Monday, September 27, 2010

{First Day of School!}

Yes, I am behind!  And finally in somewhat of a routine as we start the 4th week of school.  The fall is Ca-Ray-Zee around here with 3 soccer practices a week, dance, piano, scouts...and oh yeah, this thing called school and homework. Each day seems to fly by! 

We geared up for the school year with a big 'Back to School' dinner. The kids wanted spaghetti and even though I wanted to do something tad was their dinner after all.  Addy loves it when we get out the fancy glasses and napkins and actually wants to set the table. 

And what says fall more than pumpkin?  So pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Yum!

And then it was yogurt parfaits and eggs in the morning.  Carson isn't much of a breakfast eater (like me).  It is a battle each morning to get him to each something/anything. 

Carson's first day was a a couple days before Addy started. 

 He had to have this 'one strap' backpack...and paid for it with his own money!
 Here comes 3rd grade!

Addy had Kindergarten orientation the day before she started class. She was happy to have her very own cubby!

And a chance to try out the Kindergarten-only play ground just outside her classroom.

She couldn't wait for the big day!

Hugs from little brother!  Luckily he takes his afternoon nap while Addy is at school so he hardly notices that she is gone. 
Bye Mom!  So sad to see her go....even if it is only for 2 and a half hours!

Addy's reaction after the first day was: "Mom, they just do baby-ish just Preschool stuff, not Kindergarten stuff like Science".  Seriously, just like that.  I guess that is what you get for doing 2 years of Preschool and being almost 6 when you start Kindergarten because she missed the deadline. 
Luckily she has warmed up to it and loves her teacher and classmates (and recess!). 

Can't believe I have two kids in school! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

{Our Little Guy Turned Two!}

Can't believe another year has gone by and this little dude is another year older.  Turning two is saying good-bye to the baby stage and hello to toddler-hood.  Not sure any of us are quite ready for that, so I am quite content to keep him as the baby in the family just a little while longer. 

We know this for sure:  He loves Woody and Buzz Lightyear.  Ever since our trip to Disney World in the Spring, he just can't get enough of all things Toy Story.  And having Toy Story 3 come out this summer resulted in seeing Buzz and Woody at every checkout aisle in every store.  "Mommy!  Buzz! Buzz! Woody! Woody! Woody! Jessie! Woody!" ...repeated over and over. 

There was no debate.  Toy Story party it is. 

We decided to keep it relatively low-key by inviting only cousins this year. Besides, being kid number 3 doesn't allow for many play dates with other kids.  He lives with his two favorite playmates.  He loves his cousins and knows them by name.  We were so happy to have Paige, Ty, Caden, and Brynn over to play!

Here he is waiting for the party to start!

Let the games begin!

Pin the Badge on Woody.
"The Claw"  (Love Caden's tongue here...he is really concentrating!)

Silly String fight in the front yard.
And can't have a Toy Story Party without Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Lunch from Pizza Planet.
(And sad this is the only group shot I got!)

And finally the cupcakes.
Made by yours truly.  Just look at the swirly cupcake frosting.
Ry LOVES the Happy Birthday Song.
And was dancing right along with the song.
His aim needed a little coaching. Took almost a full minute to blow these out! But seriously, how cute is that?
Thanks everyone for coming, calling, sending cards and presents, and just wishing him well on his 2nd Birthday!

Some of my favorite things about Rylan at Age 2:

  • He loves his "Woody" doll and looks for him every morning and totes him around most of the day.
  • He just started saying "Lub you Mommy (or Daddy)" when he goes to sleep.
  • He says "Bless You" to anyone who sneezes.
  • He still cries and cries when we send him to nursery during church. 
  • He loves his blankies, aka "deedee's" (a name coined by Addy long ago).
  • He takes great afternoon naps, but he sleeps terrible if we are away from home.
  • He sneaks into the pantry and drags out whatever goodies he can find when no one is looking.
  • We often find toys in the toilet bowl...ugh!
  • For the last few months he has been in the family prayer rotation.  It is the absolute most sweetest thing ever to see your baby fold his arms and learn to say such sweet prayers.  What a precious thing to learn that your prayers are heard.
  • He knows who Jesus is and loves to point out any picture he finds with Him in it. I love that he is beginning to know he is child of God.
  • He likes walking Addy down to the bus stop and waives frantically as she gets on... "Bye Addy! Bye Addy!"
  • He loves his "Bapa's" and "Bama's" (Grandma and Grandpa)
  • Swimming and playing outside in the yard are a tie for his favorite things to do.
  • He is a daddy's boy and often found crying at the door if Dad has to go to work or on an errand without him.
  • He drinks most of his calories (like Addy).  Always thirsty, but not a big eater. And, after eating or drinking something yummy he always says "Em...this is good!"
  • He's our little guy ... still fitting into some of his 18 month clothes.
  • Favorite songs are 'Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes', 'Popcorn Popping', 'I am a Child of God', and 'Wheels on the Bus'.  He loves singing time for family home evening.
  • He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and "Micka Mouse".   Definitely a tie with the Toy Story movies.
We love this little kid to pieces! Can't imagine our family without him.  Happy Birthday RyRy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

{H2C: Hood to Coast Relay}

Trevor ran the Hood to Coast relay for the 2nd time at the end of August.  And for the second year in a row, he was injured...but still managed to pull it out.  This year was a ton of fun for him because he got to organize the team.  He was asked in the spring by my BIL's company to put together a team that would finish well and give the company some good exposure.  So Trevor was in heaven calling around and looking up his high school, college, and competitive running teammates.  He had an awesome group of guys that included my brother in law and brother too. 

So we all headed to Portland.  I stayed with the kids at my brother's house and late on Friday night we got a babysitter and the 3 gals headed out to see their husbands in the first leg.  I didn't go down last year, so this was my first time seeing the whole operation, and wow, it was pretty incredible.  Just the mass organization to coordinate such a huge effort is amazing to watch. 

The details: 12 guys in 2 vans.  197 total miles from Mt. Hood to the beach in Seaside.  Each runner runs 3 legs in varying distances.  First van runs all 6 runners and then 'hands off' to the 2nd van who runs their 6 runners, etc. Their team started at 6pm on Friday evening.  Relay runs through the night on Friday and finishes on Saturday.

Major difference from last year when he ran with a non-competitive team was the lack of rest.  Usually the vans have time to rest during their 'off' period while the other van is running.  They bring sleeping bags to actually get some shut eye, etc....but because these runners were so fast, each van finished up in just a few hours not leaving much time to rest after travelling the distance to the next pit stop. And forcing you to run your 3 legs in a much, much shorter time overall. 

We stopped at several of the legs and saw Chris begin and then again when he ended the leg and passed off to Trevor, and then saw Trevor finish up.  Bryce was running at 1 in the morning, so we missed him...sorry Bryce! 

The three Brother-in-Laws.
One of the two vans.
Curtis and Trevor (Curtis and Matt (not pictured) ran with Trevor in the Marathon Olympic Trials in 2004). So fun to see them again!
Chris handing off to Trevor.

Bryce and Trevor in the morning of the second day. (thanks for the pic Curtis!)

The whole team at the end (thanks Curtis for the picture!). 
They finished 10th overall (out of approx 1000 teams!) with a total time of 20 hours, 1 min, 56 seconds. 

They are already talking about next year....

Thursday, September 02, 2010

{U of U Soccer Roadtrip}

The closest game my sister has this season was in Pullman, WA.  So, it wasn't even a question.  We headed to the other side of the state to see her play. 5 hours seems like nothing when she is usually playing 14 hours away! Being a collegiate athlete is such a unique opportunity and with this year and next year left, we are trying to support her as much as we can.  Maybe I am still sentimental about Trevor running Cross Country and Track in college at BYU.  It just goes by so fast and is so very cool to see your sister as one of the stars of Div 1 collegiate team!

My parents met us there (they travel to every single game! amazing, huh?) and we all stayed in the same hotel with the team.  We left after work on Friday (missing the Friday afternoon game), but enjoyed the next couple days with Erin and my parents before the second game on Sunday afternoon.

We were in Pullman during the Lentil Festival...I about a party.  But this was a serious community event!  We happened on front row seats at the parade.  Here is Addy spotting the cheerleaders after the entire WSU football team passed by. 

We headed to the festival after the parade at the local community park.  My kids fell in love with this swing..probably meant for wheel-chair transfers.

And had fun in the 24 hour pool at the hotel.

He is the sweetest.
Then out to dinner with Erin and the fam.  I think we ate at almost every food joint in Pullman during the 2 and a half days we were there.  Gotta love small town life. 

 And I love, love, love this picture of Erin and the kidlets.
Decorating posters for the big game on Sunday.
Before the game.

Showing off our U of U scarfs for the the "Show Your Scarf" contest.  We almost won the weekly contest...coming in second place and getting absolutely zip for it. Bummer.

Gotta have the crazy Ute hair.  And thanks to my Mom and Erin for all the new U of U gear! We had a great cheering section....all 10 Ute fans total.
And on to the game.  And the star lil' sis: #8.

They lost 0-1 to WSU.  Sad to lose, but we had a great time anyway! Every time I watch Erin play I am amazed at the incredible player that she is.  Seriously, how did I not get an ounce of that talent? Oh well, she makes the fam look good! As a co-captain of the team this year, it is fun to watch as she pumps up the team and communicates with the players on and off the field.  She's a great player and teammate.

After the game hugs from Ry.
Go Utes!

And fall means the return of football season. But, we won't be cheering for the red team in that sport.  Go Cougars on Saturday against UW!!  (Which is also our anniversary and Ry's Birthday...yeah, that's going to be a busy day).

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