Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{Spring Ramblings}

The tulips in my front yard are just now blooming.  I know, yours are probably almost done, but these guys don't get much sun being near a fence and tree cover....but look at them now! I think tulips are my favorite flower. 

Ry loves to be snuggled up like this on the couch.  I tuck his arms in and the sides of the blanket all around.  He looks so sometimes I grab a blanket and snuggle up with him too.  I mean, this little guy is hard to resist. 

Our little ballerina just after the official 'picture day' at the dance studio.  She can't wait for her recital coming up in June!

Counting down the days for the big Dalley family trip to Florida.  My kids are beyond excited.  I am day dreaming of spending time on this boat in the sun with my little kidlets...especially during the torrential down pour and hail storms that passed through today. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{Addy's Mom & Me Night}

Have I told you how much I love preschool?  Well, I love it! I have been so, so, so happy with Addy's preschool this year...she loves Ms. Cindy!  They have been working on letters, numbers, and sounds....but they have also done an awesome science unit...learning all about the human body: ears, eyes, mouth, heart, digestive system, etc....all complete with take-home diagrams that Addy cut out and colored herself!  Plus now they are working on an art unit...studying and talking about various artists.  So cool. Have I said that Addy loves it too? She is so sad on Mondays and Fridays because there is no school. 

So the sad part is she is almost a preschool graduate.  She had Kindergarten Round-Up today at the Elementary school (insert tears here).  School buses, gyms, cubby's, school supplies, playgrounds....oh she can't wait!  (And I haven't told her she isn't riding the bus yet....I just can't send her (or Carson) on the bus.  It's my way of sheltering them just a little bit longer.  All the trouble happens on the I right??!)  Oh man, she looks so grown up in this picture!

Here is a little video for the Grandmas of one of the songs she sang at "Mom&Me Night".  It was fun to escape at the end of tax season (hooray!) with my little Addy date-night.  She's a performer for sure. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

{No Place He Would Rather Be}

...than on Dad's shoulders.  Trev is pretty good at multi-tasking so he can accomodate this little guy's wishes. 

Sunday, April 04, 2010

{Easter Festivities All Around}

What a great weekend!  Just the 5 of us. We enjoyed the slow pace (for once!) of the weekend with plenty of time to be together at home. 

We dyed our Easter Eggs on Wednesday:

Made Easter sugar cookies on Friday:

Had our own Easter Egg Hunt in the front yard Saturday morning during the 20 minutes the sun was shining the whole weekend.

It was all over for Ry as soon as he figured out there was candy inside the eggs.  We had to confiscate and hide all the candy in the house because we just couldn't keep him out of it!  And, notice his nose....still red!  It isn't a sore anymore but it's just red (like a sunburn almost).  Any ideas anyone? It has been a month.  I think I am going to call a dermatologist this week.

Read the Easter story and made these cookies during the process.  So happy to see my kids really know and understand the true meaning of Easter. We love all the fun Easter stuff, but I am so glad we are grounded  and united as a family in our faith in Jesus Christ. 

Sunday morning the Easter bunny left a trail for each person to their easter baskets:

Another Easter egg hunt (inside this time) and fun with Easter baskets:

Favorite item....zhu zhu pets! Who knew? They are actually pretty cute...and the kids played with them all day!

And new toothbrushes!  Heaven knows we need those after this weekend!

Lots of time watching General Conference too.  The kids enjoyed their activity packets to keep them interested and engaged (most of the time).

And a terrific meal of Honey Baked Ham, twice baked potatoes, frog eye salad, homemade rolls, asparagus, and coconut cake.  It was delish!

I loved being surrounded by our little fam for Easter.  It was one of the most relaxing weekends we have had in a long time! 

Thursday, April 01, 2010

{April Fools}

April is here already!? Seriously?? 

No nasty pranks here....just a fun little joke from mom. 

Jello "juice".

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