Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{Soccer, Babies, and Snow}

I am still in blogging catch-up mode. 

Up first...Soccer! 
I have no idea how I survived 4 practices and 2 games a week for 2+ months this fall.  Carson's practice was 30-40 minutes away, and it was a killer.  Being sick and being in the car so much doesn't work so well together.  But we made it...all of us.  The kids did fantastic and really improved over last year.  But man alive, I am glad it is over.

 Carson is jersey #2. 

 Carson with Coach Robb!

And secondly....babies! 
We were blessed with an adorable new niece in Chicago (my sister, Camille) on October 29th, followed by my new nephew in Vancouver, WA (my brother, Bryce) on October 30th.  My sister and sister-in-law were due about a month a part...but were literally in labor at the same time!  Oh the text messages and phone calls on the 29th and 30th were pretty dang exciting!!!

Claire Warning (picture stolen from my sister's blog).  We aren't quite sure when we get to snuggle this cute little one...but we hope it is sometime soon!! Isn't she a doll?

And Jett Robert.  We got to meet him in the hospital on Halloween!  He was just shy of 1 day old and so tiny and precious!! 

We went down to Vancouver again about a week later to spend more time with the little guy and have a pre-thanksgiving dinner with my parents and sister who came to see the new addition too.

 Grandpa with the former 'babies' in the family. 
 Having fun with the cousins.

And finally....SNOW!
We were surprised and delighted by snow the week of Thanksgiving!  The kids had 2 and half 'snow days' and only went to school for a few hours on Monday before the rest of the week was cancelled.  We soaked up the extra at-home time, watched movies, stayed in our pjs, and drank hot chocolate and home-made cider. 

 No hills in our yard, so the kids improvised. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

{Halloween Catch-up}

I am feeling behind in more ways than just blogging.  I was counting down the days to feeling better (usually right at the 16 week mark...which is today!) just to be thrown back into the nausea pit. 

I am back on the anti-nausea medication and

trying to count my blessings and

forcing myself to get some things done and

forgetting the fact I hoped to be feeling well by Thanksgiving. 

It is what it is. 

I am resolved by the fact that for me each pregnancy makes the nausea worse and last longer.
And, I wouldn't change a thing to be able to carry this little one inside.

Okay. Halloween.  Yes we survived it! We were so slammed the week of Halloween we actually carved our pumpkins in between Saturday soccer/errands and the church Halloween Party on Oct 30th...at least they were in tip top shape for Halloween night!

Carson did awesome on his all on his own (the middle).  Trevor carved the 'phantom' on the end.  And yours truly did the rest...I am the quick and master carver in the family.

And then tradition on Halloween to have my sister and her fam over for the night-time festivities!  My lovely sister came to my rescue by bringing a delicious dinner that the kids all filled up on before heading out trick or treating and gorging themselves on candy, candy, candy.  The kids LOVE being with their cousins!

Addy as our little Toy Story, Jessie!

And her side-kick, Woody.

I couldn't talk Carson into being Buzz Lightyear (gosh...how embarrassing mom!)...he went 'scary' this year.

 Ry is a little freaked out by Car. Is that really my big brother??

Sweet cousins Ry and Brynn.

 And all the kids. Paige had just woken up from a nap and was definitely not into picture time.  She warmed up after a few minutes and was her happy self!

 Full tummies with dinner. Now off to trek the neighborhood....and no rain....yay!

These two walked on their own this year (no wagon or stroller needed).  They made it half-way through the neighborhood in very happy moods. Ry couldn't stop saying "Trick or Treat!".

Always such a fun time so I couldn't pass up posting these pics even if it is way overdue!

Monday, November 08, 2010

{We are adding....}

 ...two more little feet to our family this Spring!
Carson, Ry, Addy....and ??

Yep...we're having baby #4!

The Details:

14 and a half weeks.
Due Date: May 7, 2011

I've been grateful:
  • For a husband who has picked up the slack at home while I am in misery.  Laundry, dishes, dinner, bedtime routine with kids, homework. I have truly been out of commission since a few days after the positive pregnancy test, and he has really come through and must be so ready to have me 'back in the game'.  Me too. Can't thank him enough for his patience, sympathy, and encouragement.
  • For a mom and a mother-in-law who have come to my rescue by cleaning, cooking, and helping with the kids.
  • For the new medication 'Zofran' that has prevented me from having a big weight loss in the first trimester.  Only down 5 pounds as compared to 10 with Rylan at the same point.
  • For friends and family who check in on me and encourage me.
  • For a doctor who got me in right away to rule out another ectopic pregnancy.
  • For 2 ultrasounds showing our little bean all in the right place!
  • For a due date in the Spring (a big change for me!)
  • For two kids who are elated, ecstatic, and full of questions about the little one growing inside.
  • For feeling a tad better this last week...and hopeful to be rid of this yucky, sicky stage by week 16.
  • For the amazing blessing of being able to carry baby #4 and add a little one to our home.

I feel like I have been hiding this little baby pretty well.  Here is a picture before church yesterday.  Definitely a baby bump there! Trev said it is hard to see...but hey, I did my hair, make-up, AND got in a skirt...so I am going with this shot.  Although, at night in my yoga pants it is MUCH more obvious!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

{Every once in a while...}

...you get a great picture of all three kids at once! 

This is a small miracle.  And you moms out there with 3 or more kids know what I am talking about!!

We love the fall and the amazing weather of the last few days...in November none the less!

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