Thursday, December 02, 2010

{Boy or Girl???}

Nope...not an announcement yet.  We don't find out until a week from Friday.  But I am putting up a little poll at the bottom of my blog if you want to vote!  And/or leave me a comment of what you think!

Some thoughts:

-I have definitely been sicker this pregnancy.  But I don't know if that means girl vs. boy because I think each pregnancy has made the sickness worse and longer.
-I feel about the same 'size' as with Rylan at this time.
-I am not feeling the baby as much as I did with Ry at this time.  Makes me a tad paranoid, but not my doctor who says not to worry about that for another month.  But baby must not be as active as Rylan was and it is too long ago for me to remember how it was with Addy or Carson.
-I didn't lose as much weight as I did with Rylan during the first trimester.  I am up from where I was with him at the same time (which is still below my starting point....thanks to all the nausea!)
-Other than that...I haven't really felt 'different' than I did with Ry, Carson, or Addy. 

Family votes:

Carson-Boy (he always says "I want it to be a girl, but I think it is boy!")
Rylan-Girl (he really has no clue what is going on, but if you ask him...and I have, multiple times in multiple ways, he always says 'girl')

Me---I hate to even guess because I am 0 for 3 so far with the first three. So much for my intuition. 

Do I want a boy? Yes!!  Ry and baby #4 will be the closest in age of all my kids.  I love the thought of two little boys at the end of our family. Especially since there is such a big gap between big brother Carson and Ry...and then a 4 year gap between Addy and Ry.  Even though I love all things girly, having Ry around has reminded me of why I just LOVE little boys.  Nothing sweeter than a momma with her boys.  And I love the larger than life personality with the lack of emotional chaos.  There really is just a calmness about my boys compared to the whiny, stubborn, squealing, high intensity girl in our house.  And there is also nothing more sweet to watch than my husband with his boys.  There is this 'manly' connection even at a young age with sports, activities, scouts, dirt, yard work, father/son campouts, pinewood derbys, the priesthood, learning to pee standing up, and shoot a know, all that jazz boys and dads love to do together and that dads love to impart to their sons.  Boys are fun! And I keep reminding Addy, even if she doesn't get a sister, there will be some major perks to being the only girl in the family.

But do I want a girl?  Absolutely!!  Being so type A, 2 girls and 2 boys just sounds nice and rounded.  I would love to do the girly thing again and use all those cute dresses and bows that Addy only wore once. I mean, come on, girls are way more fun to dress, right?!  Having 3 sisters myself, I really would love for Addy to have a sister too.  Having a girl might solve a bedroom crisis and create a playroom in our house. So that is a bonus!  Girls (or at least my girl) has been way more interested in the things I, cooking, decorating. Addy will ''ooh'' and ''ahh'' over things with me, and I love that about girls.  I love being the mom who can paint nails, go shoe shopping, bake cookies, and curl hair together with her daughter.  And, I love the daddy/daughter relationship that Trevor has with Addy too.  His little princess and a major protector.  Dads are so sweet and tender with girls.  Girls are so fun!

For the record, I think baby #4 is a 'he'.  Having one girl already takes the pressure off because we have been blessed to enjoy both genders already. I am so grateful for that.

Above all, we are just praying for a healthy baby and counting our blessings and being grateful for the opportunity to bring another life into this world.  There was a time when I was worried our family might have been complete after Addy.  But we were so elated to add Rylan to our family!  And now to be pregnant again is such a blessing!!

It won't matter.  Whatever baby #4 is will come to a house full of love and open arms. We already know this baby is meant for our family, boy or girl.  And we tend to think the man upstairs knows what we need.   


Reese 8:13 PM  

Hmmm...I'm not sure! Do I say "girl" so that MY little one will have a built-in BFF??...or "boy" because I totally agree it would be awesome for Ry to have a brother close...and for Addy to be the only girl and get all the perks!?? I'm torn. I love your's so true. All of it. Maybe you should just keep going after #4...

But if I MUST guess...I'm thinkin' it's a BOY!

The girls are in bed, but I will poll them and add their votes later. Can't wait to find out either way!!!!

Carmen Goetschius 9:11 PM  

So excited for you! I am with Reese! I think it is a boy!

Camille 9:07 AM  

I'm challenging! I'm thinking GIRL! Can't wait to find out either way. I asked Graham and he said "no" to both boy and you might be having an alien! :) Challenging to talk to a 21 month old who says no to everything!

Our family 9:31 AM  

I'm voting girl, just because misery loves company. Yes girls They really are, but I'd love to have a whole troop of boys, myself.

Dan and Anne 10:48 AM  

I think it's a boy but I secretly want it to be a girl. this baby will be closest to baby elle and it would be so fun to have two little girls under a year apart! I will be so excited if it is a boy too. You guys just make the cutest kids so I can't help but love them!

Reese 4:29 PM  

Paige votes boy
Brynn votes girl

Hilary 8:46 PM  

I was always wrong, I just hoped really hard on #3... :D
Good luck I hate ulrasounds. Too much pressure for me. :)

Onjali P. 9:47 PM  

I vote girl

Jen I 12:46 PM  

I will say girl just for the sheer fact that you make such pretty girls. :) I keep thinking this baby is less of a mover too...I'm hoping that means a more mellow child.... :) I knew one of the twins was going to be my bigger trouble maker before he even came out. Let's just hope it means a calm personality!

Aim 7:30 AM  

I say girl definately, your family just seems like it is the perfect canidate for boy, girl, boy, girl!

I am 99.9999% pretty sure about this! Can't wait for the big announcement!


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