Monday, November 08, 2010

{We are adding....}

 ...two more little feet to our family this Spring!
Carson, Ry, Addy....and ??

Yep...we're having baby #4!

The Details:

14 and a half weeks.
Due Date: May 7, 2011

I've been grateful:
  • For a husband who has picked up the slack at home while I am in misery.  Laundry, dishes, dinner, bedtime routine with kids, homework. I have truly been out of commission since a few days after the positive pregnancy test, and he has really come through and must be so ready to have me 'back in the game'.  Me too. Can't thank him enough for his patience, sympathy, and encouragement.
  • For a mom and a mother-in-law who have come to my rescue by cleaning, cooking, and helping with the kids.
  • For the new medication 'Zofran' that has prevented me from having a big weight loss in the first trimester.  Only down 5 pounds as compared to 10 with Rylan at the same point.
  • For friends and family who check in on me and encourage me.
  • For a doctor who got me in right away to rule out another ectopic pregnancy.
  • For 2 ultrasounds showing our little bean all in the right place!
  • For a due date in the Spring (a big change for me!)
  • For two kids who are elated, ecstatic, and full of questions about the little one growing inside.
  • For feeling a tad better this last week...and hopeful to be rid of this yucky, sicky stage by week 16.
  • For the amazing blessing of being able to carry baby #4 and add a little one to our home.

I feel like I have been hiding this little baby pretty well.  Here is a picture before church yesterday.  Definitely a baby bump there! Trev said it is hard to see...but hey, I did my hair, make-up, AND got in a I am going with this shot.  Although, at night in my yoga pants it is MUCH more obvious!


Hilary 2:19 PM  

Congrats Rochelle!

Camille 2:47 PM  

Congrats! You're on the out and looking so freakin' tiny...I hardly call that a bump! So excited for #4!

The Mendes Family 2:49 PM  

Yay! Congrats to you and to Reese! I'm so glad you are feeling better, I was sick in bed the entire month of July! Hang in there and I'm glad that Trevor is able to help out so much. Your bump is adorable!

Tim and Lisa 3:34 PM  

I was so excited when Allyssa came home yesterday and told us that you outed yourself. I am so happy for you and your growing family. And for a bump, I still look more pregnant that you and I am not pregnant. You look great!

Judy Smith 5:14 PM  

Yeah -- what a cute family you have and it is wonderful that we get one more special person added to your group. Hang in there Rochelle, the yucky time is almost over! I'm so glad Trevor has been such a team player--makes me proud of my son.

Andee (+ Kelly) 5:49 PM  

Congrats!!! I'm so excited for you guys and that you'll still be able to make PV in July!! Sending love your way!

Jen I 5:58 PM  

Aw!!! That's so fun. (And crazy, just like us :) Have you talked to Brooke lately? I think it's so fun having babies around the same time as your friends!

Our family 7:10 PM  

Yay! Congrats! I don't know where you're hiding that munchkin, but you look great!

Tiffanie N. 7:13 PM  

Congratulations you guys!!

Carmen Goetschius 9:03 PM  

Congratulations, dear friend. You look beautiful in this picture! So stylish! BUT... post one of you in the yoga pants too!!! Hang in there! Sickness will soon be over.

Onjali P. 10:10 PM  

We are so excited for you guys! I love the feet picture!

Kris and Cath 10:32 PM  

Congrats chelle! I am so excited for you! Love you and your family.

Rachelle 2:09 AM  

I am so happy for you guys! You and Trevor make gorgeous children, I can't wait to see baby #4:)

Kimberly 6:01 AM  

Congratulations, so fun for your family to all be adding babies!

The Spendloves 8:37 AM  

Yeah!!!! Congrats and I had no idea you got so sick when you're pregnant. No, you of all people should not be losing weight when you're pregnant.

And Jen alluded to it, I'm due April 23rd.

manders 10:48 AM  

Wow! Another one to add to the Dalley fam how fun... So excited for you. You look way too cute and so fun to have cousins so close in age. Hope the sickness gets better

Reese 12:48 PM  

Yay for the announcement! We are excited for those TWO new feet! Yes, I LOVE being pregnant with you, but I HATE always being bigger than you! I'm a balloon next to that tiny belly of yours!! LOL

Crossing fingers to be feeling truly yourself soon....that Diet Coke HAS to be right around the corner...

SuburbiaMom 1:55 PM  

Babies, babies everywhere! We are due on April 15. My ultrasound is this week, not finding out what we're having though!

Congratulations and hope you are feeling well soon!

Kareena 2:05 PM  

Congratulations. I hope you start feeling better soon. I was always sick until at least week 20.

rick and cheryl 3:15 PM  

Yay! Congrats! We hope all continues to go well with the pregnancy!

The Rider Family 8:41 AM  

Congrats Rochelle that is so exciting and for you and Charise to be not htat far apart how fun! you are so dang cute prego!! I love seeing your blog and your cute family congrats again and hope the sickness goes away soon!!

Tyler 1:57 PM  

I thought i had already posted on this! Congratulations! I am so happy to hear there will be another little one in your family! It is so exciting to watch your family grow!

Karen 11:28 AM  

yahoo!!! how fun, i am so excited for you and glad that things are going well. i know i still need to call you back... i will!!!

love, karen

Bringhurst Family 12:42 PM  

YAY for 4!!!!!

Amy Hoppie 7:02 PM  

Yeah! Another Pettingill in the world! Congratulations. You can make fun to be preggars but sooooooo fun to have a new baby, it's all worth it in the end! By the way...your 'baby bump' is smaller than most Momma's regular're too cute.

Dan and Anne 5:28 AM  

How did I miss this one?!!! (wait our internet has been out off and on for weeks!) sorry to miss it but we're so excited! Congrats!

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