Sunday, March 28, 2010

{Easter Dressy}

Our church has general conference next Sunday on Easter...which means we stay home and watch church in our PJs! So I dressed up the kids in their Easter duds today instead....what is Easter without fancy new church clothes?!  It is nice having church in the afternoon ...plenty of time to get everyone ready and take some photos before heading out. But with 3 in the mix, the group shot is a major challenge.  This shot above was the best of the group. 

Most looked like this:

Or this (classic Rylan):

We did better individually.

It took a little coaxing to get him to untuck his shirt and loosen the tie a bit....we were going for 'casual cool'. 

Happy Easter week everyone!  Enjoy!

Addy's sock hair update:  The photos above were taken about 30 minutes after we unrolled the sock curlers.  The curl was a little 'tight' at first, but stays in all day.  Here she is a few hours after church:

Love it.  And it usually will work the next day too.  Bonus.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

{Sock Hair}

We have recently found a huge time saver for Addy's hair: sock curlers!  She loves her hair curly...begs for it...and hot rollers work...but you wouldn't even know we made the effort about 2 hours later. The curl never stays!  And then there are sponge curlers, which definitely work.  But then she looks like Shirley Temple in the morning and it has to go back in a pony tail in order to avoid a total frizz fest.  So, when we discovered this new method of using socks as was a good day!  We roll and tie her hair up with the socks while her hair is still damp and the next day she has soft, flowing curls that last much longer.  And are much easier to sleep on at night than sponge curlers and no chance of getting burned as with hot rollers.  Carson gave her a hard time at first, but she thinks it is well worth the price of pretty hair on Sunday!  She's a girly girl that's for sure!  I'll post a finished product soon.

And a little side note on these PJ bottoms.  Guess what size?  I was shocked when I checked and they were size 12 months!  She has been wearing these bottoms for over 4 years!!  And I dare say she is skinnier around the waist than she was at 1 year old.  I guess because they are PJs and she continued to wear them...they never got boxed up with the other items.  They were pants, then capris, and now shorts.  Definitely got our money worth on that set of PJs.  Take that! 

Friday, March 19, 2010

{Happy Spring}

We have been spoiled by some awesome spring days....we have loved coming out of hibernation, seeing our neighbors again, and enjoying the sunshine!  We are soaking in these gorgeous days because we know the rain is coming!! 

Addy likes to push Ry around on his scooter with her bike.  He loves it!

Addy will kill me someday for posting this...but this is so classic Addy!  The skinny little thing can never keep her pants up!  We are constantly telling her ...."you are crackin' us!"  She doesn't care.  Also, classic Addy.

The nose looking better and better.....And note, I didn't photoshop it out!

Sweet new shades from Grandma!  Thanks Grandma for spoiling us with a fantastic package today!! 

We hope you are catching some rays and enjoying Spring...which officially starts tomorrow!  Goodbye Winter!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

{A Few Randoms}

Last month we visited the pet store while we were out running errands.  Ry loves "doggies" and was in love with all the animals especially an 8 week old pug...oh. my. gosh.  It makes you want to sign the papers and take a dog home right then.  The kids begged.  And for a moment I almost thought..."it won't be that bad"...and "the kids really deserve a pet".  But, then I came to my senses.  I mean really....I still have a kid in diapers and another kid with potty issues...I don't need a dog in the mix.  Maybe someday.  We came home with these instead:

Betta fish...the lowest maintenance 'pet' in the store.  And the kids love 'em.  Come to find out they must be fed every day and the water has to be changed every week.  What?!  You mean I have to get a 'fish-sitter' when we go out of town?  Sheesh.

Addy is loving her third year of dance.  She is finally one of the older kids in the 3-5 age group.  She is really improving and excited for the costume to arrive in the next couple weeks!  The recital has a Cinderella theme and they are dancing as the fairy godmothers with magic wands.  Pretty much the best thing ever for little girls!

And Addy continues to love Ms. Cindy and preschool!  Last week was 'Wacky Wednesday'...and so she decided to put all these clips in her hair and wear all her clothes backwards and inside out.

And the kids loved celebrating my birthday last week (gasp!...another one already?!).  They decorated the house with streamers and 32 cake, and presents, and lunch out to Olive Garden....and later today, shopping for myself...all by myself!

Nose update:  The skin peeled off completely one day after the post below...kind of like a blister.  And now the new, raw, skin underneath has scabbed.  It's healing, but it still looks pretty much disgusting.  Poor guy is a trooper.

Monday, March 08, 2010

{Ry's Scary Nose}

Ry tripped in the driveway on Saturday and scraped the tip of his nose.  After a little blood and tears, he seemed fine.  Trev put him down for a nap, and I was off for the day to a bridal shower 2 hours away.  Trev knows me all too when he called and said "you are going to freak over Ry's nose!"....I was worried!  I hate facial injuries!  Carson had a tiny scab on the day of his baptism that I had to photoshop out of every single picture! 

So when I got home ...yeah, the swelling or whatever had spread around his entire nose!  And, of course, it was his first day of nursery yesterday!  I mean, you can't help but look at him and think "what the heck happened??"...and about 173 people asked about it too.  I would have asked too if it was another baby!  He was feeling great though...he had no idea why people were 'ooohing' and sympathizing with him. 

He loved nursery.  While I was peeking through the door, the leaders had just set a dixie cup of water in front of him at snack time.  Whoops! I forgot about this .... he NEVER uses a regular cup.  So I just watched as he just stared at it...picked it up...attempted to drink from the back side of the cup...looked at it again...and then just thought..."hey, I am going to dump this right in my lap"...and he did.  He loved our fantastic nursery leaders and Trev and I (okay, mostly Trev) can enjoy our meetings without a restless baby.  But actually, Trev is sad about the whole thing...missing his little Sunday school companion.....he loves our little Ry and doesn't want him to grow either!

And then after church I was worried about his little Trev took him to the convenience care clinic and the doctor confirmed he definitely had an infection, and we needed to find a 24 hour pharmacy to get a topical antibiotic pronto.  He'll start on an oral one if it doesn't start looking better in a few days.  Poor guy! 

At least we don't have any vacations, family pictures, or other photo ops coming up!  Here he is all gooped up with ointment....And, he is still darling. 

Friday, March 05, 2010

{Pinewood Derby Time!}

Last Thursday was Carson's first Pinewood Derby!  It's kind of a rite of passage in becoming a true cub scout...right!!?  Ever since Trev pulled out one of his Pinewood Derby cars he found from back in his cub scout days, Carson has been so excited to have his own!  They worked every night this week to get the car just right. Instead of cutting out the car from the block of wood, they found a  BSA approved kit with a pre-cut car (i.e. = time saver).  But they had to drill and add all the weights, add and work over the axles and wheels, paint and perfect.   Who knew there were so many intricacies and strategies for a block of wood with wheels?  And it weighed in at exactly 5 ounces (the max weight limit!) It was a very fun and 'manly' arts and craft project. 

Here he is with his finished car. 

16 cars in the contest.

Loading up!

Trev was sweating bullets...really hoping Carson would win at least one race.  But he did fantastic! He finished right in the middle of the pack...won 3 races, lost 3 races.  No tears or disappointment (by dad or son)...just excitement and fun. Carson's wheel even popped off at the end of the second to last race, but they had it fixed in no time and ready for the final run.  The other scouts were all good sports and there were some really fun cars and close races!  It was so sweet to see all the Dads with their sons working, weighing, and lubing (or whatever that heck that powder is!?!)...and just having fun together. Only 3 short years of the Pinewood Derby, but definitely something he is sure to remember! 

Just 7 more years until Ry can race his own car at the Pinewood Derby.  He sure loves his big brother!

Carson got the "Most Realistic" award.

Okay, Carson is taking over the blog. Yes, I do have two other children. But there is so much going on for Carson right now that can't go un-posted on the blog. Ry and Addy pics coming soon!

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