Saturday, March 13, 2010

{A Few Randoms}

Last month we visited the pet store while we were out running errands.  Ry loves "doggies" and was in love with all the animals especially an 8 week old pug...oh. my. gosh.  It makes you want to sign the papers and take a dog home right then.  The kids begged.  And for a moment I almost thought..."it won't be that bad"...and "the kids really deserve a pet".  But, then I came to my senses.  I mean really....I still have a kid in diapers and another kid with potty issues...I don't need a dog in the mix.  Maybe someday.  We came home with these instead:

Betta fish...the lowest maintenance 'pet' in the store.  And the kids love 'em.  Come to find out they must be fed every day and the water has to be changed every week.  What?!  You mean I have to get a 'fish-sitter' when we go out of town?  Sheesh.

Addy is loving her third year of dance.  She is finally one of the older kids in the 3-5 age group.  She is really improving and excited for the costume to arrive in the next couple weeks!  The recital has a Cinderella theme and they are dancing as the fairy godmothers with magic wands.  Pretty much the best thing ever for little girls!

And Addy continues to love Ms. Cindy and preschool!  Last week was 'Wacky Wednesday'...and so she decided to put all these clips in her hair and wear all her clothes backwards and inside out.

And the kids loved celebrating my birthday last week (gasp!...another one already?!).  They decorated the house with streamers and 32 cake, and presents, and lunch out to Olive Garden....and later today, shopping for myself...all by myself!

Nose update:  The skin peeled off completely one day after the post below...kind of like a blister.  And now the new, raw, skin underneath has scabbed.  It's healing, but it still looks pretty much disgusting.  Poor guy is a trooper.


Our family 7:54 AM  

Do not, I repeat, do not get a dog! It was cute when the kids would play with ours, but that only lasted a week or so. Now I have this problem animal that gets into garbages several times a day and bolts from our house/yard anytime she gets the chance. My neighbors must really get a kick out of seeing me run through the neighborhood in PJs and bare feet screaming at this stupid animal. However, if decide you do want a dog, I know of a great one you can have. I'll FedEx her right to you.

Onjali P. 2:25 PM  

A couple of weeks ago we went to the pet store to get a fish, Evee was so excited, and then Todd and I chickened out once we got there, even a fish is a big responsibility.

Darin and Melinda 9:16 PM  

Beautiful Family! You can borrow Kai for a little while if your kids want to know what its like to clean up after something that EATS ANYTHING IT SEES, dumps anything he can find all over the floor, and squeals louder than an actual animal...they would send him back. :)

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