Sunday, February 21, 2010

{Bye-Bye Binkie}

It is against one of my cardinal rules of parenting...hanging on to the binkie too long!  Carson got rid of it on his own at 9 months.  It was a necessary battle to rid Addy of the binkie at 13 months.  And here is Ry, almost 18 months old,...STILL with a binkie clipped to his shirt.  Ugh!  I know as a mother of 3, that the longer you wait the harder it is!   Now, don't get me wrong.  I love binkies.  I am a huge fan.  I am so glad my babies loved the little Gerber Nuk instead of a thumb or a finger.  They took the binkie on day 1 in the hospital.  And, it has always been such a soothing comfort at bed time and nap time and at cranky times.  And, let's be honest, you just really need a binkie for those times you need your baby to be quiet (, movies, library!)  BUT---enough is enough.  When I worked in nursery at church before I had kids I vowed I would never have a baby in nursery that still had a binkie!  I thought back then that 18 months was so OLD for a child to have such thing.  So, here I am, with an 18 month old still wanting my baby to be a 'baby'...not wanting to admit he is growing up and frankly, doesn't need that little germ-infested suckie.

And one of the main reasons I was 'holding' onto it for so long is he always twirls his hair as soon as the binkie goes in.  For me, it's the sweetest thing.  He doesn't ever do this without the binkie.  So I feel like giving up the binkie is giving up this little baby trait of his, which makes me so sad!

But, the time has come sweet boy. We go cold turkey around here (why prolong the agony!)  Started on Friday night.  We are at day 3.  Same as with weaning with nursing or falling asleep on their takes about three days of chaos before it just clicks in their head.  Ry has done great!  The first night, man oh man, he had worked himself up so badly it was like he was some kind of wild animal!  But, after some singing and rocking, he happily cozied up in his crib without it (or out of pure exhaustion).  Day 2 wasn't bad.  No issues at nap time.  And, we kept him up late so he would be tired enough to not fight it at bed time.  He has started waking up in the middle of the night, but instead of popping the binkie back in, I just re-tuck him in and he settles right down. 

So here goes day 3 (church will be a real test...we'll probably be in the halls for most of it!).  I'm not claiming victory yet.  But it hasn't been as bad as I thought, so I should have done it months ago! No more scrambling to find a binkie before we head out the door, or a frantic stop at Target to pick one up because the six zillion around the house are all missing.  And no more trying to hear his sweet voice 'through' the binkie!  We are free! I'll let you know if the hair twirling returns...but it hasn't yet.

And, to each mother their own.  I am in no position to judge what other mothers choose for their babies.  Each family must work out what works best for them.  I can certainly understand that often the hassle of the binkie is worth the payoffs. Good luck moms ... in all your battles raising your kids!


Dan and Anne 3:03 PM  

Good luck! We were told to stop the "suckie" at 2 so Beckett has been off of it during the day for a few weeks. If he finds one and puts it in we tell him he can only have it if he takes a nap so he is quick to spit it out. I hope he gets used to the no suckie, because its gonna hit him hard! Good job Ry for letting go!

Darin and Melinda 3:06 PM  

I keep checking your blog ever day for HAWAII pictures...what is the hold up...I am dying to see your trip. :)
I will continue to wait patiently. I am sure you are just glad to be back to the kiddos.

Onjali P. 8:30 PM  

You're so lucky you never had a thumb sucker, I am dreading the day we have to start trying to wean Owen.

The Rider Family 8:59 AM  

I am right there with ya we have taken Payton's Bink away and last night wasw night 2 he actually did great, its hard though during the day for him. I had to laugh at the "bink talk" Payton does the same thing so good bye binks!

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