Saturday, May 14, 2011

{First 12 days & Mother's Day}

A sweet newborn...nothing like it!  We are just soaking Miles up every minute!!!  We love this little guy! 

It gives me a tad bit of anxiety to get behind on my blog...but I am also a little OCD about getting everything in chronological order.  And I know you all are waiting on pins and needles for Miles' birth story...right?  Well, I had the best idea ever to hire my friend and photography guru to take pictures at the hospital.  She was with us from the time we got to the hospital until about an hour after Miles' birth to take all the important shots and document the whole day ... so we didn't have to worry about it!  It was amazing.  And made the day so relaxing.  I hate passing up photo moments...and it is a little hard for me to do from the hospital bed or for me to give Trevor the tutorial on the camera settings.  So, she took care of all those precious moments. It was seriously the best idea ever.  But, I don't have the pictures back yet ... Being a new mom again, I'm a tad anxious, but know the hundreds of photos she took take time to weed through.  It will be worth the wait!

So, I am skipping ahead to the first week...but don't worry....I'll have a major, picture-filled post of all the details in the hospital...probably the day I get the cd from my friend :-)

My mom arrived to take care of us on Thursday before Miles was born that following Monday. We did some baby prep and she entertained the kids and cooked dinner...trying to keep my mind off being hugely prego.  She was great with the kids while we were in the hospital and took care of me once we got home. There is something just so nice about having your own mom to take care of you while you take care of your new baby. It is just as it should be.  I loved having her here for 2 weeks! The time flew by too quickly.  She knows just what to do.  And will stay up late and watch tv with me. 

The kids are loving the little guy.
Most surprising is how much Carson loves holding him.  He runs in from school to hold him...and often I find 2 hours have gone by and he is still snuggling him.  He is so, so sweet with him.
 How cute is this?
 Addy is a good little mother to her new baby brother.
And absent is a picture of Ry with the baby...probably because he doesn't hold him much.  But he does give him kisses and is very curious at feeding time!  What, mommy has milk in there???! And also note-worthy is how happy Ry is all the time.  He is excited about EVERYTHING from french fries, to trains, to movies, to Grandma...If we mention something like dinner, he'll say "I LOVE dinner!!" his raspy, boy voice. He has been a hoot these last few weeks with this happier personality ... and we love it!

We had tons of family in whole family actually!! They were all up for my niece's baby blessing and Miles' birth! It worked out great.

This was a frequent sight:
We had 4 babies born on my side of the family within the last 6 months.  (Yes, grandma has been busy!!). 

And here is a picture of all 4 of them (in birth order, left to right:  Claire, Jett, Finley, Miles). Isn't Finley adorable in her blessing outfit?

6 days after Miles was born was Finley's baby blessing.  Despite still recovering ...we didn't want to miss it!  It was a small miracle to have all FOUR of my kids ready and in the car at 8am on a Sunday!  Seriously, a miracle. 
The blessing was perfect and my sister did a great job hosting such a big group.  Everything was fantastic. Finley looked so sweet. And my entire family was together (minus one brother-in-law...we missed you BW).  Can't believe our family is this huge!  But what a treat to all be together.  
And on Mother's Day too.   
My parents and all my siblings. 
So great to be with my OWN mom on Mother's Day...that hasn't happened in a long time. 
She made us these cute amazing, huh?

And a cute picture of the future mothers...all the girl cousins in dresses my mom bought...they are adorable!

And how special to have a 6 day old baby of my very own to snuggle on Mother's Day.

Nothing makes you feel more blessed that looking into those eyes of a baby straight from heaven.  Even being baby #4, this never gets old.  You never get used to it.  A newborn will still take your breath away.

Which is why I. can't. stop. taking. pictures.  I am trying to capture every second.  I almost shed a tear when his umbilical cord fell off on sad to see him growing already. Thanks to my sister who helped me pose Miles for these photos.  It is a two person job for sure!

It has been a busy week and half. Lots of visitors (we love having company!), projects, doctor appointments, and the normal routines of school drop-offs, homework, piano, housework (ALL of which my mom has handled...and I am trying to figure out how I will do it on my own on Monday!). But amidst it all, I find myself constantly grateful for this little life that has been added to our family. It is a tremendous blessing.  And at the same time I can't quite wrap my brain around the fact that I have 4 kids. 

Loves these kidlets to pieces. 


N. Tipps 8:47 PM  

I love this entire post. The pictures are beautiful and of course the subjects are as well. Congratulations on everything!

Erica 11:28 PM  

CUTE post!! I love all the pictures and stories. I'm sure it was great having the whole family together on Mother's Day.(Sans BW) WHOA the Dalley family is huge! :) I'm anxiously awaiting the birth story & hospital photos!

*And I'm so happy when I read how lucky you feel being a mom. Having a new born is hard work and exhausting I'm sure. But there are many who complain about late night feedings, colic babies and all the chaos. When they don't realize that there are women who would give ANYTHING to have to deal with all that. Seeing your pictures and reading about your love and excitement for this little addition just warms my heart. You're such a great mom Shell!! I just love reading your blog - thank you for sharing and congratulations. You have a beautiful family!!!

Dan and Anne 12:25 PM  

great post! I love hearing about little Miles and the kids loving on him. I can't wait to see him in a few months!

Reese 12:57 PM  

Wonderful photos! Wonderful events. I agree wholeheartedly with it never getting old. What a sweet little boy and he is well-loved by his sibs! Hang in there this will figure it always do. You are SUPER mom!!!

SuburbiaMom 5:22 PM  

Wonderful pictures!!! He looks so much like your oldest--amazing! Congrats again!

Stephanie 10:59 PM  

Hello. YOur baby is beautiful! Sorry if I am catching you off gaurd, but I am an old friend of your sister-in-law, Mindy. I have been searching for her and just found her blog. I saw your link, which is much more recent than hers and am hoping you would be so kind as to let her know that I am searching for her and to check her blog for my info. My name is Stephanie (Alexander) Bills. I've actually met you a few times while Mindy and I were roomates in Provo. Best wished with your new beautiful baby boy! Thank you.

Camille 8:53 PM  

Shell the pictures are awesome! They change too fast (I was just whispering to Claire last night, please don't grow up. Will you stay a baby forever??) We sure miss you's just too quiet and boring over here I guess!!

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