Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{Easter Wrap-Up}

I am finishing up Easter in hopes that we have baby news to report soon! 

Update:  At my appointment yesterday I was 5cm dilated. Still not in labor.  My doctor doesn't want to induce before I am exactly 39 weeks ...which is Saturday...which means we couldn't schedule the induction until Monday.  Boo!  I have never gone into labor on my own...but waiting until Monday will be the latest I have gone in all 4 you never know, right?! I am just nervous about my water breaking while I am at home by myself...b/c if so...that baby is coming in about 30 minutes (my labor goes really fast once my water breaks) and I'll be calling 911, I think.  But apparently it isn't enough of a reason to induce one day shy of 39 weeks (I was really hoping for Friday). Oh well, I'll make it to Monday and my mom is coming to distract me on Thursday and staying for as long as we can keep her! I can't complain knowing I won't even reach my due date...but when you have this much progress (5cm!!) is hard not to just head to the hospital!

Easter Sunday was great!  We didn't have church until 1:30, so it was nice to enjoy the morning with the kids without rushing to get ready.

They found their trails to their Easter baskets: yarn from their bedrooms wound around the house and leading to their baskets (no pictures of that his year...but the kids thought it was fun.  However, the Easter bunny needs to make it a bit more challenging for the older two next year).  They hunted for eggs in usual fashion.  And loved their Easter basket goodies (very low-key...bubbles, toothbrushes, small toy, and an Easter outfit). 

Don't mind the socks in Addy's hair....easiest way to make it all curly for Sunday church. 

Addy and Ry loved wearing their new shoes around with their PJs.
More candy??
We read the final scripture in our 'Easter' cookie recipe that we started the night before.  This is a great tradition found here.  Trying our best to really focus on the Savior in the middle of eggs, candy, and Easter baskets. 
A yummy breakfast.
And a few Easter dressy pictures before church. 

We finished the day with yummy ham, homemade rolls, potatoes, fruit salad, veggies, and was delish!  And it felt good to really prepare a nice meal (I haven't been an active dinner-preparer lately...let's just say the kids are sick of french toast and/or cereal for dinner!) 

Loved Easter!  It has been a good distraction from being 9 months pregnant! 
Hopefully baby news is up next!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

{Gorgeous Saturday Easter Egg Hunt}

I think we had the best day for an Easter Egg hunt since we moved to the Northwest 7+ years ago. Saturday was an abnormally warm and sunny day....and it was fabulous!!!
We headed down to the neighborhood park where a local church was hosting a huge event!  They had 10,000 eggs!!   The kids were split into 3 different age groups and of course I ended up with 3 kids in all different most of the pictures are of Ry because I stayed with him.  Luckily we had Grandma Judy there to help and enjoy too!  She came to the rescue this week in case the baby needed to come early and we loved having her here!
Waiting for the whistle!  We were extra early....can't be even 2 minutes late to an Easter Egg hunt or there won't be anything left!  And notice the size of my kids' baskets.  I like small.  Small means less eggs, less candy, less sugar.  I won't indulge them with the 2 gallon baskets that some of the kids brought (and there were plenty of eggs to go around and fill up those baskets too!).  So I told them they could fill them as full as possible and that was it. And yah, they complained about the size compared to the 'other kids'...just like they do every year. 
 It was a little tough holding Ry back from the field of eggs in front of him!
 He was a pro this year!
 We stopped mid-way through the field for a snack or two.

 The church recycles the plastic here they are after they emptied out their candy. 

Such a fun activity, and we were back home less than 30 minutes from when we left. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

{Easter Eggs Dye}

We did our traditional Easter egg dyeing activity last Sunday.  We are trying to cram in all the Easter activities in case the baby comes early (more info below on that!).  We have a ton of traditions, but dyeing Easter eggs has to be at the top of the list.  So fun!

I bought two different kinds this year...  the regular dye and the 'glitter' pack.  Not sure what I was thinking with the glitter...but the kids had fun...and I am still finding glitter. 

 Getting all fancy with two colors...

 RyRy loved it!

 And trying to get a shot of all 3 kids was impossible.

Baby update:  Went to doc on Tuesday and baby was transverse (sideways).  We scheduled a 'version' to turn him around at the hospital this morning.  Lots of prayers and a blessing before hand...and when we got there this morning he was already head down! No need for the procedure.  Good job baby! Up to 4cm dilated now, so he could come anytime (yah, right).  But at least we don't need to schedule a C-section (kinda was terrified about that possibility)...and hoping the little guy stays head down until he is ready come!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

{Guess the Date/Weight}

I am 37 weeks today.   I figure if we are going to have a is the time!!  If you want in...leave me a comment, email or text. Prizes promised (but lower your expectations, ok?). 

A few notes:

Previous baby weights:  Carson (7 pounds, 1 ounce), Addison (6 pounds, 3 ounces), Ry (7 pounds, 3 ounces). 

Previous Birth dates: (Carson: 7 days early,  Addison: 5 days early, Rylan: 9 days early).

Actual Due Date for Baby #4:  May 7th.

This pregnancy notes:

  • Gained the least so far (go figure??  probably stress of moving!)
  • Belly measuring right on track...36 cm at my 36 week appointment.
  • As mentioned in previous post, 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced at 36 week appointment (exactly at the same point with Ry and Addy).
  • Almost called the doc last night after an hour of contractions about 5-6 minutes apart...not painful, just regular.  I start having contractions around the 30-32 week mark...just a ton of them all the time. Maybe 50 a day at this point.
  • Carrying baby #4 higher than the others.
  • More aches and pains this time around. Why the heck is my right ankle joint so sore, and my back, and my calves are seizing up??  It's not just the big belly this time..there are some serious weird pains.
  • Never gone into labor on my own.  Always put on pitocin.  Carson was induced because of my blood pressure (pre-eclampsia). Addy and Ry were induced b/c I was 6cm and not in labor yet.
Okay, so get in the game.  Guess the date and weight!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{36 weeks, 3 days}

Cell phone pic from this morning.
(Yes, that is actual sun coming in the windows here in the lovely PNW.)

Doctor appointment today. 
Stats:  3cm dilated, 75% effaced, baby at -3 station (high), head down.

Mean anything? No. 
I was exactly the same with Ry and Addy at 36 weeks. 
And then 4 cm at 37 weeks. 
I just don't go into labor on my own. 
My doctor will concede at about 39 weeks when I am 5+cm and still walking around...and set up an induction.  All my babies were about a week early.
So, I am planning on that. 

And with this little guy, I am fine with him staying in and cooking!  I have too much to get done before he arrives.  And I know too much about the work ahead once he is here.  I still can't imagine towing a baby around with the other 3 kidlets.  I think I'll be at home more except for the essential activities (dance, scouts, piano, sports).  I am trying to be realistic that grocery shopping and errands are going to have to wait until Trevor is home from work or on the weekends.  I think that will be ok. 

The baby bedding came in the mail this week.  I tried really hard to re-use Rylan's crib bedding.  And then match some new twin bedding to it for Ry's big-boy bed (they are sharing a room). But I just couldn't find anything.  And in the end, it is really nice having new bedding for a new baby.  Especially baby #4 ... who gets a lot of re-used items to begin with :-)  I love how simple it is.  I don't know what it is about nursery bedding...but I just don't like most of what is available right now.  I can't see putting a precious newborn in a loud sports print or bedding with extra large monkeys or turtles...and heaven forbid some kind of character bedding.  Simple and sweet for this little guy.  (At least until he can actually ASK for SpongeBob light-up shoes...and even then I'll have to put my foot down.) 
And it is nice to have an almost-done room in the house.   Wish I had time to paint the room.  But the neutral color is fine for now.  Still some finishing touches to put up, but at least he has a new, clean bed if he comes early. 

All pics from my phone :) 

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

{We are in!}

We are officially in our new house!!  We took a week to move out of the old one and into the new one ... and I am not sure that was the easiest route.  It was tough living in 2 different places for a week.  Food and kitchen in the new house, but clothes and beds in the other house.  It was chaotic, stressful, and messy.  But we survived!!

We had some awesome help on Saturday to do the load up and unload...we felt so blessed by the wonderful friends and family who spent a bulk of their Saturday morning helping us...we can't thank them enough. 

We finished cleaning the old house on Sunday. I was pretty teary leaving the home for the last time. We said a family prayer together in the empty house, and I was pretty sentimental despite the kids whining and anxiousness to leave...I was trying to have a know??!   At the final moment, it was really hard to walk away! 

Our house the last 7 years:

The buy and sell paperwork was finally 'finalized'!  (i.e. the major money was spent!!).  It is a full time job to buy and sell a house at the same time!!

And one of the hardest part was saying good-bye to these amazing teachers from the kids' school.

Addy & Mrs. Hill
 Carson & Ms. Spiesman

And now that everything is moved in...I can take my time unpacking...but mostly I look around and see this:

Or in other words...TONS of work!!  But at least we can go at our own pace...except for the fact that I have a baby coming in a month...Need to get SOME kind of organization going before then.  And baby: You still can't come early.  Please.

Luckily we have had this sweet new niece to ooh and ahh over this last weekend. Finley is just 6 days old and is sweet as can be! So glad we are close enough to see her, snuggle her, and love on her when she is brand new!! She's a little clone of her sister, Paige!

So I may be off the grid for awhile as we unpack, get the kids started in the new school, rearrange our routine and settle into a new house ...trying to make it feel like home!  We just feel so blessed to be here!!

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