily, only 2 Saturdays during the season end in a conflict with both kids playing at the same time in different locations. So, we'll have to divide and conquer on those days (what will we do when we have 3 kids in soccer?).

But for today...10:30 for Addison and 2:00 for Carson left just enough time for a Costco run and lunch in between.

Carson has a pretty intense coach this year. No shirts untucked ("boys, we're going to look like real soccer players"), sitting with the team on the sidelines when you are out of play (no chit chatting with mom or dad), focusing on your actual position on the field ("where are you supposed to be? and who is your guy?"), showing up for games 30 minutes early (30 minutes!), and my favorite: running laps at practice if you aren't paying attention. Which, come to think of it, I might start implementing as my own form of discipline at home. His favorite teammate is on the team again this year (Carson M.) these two are constantly called by their last names or by first names and last intials..."Carson P: go this way!"; "Carson M: great job". It's funny, but they like it.

Carson P (#4) and Carson M (#6)

We had high hopes that Addy would be really aggressive and tough on the field. But, her girly charm came through (I should have known when she was the only member on both teams with pink shorts, socks, and shoes) and she mostly enjoyed posing for the camera, running over to the sidelines to give us the 'thumbs up' after she touched the ball, and constantly showing us her 'moves' which included walking sideways on the field (wowzers!). She played the whole game with a smile on her face. She really wants to score a goal so we are going to work on getting some actual contact with the ball next week.

Cheering squad in full force! Go Dinos (Carson) and Eagles (Addy)!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Back to School

The kids couldn't wait for school to start (I wonder how many more years that will happen??) Carson is attending a brand new Elementary school this year just a few blocks from our house. It is so modern and gorgeous and a nice upgrade from the older school he has been at for the last couple years. We had a great time touring the building last week and his teacher seems fantastic (major sigh of relief here...I get kinda paranoid about that). Hooray for a new school and hooray for a great teacher.

We have plenty of time in the AM now because school doesn't start until 9:30am. I am thinking of coming up with some productive morning activities like chores or even saving homework for the morning. It is just such a late starting time which means he isn't home until 4:15 and then its soccer practice, dinner, bed. So this schedule will take some adjusting. But, I don't mind the extra sleep we can get if we need it!

I tortured Carson with pictures this morning. And then he strongly suggested I just drop him off at the school entrance...but like a super-involved mom, we parked and I dragged in Addy and Ry with me to make sure he got to the right spot (along with half the other parents). But it was funny to think he was *almost* embarrassed to have me take him into school. Oh, my baby is growing up.

And Addy started Preschool today too (her 2nd year). 3 days a week for 2 and a half hours. I love her preschool and teacher...I just love how FUN preschool is. No hard core curriculum, just fun, art, singing, and play. And not to mention a few hour break for me with only 1 kid...sheesh, one kid = so easy!

Yay for 2nd grade and preschool! I miss summer already, but I love back to school....time to get back on a schedule and get some things done!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

My Baby is One

Yes, baby is a year old. How can that be? My helpless, colicky newborn is now a crawling, smiling, waving, patty-cake playing, 6-toothed little boy...oh, wait, let's not go that far...little baby. Is he technically a toddler now? Well, no matter, I am keeping him as my baby for a little while longer.

This last year has been crazy...with Trevor starting his own business (the construction began the day after Ry was born), and all the crazy hours and changes with his work schedule. The new business has really thrown our family for a loop...But, now, the workload has eased up since things have been going really well at Elite Physical Therapy; for which we feel greatly blessed. In the midst of all the craziness, we had this sweet baby boy that added so much love and happiness to our home.

You can often hear someone saying to Ry: "We love having a baby in the house!"...kind of our term of endearment to him...we say it all the time. And, it is so true. There is just something so fun about having a baby in the house. We ooh and aah over the new things he discovers, funny faces he makes, and cute babbling words he says. It is the best....or, 'HE is our best' as Addy says.

Happy Birthday little guy. You are our best!

Party #1 with the his all his cousins on my side of the family....Everyone was in town, so we did an impromptu party (a week and a half early) so he could celebrate with two of his bestest friends, Graham and Brynn! Thanks to my sisters for helping me pull it off!

Party #2 on his actual birthday (September 4th). We had cupcakes and presents before Trevor and I headed out for our 11th Anniversary dinner date. Yes, remember??? Ry was born on our 10-year anniversary? So this was our first year with the trial run of trying to celebrate both. It was a little chaotic...and Trevor thinks we should officially move our anniversary to another day for the next 17 years. But, it seems to lose a little sentimental value that way?? I'll think about it.
Side note here...Happy 11th anniversary babe. Thanks for all you do for our little family. You have amazed me this year with all you have accomplished. I didn't know 11 years ago that you would be such an amazing father and husband. Thank you for all you do for me each and every day. Thank you especially for all the small stuff: doing the dishes when I cook, helping with the bedtime routine, tackling the 'honey-do' list, buying me flowers for no reason, and making sure I take time for myself away from the kids ....These things are invaluable to me. I love you, happy anniversary!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Go Cougars!

The kids found Trevor's college letterman's jacket when I was cleaning out the closet downstairs. It seemed like the perfect photo-op considering the football team has a big opening game this weekend. Go Cougars!

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