Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{A Week in Paradise}

Trev surprised me for Christmas with a trip to Hawaii...completely booked...air, hotel, the works!  I had a feeling he was planning a big trip, but never thought he would have the whole thing planned...all the details and everything.  Details are usually all me!  But, what the heck are we ever doing in the middle of February besides drowning in the rain?!  It was perfect timing. He had my mom in on it from the beginning, because he backed our trip against Carson's baptism so she could just stay at our house an extra week and watch the kids. 

So, Trevor has always taken us on fun vacations....but we always take the kids...carting them coast to coast sometimes.  All about family right here! We left Carson for a week to go to Japan when he was two, but haven't left the kids for more than one night since then (6 years!).  Not sure why we never got away just the two of us...I guess we just haven't wanted to leave them out or the timing with babies/pregnancy is hard.  But after Ry was born on our 10th wedding anniversary, we were really motivated to get away, just the two of us!  I was worried about missing the kids too much...and worried Ry would forget me!  But after a couple days in Hawaii I was able to relax and enjoy it...especially knowing they were loving Grandma at home! (And daily phone calls and web cam helped!)

View from our hotel room.
We stayed right on Waikiki Beach.  We traveled across the island many times....checking out a new beach every day.  We were in Hawaii together shortly after we were married, and we had done all the traditional touristy things...so we just wanted to enjoy the sun!  After the sun went down we headed back to Honolulu for great restaurants and night life in the city. 

The Laie Temple is closed for renovation...but it was still beautiful!

Trevor's sister told us about this awesome hike to a waterfall behind the BYU-Hawaii campus.  It was fabulous.  We saw a total of 3 people during this time.  We felt like were in the middle of jungle....and the views were incredible!  We were definitely channeling our inner 'Lost' characters.

The trail led to this beautiful waterfall!

And how about boogie boarding in this scenery??

Several of the beaches were closed to swimming due to the incredibly high surf...especially on the North Shore.  The lifeguards are still on the beach, but pretty much they won't come save you if you are drowning.  But, the local surfers loved it.  Several surfing competitions were going on during the days we were there. The waves were absolutely incredible to watch.  And we spotted a couple whales in the distance too! Oh how I wished I had packed my good zoom lens!

We did our fair share of snorkeling (even followed a huge sea turtle around!), reading, and soaking up the sun....in addition to eating, eating, and eating.  There is something about laying on the beach in the hot sun with your ipod and shades and diet coke.  Seriously paradise, especially in the middle of February! But, my favorite part???  By far, just having no schedule...no alarm clock, diapers to change, naps to plan around, snacks to pack, kid menus, high chairs...just being able to do what we wanted to do...whatever, whenever.   It was so nice just to be able to talk without distractions, and amazing to reconnect and slow down the pace in our otherwise crazy and full-speed life at home.  Trevor, thank you so much for an incredible surprise and trip! You are still a romantic, and I love it.

I was missing my kiddos after a week...just the right amount of time to really enjoy being gone, but glad to be home at the end of the week.  Can't thank my mom (and dog, Ellie too) enough....and we were lucky to have Camille/Graham staying too for most of the time we were gone to help out.  Thank you! The kids loved it!  When can we line up this gig again?


chris...reese...paige...brynn 12:18 AM  

WOW! I'm speechless (and cold). Looks like a wonderful trip. You two are seriously hard-core in your every day lives, so you definitely deserved some down time. Can't wait to see your tan!

Jen I 4:30 AM  

WOW! Huge score for Trevor. I hope someday I can eat my words when I say Ryan could never pull off a trip with details, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen. :) It's so nice to have time away and realize that oh yeah, we really do still like each other, I just forgot this child-less connection we have!

Dan and Anne 6:48 AM  

That looks so fun!!!! Tell trev to bring his favorite baby sister next time too! I have a feeling I could leave the kids behind for a week to enjoy a vacation like that! You guys still look soo cute together too! Love you both!

Bringhurst Family 10:07 AM  

Sounds lovely!

SuburbiaMom 2:03 PM  

What fun! Glad you had such a great time--you deserve it!

Finn Clan 4:04 PM  

How amazing! Your trip looked just plain fabulous & I will admit that I am pink with envy :) So glad you had a great time!

Erica 9:45 PM  

So awesome! Excellent post and I LOVE all the pictures. Trevor is so great - that was probably the best gift ever. I'm glad you were able to get away and just...be...


Mike & Bekah +4 10:03 AM  
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Mike & Bekah +4 10:05 AM  

I was not prepared for that blog! It almost brought me to tears...We love Hawaii around here. The shot from your hotel is the same palm trees we have hanging on our family room wall. It was done by a photographer named Peter Lik. Funny that the temple was closed still...we were there last may and ran into the same problem :(. Good job on relaxing and enjoying your husband! I give props to anyone who at least trys to vacate with out the little loves of our lives!! Make it a habbit...even if it's only one night away!!!

P.S. Awsome gift Trevor!!

Darin and Melinda 3:21 PM  

What a great trip. You are an awesome photographer. Glad you had so much fun.

thehalvs 8:09 PM  

Okay, that was really fun for me, although I'm sure still more fun for you. You went to Duke's! Did you get a lava flow? Possibly my favorite drink ever. Did you get shave ice in Haleiwa? Wow! Apparently I am all about food.

The beach photos were beautiful. I even recognized many of the beaches. Is the surf something else in the north during the winter or what?

So glad you had some time without diapers, phones, etc. No better place.

Aim 10:54 PM  

As much as I loved the trip Shell, what I am most impressed with is your pictures! I know I keep saying this but you really are an amazing photographer. I really love your pictures and think you really have a gift. The trip sounds amazing, good for you guys. Scott and I desperately need a get away, I won't even tell you how long it's been, too long! XOXO~Amie

Our family 4:00 PM  

I made Nate read this and told him that would be an acceptable gift for me. He said I shouldn't count on it. Lucky girl!

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