Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{Vacation Part 1: Disney Cruise}

So I was beyond excited (and grateful) when I got the call from the camera shop today telling me they retrieved all my pictures off my corrupted memory card! Happy tears!!! On day 4 of our trip my memory card stopped reading ... I couldn't get it to work in my camera, our computer, or anywhere! And, I didn't have a spare card (note to self for next time!)...so I was without a camera all together. [Yes, insert major freak-out here]. I was glad my family came to my rescue lending me a camera and giving me all kinds of pictures before we all left for home...turns out my family takes great pictures! So I am thrilled to have both my own pictures plus the family ones too!

First off: Gotta thank the parentals. The trip was largely funded by my incredible parent duo. We have been counting down the days and looking forward to it for almost a year! I thought it might be a little difficult traveling with 19 people...but it wasn't. We just loved being together and stayed together almost the whole trip! My kids adore their grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles.  I am so grateful for a family that loves to be together.  Thank you thank you thank you Mom and Dad for such an amazing memory!

My parents took all of us on a Disney Cruise almost 9 years ago...I was just barely prego with Carson at the time. The Disney Cruise this time was so much different with kids...I recommend it with or without the kidlets!

Okay, so here are the cruise pics...yes, a ka-zillion.  And believe it or not, I have really narrowed it down!

Waiting to get on the boat!

We were onboard the Disney Wonder for 4 days. One stop in the Bahamas (Nassau) and one stop at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay.

The kids loved their own 'Kids Club'. We checked them in via an electronic bracelet they wore the entire trip, and the staff could page us if there was a problem or if they wanted to leave. The kids loved it! Activities galore, Disney characters, food, snacks.....Disney does FUN really well and even ended the trip with an on-stage program for parents. We loved the kids clubs too! We had one dinner night, adults only. And we escaped to Nassau for an outing sans kids too.  There was even a nursery available for Ry ... which he liked most of the time.  So it was nice to enjoy a couple of peaceful hours on an otherwise very busy family vacation. 

The kids loved the pools on the ship....they could have stayed there all day!  We were sad that there was a strict no diaper rule in the pools...no diapers, no swim diapers.  So, if your kid isn't potty trained, they can't swim!  The babies were so sad!  There was a 'splash' area for them, but that is just not as fun!

Outside the Nassau port.

Castaway Cay pics! This beach was awesome!! Wish we could have stayed here longer!

Aunt Erin ... always fun and a huge help!


Bike Ride at Castaway Cay.
Addy's tire got a flat about 2 miles in...so Trevor hauled her back this way and Erin carried the bike on her handle bars!

Ry loves his "Bampa"!

Ry loved all the characters.  As soon as he spotted one...he was darting their way.  He was in such awe.  Not scared even one bit...(and I would be ...I mean, look at Captain Hook!).  Ry just sat down on his lap while we snapped a ton of photos.  We had to drag him away. 

Morning pedicure with my Mom!

Addy & Paige got their hair braided on the last day. We have both loved it because we haven't had to do her hair for almost 2 weeks. 
Our awesome (and extremely patient) servers. 

Next up, 3 days in Disney World!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

{Vacation Unwind}

Still trying to recover from our amazing vacation last week!  Still 1 suitcase to unpack. Still a few loads of laundry to do.  Still catching up on homework.  Still crossing my fingers that the camera shop will recover 300 pictures on my corrupted memory card. Still wishing we were back on that ship.  Still re-living the best vacation ever! 

Photos to come (I hope!).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

{Preschool Art Gallery}

Addy has been working on an art unit at Preschool during the entire month of April.  She just had her big opening art gallery debut!  She had 7 or 8 pieces on display, and we all dressed up fancy for the event.

Here is her work:

Okay, that was Van Gogh.  But here is her interpretation:

And this:

And her interpretation:

Not too many pictures because Rylan was acting like a wild animal.
Congrats to our little artist!

Friday, May 07, 2010

{Snorkel & a Bobcat}

I figured practicing with the snorkel is easier in bath water rather than salt water. 

And Carson earned his bobcat at last night's pack meeting.  This is probably the easiest scouting requirement to earn. But hey, he loved all the hoop-la....thanks to an amazing cubmaster!  He got his face painted in the 'bobcat' ceremony (do they do that in your programs??).  And here he is giving me my 'mother's pin'.  Wow. Didn't even know I got pins until last night. 

Monday, May 03, 2010


Weddings are the best, aren't they?  Nothing like watching two young people in love...It rejuvenates your own relationship!  We were thrilled to be at Cath's wedding last weekend.  The Goodwins/Dalleys go way, way back.  We have know this family since my family moved to Vancouver.  They are our bestest friends.  You know the kind of people that are really like family? the kind of people that I can dig through the refrigerator without asking.  The best.

It was such a treat to see their second oldest sealed in the temple.  Temple sealings are awesome!  Such amazing promises and it is always wonderful to be reminded of the simplistic beauty of my own temple marriage.  Being sealed to my parents, siblings, husband and kids for all eternity is the greatest blessing in my life!  And I love teaching this to my kidlets too.  It is so amazing to see them love the temple at such a young age. 

Okay, on to the festivities!

All the Dalley grandkids (minus Graham in Chicago!).  They got a little restless on the temple grounds waiting for the couple to come out, but we did catch one photo of all them together!
Addy loved the Portland temple.  The overcast day made for perfect pictures...and no rain!  You can tell she is a true girly girl because she loved it all...the princess (the bride), the prince (the groom), the flowers, the cake, the temple, the dancing, the food, the dresses, etc.  

Erin & Catherine have been best friends since they were babies! 

Dalley girls with Catherine

The happy couple:  Catherine & Kris 
Don't you just love her birdcage veil??? She was stunning!

Trevor and I had our reception on this exact same deck at the Goodwin home an undisclosed number of years ago.  And don't laugh at how old we have become or how young we looked then! I didn't get any pictures of the two of us mostly because he was chasing Ry around the entire time.  Thanks babe.  You were a huge help while we helped out at the reception.  I love weddings!  It was a fun weekend!

And thank you thank you thank you to Bryce and Beck for hosting the entire Dalley crew. The cousins had a blast together as usual!!

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