Monday, November 16, 2009

{Oh yeah, he started walking!}

This little guy started walking a month ago, and I just barely got video and pictures documenting his big accomplishment last week. [insert sigh]...yeah...the 3rd kid gets a little shafted. With kid #1 we probably took twice as many pictures, called everyone we knew, took 2 hours of video, and couldn't stop gushing...oh, come parents of more than one kid know what I am talking about :-).
Anyway, we are sure proud of our tottling tot. And, even with kid #3, it doesn't get old watching your baby learn something new and get so excited about it. He hasn't been himself the last few days, and I have realized what a low maintenance baby he has become when he is happy and well. Get better soon Ry Ry and congrats on your first big steps in life.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

{Halloween 2009!}

Introducing Harry Potter and Hermoine Granger:

And our little bald eagle too:

Carson wore the bald eagle costume for his first Halloween. He was 10 months old here (below). Can't get over how those two brothers look alike!

And, I don't know why I even try to get all three together, but they were good sports.

Trev carried Ry around at the ward party like this for almost an hour...later we thought we should have dressed him up as a tree or a nest with Ry sitting on top. Wouldn't that have been cute? Why do these ideas come just a tad late?

Bryce & Beck surprised me by calling and coming over to join Reese and I for Halloween at our house. We sure missed cousin Graham in Chicago...but the rest of the cousins all together had a blast! And, yeah, Ry is always the difficult one in the group shot as you can tell.

And notice he has a sucker in his mouth in almost every picture? It was keeping him distracted enough to keep his bald eagle hat on...It was the only thing that worked. Here is his best buddy, Brynn. These two are so cute together!

All the guys with all the kids (babies in tow in the wagon) off to Trick or Treat!

Thanks Bryce and Beck & Reese and Chris for joining us! Halloween was great!

{Pumpkin Carving}

The birthday festivities always throw me for a loop on Halloween week...but we managed to fit in the school party and pumpkin carving on October 30th. ...Turns out waiting that long to carve your pumpkins is a good thing because they looked fantastic on Halloween night!
Just couldn't resist Ry with his pumpkin...he was so fascinated with it and really wanted to be up at the table working on his pumpkins with his brother and sister.

{Addy Birthday Party #2}

We finished up Addy's two day birthday with rice krispy treats at preschool and a family party later that night. We are can't believe she is 5...she is thrilled! Things we love about our Miss Addy:

  • All-around girly-ness.
  • Singer and dancer extraordinaire
  • Helping mom cook and clean...(seriously, give the girl a bottle of windex and she'll be happy for hours).
  • Homework happy (she LOVES when her preschool teacher sends home homework)
  • Dress-up Queen
  • Big helper with little brother, Ry
  • Plain happy most of the time (which makes the tantrums, girly drama, attitude, and meltdowns a little easier to swallow).
Happy Birthday Addy!

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