Sunday, March 20, 2011

{Basketball Baby!}

Yes, a lot of basketball watching going on right now...March Madness and all.  And I think I have a little crush on Jimmer.  And I'm pretty sure Trevor does too.  My bracket is suffering, but it's been fun.

But I am talking about this basketball ... er, uh...belly:

This is me 33 weeks.  And the baby bump is sticking straight out!!  I so don't remember carrying the others this way.  Baby boy is up really high and just right there: all in front and no where else.  I am measuring right on just FUNNY to me.  I think the bump is sticking out more than it will in the coming weeks as the baby will eventually 'drop'....right?  Please tell me this is true.  I mean I had someone tell me at church it looks like I am about to topple over. I am pretty sure that isn't a compliment. 

But just wanted to document my hugeness before it gets embarrassing.

I am also getting sentimental about this little guy no longer being the baby in the family.   Can't believe he is going to be the BIG brother soon.   He's in for a big change and it makes me sad.  We love him as the baby in the family! And even though we are thrilled for the baby to come...the changes are hard too...especially when you are two.


SuburbiaMom 11:28 AM  

At least that's the only place you're big--that baby weight will all come off at delivery! :)

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