Friday, October 29, 2010

{Addy's 6th Birthday: A Royal Ball}

Because of the craziness of the last few weeks, I opted out of planning a party and just paid someone else to do it! I found this adorable little party palace in downtown Puyallup called "A Simple Wish" and Addy invited 7 of her bestest girl friends to attend a "Royal Ball".  It was all things princess and girly and a great way to celebrate turning 6!!!

The afternoon started off making princess crowns.
 And getting their nails painted.
 Then Addy got an up-'do with glitter and all. And everyone picked out their princess dress, gloves, wands, jewelry, scarves, and headbands...a dress-up heaven!

8 Beautiful Princesses!

Then some games while they each posed for pictures.
Story time..
 And then a quick lesson on princess dancing. Each girl got introduced and presented to the crowd (all 3 of us). And had a great time dancing!

 A special Daddy/Daughter dance which Addy has been looking forward to for weeks.  So sweet.

Then a cute little tea party.  Man they had the cutest little dishes and tea sister and I were so envious!

 A big cupcake for a little girl!

Such a fun afternoon, and all I had to do was take pictures and enjoy it with her!  It really was just the perfect party for little girls.  Over the top girly-ness is the best! And they all had a ball!
Happy Birthday to our little Addy!! We are so glad you add some girly flare and personality to our family! We love you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

{Pumpkin Patch #2 --- Maris Farms}

We had such fabulous weather last week (which makes up for the downpour we have had the last 2 days!!) and the kids had half days at school all week (parent-teacher conferences) I loaded the 3 kids up and headed to a fun pumpkin patch in Bonney Lake.  Addy and I visited it last year with her preschool class, and I knew Rylan would love all the activities this year.  There is an entrance fee at this farm, but cheaper during the week, and much cheaper than a movie....all so worth it for the amount of things they got to do.  The place was practically deserted on a Thursday afternoon. We had the whole place to ourselves.

We loved the tractor and cow train. Addy and Ry in the front and Carson in the way back for the 'bumpy' ride. 

 The bouncy house they played in for about 30 minutes...
The 'Corn Room'
And yes, Rylan is wearing the exact same outfit as our outing to the other pumpkin patch.  He does have other clothes, I promise.  These two trips were a week and a half apart!  At least I am semi-current on the laundry!

 Surprisingly soft.  I am still find kernels around the house.

 Pulling the can of food up the rope to the goats up above. 
Ry loved the animals especially the baby bunnies and baby piglets.
 Addy on the pedal carts. She got this thing going pretty fast around the track!
 Carson gave Addy and Rylan rides on the bigger pedal carts (um..he could barely reach the pedals, but insisted he was big enough). 

 And the 'mine shaft' slide that they rode down about 20 times.  It starts at the top of a hill, goes underground, and comes out at the bottom.  I couldn't believe how many times Ry walked up that hill on his own. 

Such a fun afternoon!  Even though the schedule is packed this time of year, we are loving all the fall activities and beautiful fall weather.  Next up...Addy's Birthday and Halloween parties!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

{Pumpkin Patch #1 --- Spooner Farms}

It's a family tradition ... blogged many times on our little blog.  We wouldn't miss it!  We love Spooner Farms and even though we picked the busiest Saturday ever, we loved being in the sunshine!  I would take a busy, over-crowded pumpkin patch in the sun any day over an empty, muddy one.  I love how we really have roots here in Washington now and these annual adventures are so looked forward to by the fam.

It's mostly about the pictures, right?

I would never attempt the corn maze by myself.  Trevor is the best maze guide...I don't think we took one wrong turn!

I just realized that Ry wore this same jacket last year.  I guess he hasn't grown much.  Except in attitude.  But he sure was excited about the corn maze...walking most of the 2 mile trek.  He was so tired that night!

We left with 100 pounds of pumpkins for carving, several smaller pumpkins and gourds for decorating, my favorite caramel apples, and a half-flat of freshly picked raspberries.  This is the first year that Spooner Farms still had raspberries on in October.  We have our late spring to thank for that...not sure if that was worth it, but the raspberries were sure good!

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