Sunday, June 27, 2010

{A Keepsake}

I have been on picture-organizing mission lately.  My biggest fear is the dreaded hard-drive crash and losing all those precious baby pictures.  I have always been crazy protective of my pictures.  Most are backed up twice.  Once on an external hard-drive and also at an off-site storage facility.  I mean, what if your house burns down? There goes you computer and your external hard drive.  So, online backup is a must.

But, it has been lingering in my mind to get some of my old photographs of me as a kid scanned, edited, and backed up somewhere so the only version of the picture isn't sitting in a box or closet somewhere. 

About this same time I was trying to come up with a gift to give to my parents while we were on the cruise.  Kind of a thank-you! you-guys-are-amazing! we-love-you! kind of gift.  So I enlisted my siblings help, and I semi-forced them to participate.  We each went through our scrapbooks and boxes of photos....given to us by my mom long ago.  And we scanned in photos from the first 20 years of their marriage. For me, that was 19 years of my life.  My mom had done an amazing job of scrapbooking my childhood and giving me several scrapbooks filled with pictures, cards, and notes.  That stopped when I was about 12 (probably when she entered the crazy-busy-I-have 5-kids-life!)  And then for one of my YW projects at church, I completed ages 12 to 18.  So for me, it was mostly just going through those books, carefully prying the pictures from the pages and getting them scanned in, edited, and beautified again.

Everyone else thankfully did the same.  We all uploaded our pics to my Snapfish account (love Snapfish, by the way), and then I got to work...organizing them by date, deleting duplicates (of course we had a lot of the same family photos, etc). and trying my best to put them in chronological order, in a layout that made sense, and keeping it to under 120 pages.  Man, it was project.  But I am so happy with how it turned out!  Since my parents gave us all our pictures, they didn't have these photos any more, so it was so nice to give them this completed book with all our best pictures, all in one place. 

Loved their happy and teary reaction.  I think we were all teary after she went through the first couple pages. 

Here are some of my childhood pic favorites...

My mom and me (below, left) in matching dresses!
Love these pics with Bryce and I with Dad.

Bryce might kill be for posting this page of us in our dance costumes.  He won't admit it, but he loved it, and he always stole the show!

There were a ton of family portraits where my mom made all of our outfits like these, below.  Where did she ever find the time??

My dad took us on an infamous hike up to the 'Y' (below, left).  He didn't know about the trail, so he just tied us all to a rope and scaled up the mountain. We still laugh about this all the time!  We took the trail on the way down.

And hello, yellow shorts (below right).  Man, I was all legs back then.

The end of the book included a page index with each photo identified with subject, place, and date.  Whew!  But so worth it when you look back and wonder when? or who? 10, 20, or 50 years from now.

Best part is, I can order a copy for myself too!  Love the digital era we live in.  All the hard work over, I loved doing it, so grateful for my sibling's help, and so amazed at how well it turned out. 


Tim and Lisa 6:09 PM  


N. Tipps 7:35 PM  

What a great project. It looks so good and I love the simple layout. I love it. If only I had the perserverance.

Bryce was in dance? Awesome. And I totally believe he stole the show.

Carmen Goetschius 9:54 PM  

Beautiful Shell!

manders 11:41 PM  

That is such an amazing book and memory for your parents. Love all the pictures you all did a great job

Aim 6:55 AM  

Oh Shell it turned out sooooo neat! I am so glad you shared, I was going to ask your Mom to bring it to Pv so I could have a peek! Good Job, Love you!

Darin and Melinda 8:26 PM  

What a great should feel proud! Looks beautiful!

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