Wednesday, June 02, 2010

{Vacation Part 2: The Happiest Place on Earth!}

We got off the ship early on Thursday morning and headed straight for the Magic Kingdom! The restful portion of the vacay had ended and it was go, go, go time...4 parks and only 3 days! Oh there is so much to do in Orlando!
My mom made these matching green shirts for the girlies.

A character lunch up first...with Winnie and Pooh and friends.  The autograph books saw a lot of action and the food was great! 

Gotta go on the Dumbo of my favs and always the longest line in the park!

Ry on the Jungle Cruise!  (The camera/memory card malfunction happened right after I took this picture!)

Day 2 was in Epcot. Loved the Nemo ride and the Test Track!

And in the afternoon, a special Princess Lunch for Addy, Paige, Grandma and the moms too! Princess time is tough to come by around the this little lunch was perfect and so worth it!! The rest of the crew headed to Hollywood Studios during our Princess outing.

The girls were in heaven!  Addy and Paige saw 5 princesses during our lunch.  When Sleeping Beauty stopped by, she picked up Addy's autograph book with her name on the front and said "Oh Addy, how nice to meet you!".  Addy turned to me with the biggest eyes and wispered ... "How did she know my name???!!!"    It was so funny! I wish I had it on camera.  She was in awe! 

Day 3 was back to the Magic Kingdom in the AM and then Animal Kingdom in the afternoon...and then back to the Magic Kingdom for the parade...yeah, we did that all in one day.  We were at the Magic Kindgom 10 minutes after it opened...which meant almost no lines for 2 hours! It was great! We did more in that 2 hours than we did the whole first day!

My attempt to get a picture of all 3 kids with the castle.  Yeah, this was the best one. 

Camille got this shot of us on Splash Mountain.  Trev is with some random video-recording guy who literally recorded the entire 10 minute ride! We laughed about this the whole way. And Trev says he only could put one hand up because he didn't want to block TyTy....but hmmmmmm.

Woody!  Or "Woo-ey" as Ry calls him.  Ry got the Woody toy and sleeps with it every night! Can't wait for Toy Story 3!

The River Rapid ride was perfectly timed in the 95 degree weather.  I am always the one that gets soaked...and I did.  Drenched.  But it was so fun.   Trev stayed with the babies so the rest of us fit in one boat!  My new favorite ride is Mount Everest in the Animal Kingdom.  I was prego 2 years ago and couldn't it was so fun to go on this new roller coaster.  It was awesome!

Ry and Graham in matching Mickey shirts!

And, couldn't resist these two cute videos of Ry:  On the teacup ride and then dancing in the stroller waiting for the parade.  Love that baby! Disney is so great with the little ones.

No good pictures of the evening parade...but we stayed until 10pm ... soaking in every last minute! It was sad taking the bus back to the hotel to begin the long trip home after a wonderful 7 days!  Addy was asleep on the bus floor by the time we got to the hotel....completely exhausted after an amazing week! The kids did great. Travelling with a big group can be hard, but it was just so fun being together with everyone.  We just got used to a lot of potty breaks, meltdowns, and diaper changes....along with all the good stuff: happy cousins, roller coasters, sun, and family! 

Thanks again mom and dad for a trip we will always remember!


Dan and Anne 6:37 AM  

That sounds like so much fun! I wish we could drive down there right now! Isn't it sad that vacations have to come to an end?

Tim and Lisa 6:42 AM  

Wow. What fun for you and the entire family! I think I need a nap now after reading how busy you were.

Rachelle 7:42 AM  

That video of Ry is so cute! What a fun trip you guys had!

Carmen 10:18 AM  

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing trip. Did they nap at all during the day (looking forward to my family trip in October)? So fun, Shell!

Camille and Bryce 12:11 PM  

Love that video of Ry...he really gets into it! He's got some great rhythm! :) It was so much fun...missing the fun family times but just over a month till we'll all be together again!! 2 times in one year! AMAZING! Miss you guys!

Tyler 4:46 PM  

The Pictures are great and I loved the video! Looks like this portion of hte trip was amazing! glad you all had fun!

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