Saturday, January 29, 2011

{Girls Weekend in San Diego}

My mom channels some serious awesome-ness on a regular basis.  But she came through extra big time this month!! She treated me, my three sisters and my sister-in-law to a girls weekend in San Diego last weekend.  Our first trip together...just girls!  We have talked about doing it for awhile and what better time to head for the sun??  It was an awesome retreat after the chaos of Christmas/New Years...and so nice to sneak away from the the kids too. I mean, I love them and all, but a few days away does a momma good!

We loved our adjoining hotel rooms, oohing and ahhing over the two newborns in tow, staying up late, getting up early, shopping, eating out, movies, the SUN...ah, heaven.

We took every advantage to sit in the sun...being in 70 degrees felt like a heat wave compared to Seattle.

Mill and I split the crab pot at Joe's Crab shack. Delish.
So nice to have the trolley right outside our hotel. 

A day visit to Old Town and the Mormon Battalion.
 The only shot of all us together since one of us was usually taking the pictures!

 Beck and I relaxing at the Mormon Battalion. 
Pedicures and manicures for my sister's 30th birthday! Happy Birthday fun we all got to celebrate with you!

A day at the pool.  70ish degree weather was plenty warm to lay in the favorite thing to do even with that growing belly!

A quick visit with my friend, Jen, from college days at fun to catch up with her!

Admiring our tropical surroundings and figuring out why people will pay the highest combined tax rates in the nation to live here!

Soaking in these two newborns.  So fun to be the auntie.  They are the sweetest!

It was a blast.  One of those trips where being back in reality hits so hard!  All the kudos to my Mom for making it happen.  We all can't ever seem to get enough 'Mom' time. Love you mom! And a shout out to my Dad too...after all he paid for it, and we didn't even get to see him...thanks Dad! Such a treat! And thanks to the hubster for taking a day off work and the weekend to be Mr. Mom (and being so happy to do it!) and my sweet friends for taking the kids on one day too.  I feel rejuvenated, yet ready to go again already. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

{2011 is here!}

We rang in the New Year with the Dalleys in Vancouver! The kids were pretty pumped to spend some time with their cousins!!  Becca's sister, Laura, was there too with her sweet baby girl. 

We celebrated an unofficial New Year at about 9:00pm for the kiddos.  We had some poppers and prizes and of course the countdown!  They were pretty pumped! 


Bryce insisted on travelling to Portland for some yummy take out Italian food. It was delish!  The adults played some PS3, watched football (this seemed to last the entire weekend!), and had fun laughing at You Tube videos and Ryan Seacrest on TV.  We waited out the official New Year, welcomed it with a kiss and fireworks (Bryce's neighbors are seriously hard core!)....all while feeling so blessed to be together as a family, healthy and happy!!

Each year has its challenges, but we were blessed with a truly great 2010 even amid the trials.  The year is what you make of it given your circumstances...and we try to make the most of it because each day is blessing!  Here's to a fantastic 2011!  A lot in store...a new baby, maybe a new house (our current one goes on the market on Monday!), growing the business, family vacations, holidays, birthdays.  We can't wait!

We were so glad to be with my brother and his fam on New Years weekend because it was a special Sunday for their new baby boy, Jett.....his baby blessing! He looked as sweet as can be!  And as a bonus, Laura's daughter was also blessed.  Twin sisters blessing their babies on the same day.  It was really awesome!  Bryce blessed both babies and did a great job.

Family and friends at the church.
 And the cute sisters with their babies!

I took some photos of these sweet little ones ... they are over on my photography blog.  I was having fun with my new camera and these amazing little subjects!

The New Year festivities didn't die down after that.  We headed back home on Sunday and then were re-joined by Tyler and Grandma Judy for a few days before they had flights out of Seattle (to Florida and Hawaii we stayed in here in sunny Seattle...doesn't seem quite fair!) It was great having them here for a few more days.

And the day before Grandma Judy left, my mom came to stay for a few days after she drove my sister back to Seattle earlier in the week.  We have been really missing the Dalley crew over the her visit was just in time.  And as a bonus, she brought her dog, Ellie!!  The kids couldn't have been more excited! 

Major thanks to my mom for helping me with a lot of to-do's...she painted baseboards, helped me decorate the top of my kitchen cabinets, went maternity shopping with me, and stayed up late watching TV and movies with me when I am usually on my own.  We loved having her here!!

2011 ...welcome!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

{Christmas Day!}

Christmas morning...always exciting especially for these three:

And the 3 kidlets gave us an early present by not waking up until 8:30am when we told them to wait until at least 7:00am.   I guess they were just sound asleep dreaming!

Big items for Addy was the baby play set and the pink computer.  This computer seems kind of lame but actually is 100% education and learning focused. I would have preferred another 'learning system' but hey, I am not six, it won't be the first time I don't know what the 'cool' thing is, and I didn't ask Santa for it 3 times! She was happy!

 Ry was happy with every single thing he opened. We really took our time...rotating opening gifts, Ooohing and Ahhing, opening the packages, putting in batteries, and enjoying the fun before moving on to the next thing.  Ry was so cute this Christmas...this might be my favorite age for Christmas...he just loved all his presents even the cute little jeans he got. He wanted to try them on right then and there.
 But his favorite was probably these 'Hex Bugs' and track.  He loves these little things!

Carson was pumped up about his new camera and remote control helicopter and new Wii games (Just Dance 2 is so fun!) He started a blog to post his pictures (how cute is that!?)  You can check it out here.

And here he is checking out the new blog book I had printed of our family blog. It turned out so cool!

And Uncle Tyler had a lot of gifts under the tree from the kids and Santa too.  The kids couldn't wait to watch him open the presents they picked out for him at the holiday store at school.
Trevor has been wanting this painting for awhile....I love it too.

And my new baby (and not the one in utero).  Pretty pumped about it.  I did not dress up for Christmas morning, this shot was taken before church the next day when I realized I didn't have a picture of my sweet gift from the hubster.

The morning festivities of opening presents lasted until lunch time.  We had such a fun time together.  A wonderfully blessed and happy Christmas.  Later in the day Trevor's mom and stepdad joined us for the Christmas feast (no pictures!).  Turkey for the girls (me and Addy), Honeybaked ham for the boys (Trevor and Carson)...we couldn't agree so we had both! It was delish!! 

And what Christmas would be complete without the piles of trash and recycling??  At about 9pm Christmas night I realized the diamond out of my wedding ring was missing.  Seriously.  It seemed hopeless to even look considering we had been breaking down boxes, making dinner, doing dishes and playing all around the house.  We went on a family diamond hunt with flash lights and crawled around on our hands and knees for a couple hours with no luck.  Then I went to move more boxes to the recycling and there it was on the the same spot Trevor had already looked.  Amazing!! 

And then some cute pictures the next day before church.  Our last Sunday before we moved to 9am!!

Everyone looking at Grandma's camera!!

 How cute is this little boy? Man, I love him to pieces.

I'm always sad to take Christmas down.  We got our completely dead tree out of the house and all the Christmas decor loaded up in the kazillion boxes and put back in the garage until next year.  The season always seems too short, doesn't it?  The house seems so bare now. We loved the activities, the family, the Christmas cards, the food, the friendships, and managed the chaos and stress because it is such a fun time of year.  What a wonderful holiday it has been!!
Now to plan something exciting to help us get through winter!!

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