Tuesday, December 07, 2010

{Thanksgiving Memories}

Warning: Slightly sappy post ahead.

For the first time in 4 years we weren't at home for Thanksgiving.  It isn't my favorite time of year to travel...but we had great incentive this time: Trevor's Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary: Jack & Melva Hill

The celebration was in Boise...and we really debated about driving at all after the snow came in the week of Thanksgiving.  But after double and triple checking the forecasts, getting new tires and chains on the jeep, we decided to go ahead with our plans.  And so glad we did!

Trevor's mom and aunt put together a really fun party! It was fun to see some of his cousins (and their kids) that we haven't seen in a long, long time.  And such a treat to learn more about Trevor's grandparents too.  The sweetest couple ever.  Trevor's grandmother isn't actually a blood line relation. His blood line grandmother left the family of 4 little kids and husband when Trevor's mom was just 8 years old.  Less than a year later, Melva agreed to marry his grandfather (before even meeting the 4 kids!).  She raised that whole family (adding two more children in later years) and you would never know any different.  Remarkable.

It is wonderful to have a husband that comes from such great heritage!  What an example his grandparents are...such sacrifices they both made in their lifetimes for their families.  His grandfather served in the Navy during World War II.  Also served a LDS mission. Worked for various power companies for 40 years, often working swing/extra shifts to make ends meet. Served as bishop and both served as temple workers.  You just truly could not meet a more dedicated and loving couple.  They still hold hands and we even listened to 'their song'.  So sweet.  I am grateful for the example Grandpa Hill set by helping my husband during his younger years, after his own parents were divorced.  His grandpa took him and his siblings on campouts, to priesthood sessions, helped him learn how to fish, all while imparting valuable advice my husband still can recall today.

One of Trevor's cousins put together a book with memories submitted by their children and most of their grandchildren.  So incredible to read the impact they have had on so many! When you count the vastness of their posterity, it really is amazing!  We are definitely indebted to our grandparents and what they have and continue to provide for their posterity. We truly wouldn't be here without them! 

Even though we don't see them often, you can't help but just feel the love they have for their grandchildren and great grandchildren. They wish so badly they could be closer, more in touch, and healthier to travel.  Family is everything to them.  They fervently pray for all of them. It shows.  

Side note: I realize I am sappy-ier and more emotional than normal.  I am blaming the pregnancy and the ability to tear up at the slightest notion of sweetness.  Like this picture below...my own kids with their great-grandparents. Such a treat! 

Aunt Linda had a lot of games and activities for the kids!

I restored this picture of Trevor, as a baby, with his Grandfather Hill.

The next day all the Hill cousins gathered at the Jump Zone.  I was not too coherent because of the Black Friday wake-up call at 4:45am...and no time to rest in between.  But the kids loved it!

And we couldn't go all the way to Boise and not head the extra 2 hours south to see Trevor's other set of Grandparents in Burley and his Dad in Twin Falls.  It was a major family weekend. 

Grandma Pettingill's health hasn't been good for years, and we treasure the times we are able to spend with both of them! She was in great spirits and looked terrific!  She wants to hug and hold those little ones so tight!  Trevor even convinced his Grandpa to make his famous pancakes while we were there (while he took notes in hope to duplicate "a dash here of that" and "a little more than a cup of that" and "and overflowing tablespoon of this").  We'll see how that goes. 

I could share an equal amount of amazing attributes about this couple as well.  Again, another amazing example of 55+ years of marriage, dedication, sacrifice, and love, love, love for their posterity. 

And thanks to Trevor's dad and Teresa for letting us stay with them for 2 nights and even convincing them to go to Cafe Rio! 

Oh and we couldn't leave Twin Falls without a picture of Addy on 'Addison Ave'...even in the freezing cold and wind!!

I may or may not have grumbled slightly about the drive.  But looking back now it was so worth it.  Worth it to carve out the time to let his grandparents know we care, to say thanks and we love you, and to show our own little ones what a great family they come from!


Carmen Goetschius 7:28 AM  

Shelly, this is such a beautiful post. Now, I don't have pregnancy as an excuse, but I was choked up as I read these words! What a magnificent example all of these grandparents have set! I love the pic you restored. We have much to be grateful for. I am thankful for YOUR family today. xoxo

Aim 7:44 AM  

Sweet Shell, loved this. And that picture of Ad's at the end chilled me to the bone. I don't miss that cold wind. Love you!

Tyler 10:47 AM  

Great Pictures! Wish I could have been at all of those events, but thanks so much for sharing the photos so I could see how fun it was! Can't wait to see all of you, and thanks for your text Rochelle!

Amy Hoppie 11:32 AM  

Such a sweet post. A beautiful family...all generations!

Camille 12:20 PM  

You guys sure crammed it in! Still can't believe you got up early on Black Friday and didn't get a nap in! You're crazy!

Judy Smith 7:41 PM  

This is really special--I am going to make sure that Mom & Dad see it! Thanks Rochelle!

Becca, Bryce, Ty and Caden 8:41 PM  

I'm so glad you guys had a great time! Sound like the drive was worth it. P.S. Love your hair Rochelle - did you cut it?

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