Thursday, September 16, 2010

{Our Little Guy Turned Two!}

Can't believe another year has gone by and this little dude is another year older.  Turning two is saying good-bye to the baby stage and hello to toddler-hood.  Not sure any of us are quite ready for that, so I am quite content to keep him as the baby in the family just a little while longer. 

We know this for sure:  He loves Woody and Buzz Lightyear.  Ever since our trip to Disney World in the Spring, he just can't get enough of all things Toy Story.  And having Toy Story 3 come out this summer resulted in seeing Buzz and Woody at every checkout aisle in every store.  "Mommy!  Buzz! Buzz! Woody! Woody! Woody! Jessie! Woody!" ...repeated over and over. 

There was no debate.  Toy Story party it is. 

We decided to keep it relatively low-key by inviting only cousins this year. Besides, being kid number 3 doesn't allow for many play dates with other kids.  He lives with his two favorite playmates.  He loves his cousins and knows them by name.  We were so happy to have Paige, Ty, Caden, and Brynn over to play!

Here he is waiting for the party to start!

Let the games begin!

Pin the Badge on Woody.
"The Claw"  (Love Caden's tongue here...he is really concentrating!)

Silly String fight in the front yard.
And can't have a Toy Story Party without Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Lunch from Pizza Planet.
(And sad this is the only group shot I got!)

And finally the cupcakes.
Made by yours truly.  Just look at the swirly cupcake frosting.
Ry LOVES the Happy Birthday Song.
And was dancing right along with the song.
His aim needed a little coaching. Took almost a full minute to blow these out! But seriously, how cute is that?
Thanks everyone for coming, calling, sending cards and presents, and just wishing him well on his 2nd Birthday!

Some of my favorite things about Rylan at Age 2:

  • He loves his "Woody" doll and looks for him every morning and totes him around most of the day.
  • He just started saying "Lub you Mommy (or Daddy)" when he goes to sleep.
  • He says "Bless You" to anyone who sneezes.
  • He still cries and cries when we send him to nursery during church. 
  • He loves his blankies, aka "deedee's" (a name coined by Addy long ago).
  • He takes great afternoon naps, but he sleeps terrible if we are away from home.
  • He sneaks into the pantry and drags out whatever goodies he can find when no one is looking.
  • We often find toys in the toilet bowl...ugh!
  • For the last few months he has been in the family prayer rotation.  It is the absolute most sweetest thing ever to see your baby fold his arms and learn to say such sweet prayers.  What a precious thing to learn that your prayers are heard.
  • He knows who Jesus is and loves to point out any picture he finds with Him in it. I love that he is beginning to know he is child of God.
  • He likes walking Addy down to the bus stop and waives frantically as she gets on... "Bye Addy! Bye Addy!"
  • He loves his "Bapa's" and "Bama's" (Grandma and Grandpa)
  • Swimming and playing outside in the yard are a tie for his favorite things to do.
  • He is a daddy's boy and often found crying at the door if Dad has to go to work or on an errand without him.
  • He drinks most of his calories (like Addy).  Always thirsty, but not a big eater. And, after eating or drinking something yummy he always says "Em...this is good!"
  • He's our little guy ... still fitting into some of his 18 month clothes.
  • Favorite songs are 'Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes', 'Popcorn Popping', 'I am a Child of God', and 'Wheels on the Bus'.  He loves singing time for family home evening.
  • He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and "Micka Mouse".   Definitely a tie with the Toy Story movies.
We love this little kid to pieces! Can't imagine our family without him.  Happy Birthday RyRy!


manders 8:48 PM  

What a cutie! Already 2 that is crazy how fast time goes by. Love the birthday theme. So funny Trey calls his blankee "deedee" he is such a little stud, glad he had a great birthday and cousins to share it with...

Aim 9:12 PM  

He is such a cute lil guy! I love how you guys just enjoy him so! Love the party and I can still hear him say Wooee (woody)! Give them loves from us!

Becca, Bryce, Ty and Caden 9:50 PM  

He is the cutest guy ever!! Thanks for inviting us - the boys LOVED helping Ry celebrate his 2nd birthday!

Onjali P. 10:41 PM  

What a fun birthday party! Rylan is so cute, it's crazy he is 2

N. Tipps 7:45 AM  

Oh he is so adorable.

Kricket 9:31 AM  

He is so handsome. I can't believe our boys are two. I love your list. I made one the other night for Ryder and loved thinking about all of the cute things he does.

Carmen 1:16 PM  

Hooray! Happy Birthday, little Ry!! What a fun party (and impressive cupcakes, Shell!)

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