Thursday, January 28, 2010

{My Baby is Eight}

It happened.  I don't know how, but it happened.  My little guy is now 8 years old.  And such a handsome guy if I do say so myself.  I know you moms out there with little babes can't imagine having an 8 year-old...strangely, I can't either. I don't feel old enough to have an 8 year old kid.  But a few birthdays and holidays and Wham! you have an eight year old.    I know I'll blink and we'll be preparing for his mission.  But here he is...growing up at lightning speed, and I can't stop it.

And we are all counting down the days to this:

We are so proud of you Carson and so happy to have you in our family.  I never knew how much fun a little boy could be!  I really can't believe it has been 8 years since we cuddled and held you for the first time.  And now we can't imagine life without you!  Things I love about you:
  • You still love to be around us
  • You can play basketball with your dad all night
  • You love playing with Addy
  • You are a big helper with Ry
  • You write me notes almost everyday
  • You tell me you love me every day
  • You are good student
  • You play well with your friends at school
  • You have amazing behavior at school (On a 'green' every day!)
  • You want me to help you pass various Mario levels on your DS
  • You love your cousins, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and uncles.
  • You aren't a rowdy kid (most of the time)
  • You are loving piano lessons
  • You can't wait for baseball, soccer, and basketball seasons
  • You think you are a superhero in your cub scout uniform
  • You aren't dramatic
  • You are a little Type A (like me..yay!)
  • You can't wait to get your new scriptures
  • You are a great big brother and protector of Addy and Ry
  • You love being your dad's son and think he is the coolest dad ever (side note: Don't you just LOVE the dad/son relationship?...especially at this is so fun for both of them. Not being a 'father' or a 'son' myself it is so fun to peek into this relationship and love it.)
and best of all
  • You made me a mom 8 years ago! 
We love you Carson!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

{Almost 8}

We had Carson's birthday party this last weekend...Mario & Luigi style!

Complete with pizza...(Mario and Luigi are Italian after all...)

And Mario/Luigi mustaches!

Carson's first swing at the Pinata...

Make that the first and only swing of the day....

Presents (aka who can get closest to the birthday boy).

Cupcakes! (My first attempt at fondant).

Little Ry liked 'em!

Thanks to my sister, Reese, who came down on her birthday to celebrate with Carson!  Happy Birthday Reese!

And then a night out on the town with just mom and dad!  Dinner at Ruby Tuesdays.

And Avatar in 3D!

His official birthday is tomorrow...more fun to come! Being 8 is a big deal!  Major things happening around here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{Fairy Tale Day at Preschool}

I {heart} preschool. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

{Blog Makeover}

It's been about 3 years, so I figured I was due for a blog overhaul.  I have been wanting to re-do it for awhile..especially so I could post larger pictures.  Anyhow...take a look.  It was painful, but I like it much better now :-)

RyRy at the McDonald's playground for the first time yesterday!

Addy on the carousel.

My kids snuggled up for movie night last night. 

Monday, January 04, 2010

{Happy 2010}

We spent New Years Eve with my sister and family. The guys hit the UW basketball game, so the rest of us got the party started with some guitar hero!

Addy rockin' it to Jon Bon Jovi!

The guys brought back Cheesecake Factory...delish! Then it was Happy New Year with the kids around 10pm...hoping they would all be exhausted enough to head to bed.

Cousin, Brynn...she is so cute and girly!


Addy & Paige stayed up until 2am...Crazy girls didn't want to miss the party! Carson asked to go to bed about only good sleeper. We were all tucked in back home by 3am. Thanks Reese and Chris for hosting! We had a great time...even if we did miss the official New Year by 1 or 2 minutes! Love you guys! And to all a fabulous 2010! Bring on the new decade!

Friday, January 01, 2010

{Christmas Day 2009}

Do you think they were a little bit excited? Check out Addy's hair! Ry went straight for Santa's leftover cookies!

Addy's Easy Bake Oven!

Carson's electric scooter!

My kids were completely sold by the infomercial for Snuggies! I was thrilled when my mom offered to make them out of much nicer fabric...the kids love 'em!

Mom & Erin representing the many games played of Super Mario on the Wii.

Tired yet?
We loved, loved, loved having my parents and sister here for Christmas, and we were so sad to see them leave! My parents spoiled us rotten and helped so much with all the Christmas festivities! We felt so treated! Thanks Mom, Dad, and Erin! We love you and miss you already!

{Christmas Eve}

Christmas Eve was so much fun! We loved having my parents and 3 of my siblings: Erin, Bryce & Fam, and Reese & Fam. It was a houseful, and that was the best part!
We started off the day at The Original Pancake was Addy's 'half order' of strawberry pancakes!

We got take out Chinese Food for dinner. This has become a little tradition of I can save my energy for the meal on Christmas Day. Yum! Then the kids decorated sugar cookies to leave out for Santa.

Next was our little Christmas Eve program...complete with a live nativity (I think I have done this every year of my entire life), songs, games, and of course, unwrapping new PJ's!

We finished off the night with "The Night Before Christmas" from Grandpa Dalley.

It was so nice of everyone to join us...the kids loved it! Carson was frustrated that he couldn't fall asleep that night...just too anxious for Santa to come! Trev and I had an unlucky surprise at his clinic later that night when he found out the water heater broke and was leaking water from the roof! Ah! I left at midnight with the carpet cleaner to get the water out of the carpets and minimize the damage (thank heavens for my parents staying at our house!). Not really anyone you can call on Christmas Eve! Thanks to my sister for helping out too! We got to bed around 2:30 am...oh what fun on Christmas Eve! But we felt blessed Trevor happened to go by that evening. The damage would have been 10 times worse had he not discovered it until Monday. And, the landlord had a new water heater installed by Sunday. Oh the joys of being self-employed :-)

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