Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{End of School Year & Father's Day}

We survived the end of school year chaos.  It actually wasn't too bad.  I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a program or any final send-off for the kids.  It has been hard to switch schools just 2 months before the end of the year. We haven't been in the loop and just feel a bit out of sync with teachers, parents, schedules, curriculum, etc. 

But we managed to put together a little gift for their teachers (courtesy of a link on pinterest). 

And this little girl graduated from Kindergarten.  (What?!)

And we celebrated the end of the school year (and the end of driving to school 3 times a day for me!) with our traditional slurpee run.
And yes, all 3 kids are getting hair cuts.  Give me a break, I have a colicky newborn remember?!

And the kids had fun making some goodies for dad on Father's Day.  They worked for days on homemade cards and presents.  Sadly, I never took any pictures with the guest of honor!  But I think he felt treated.  The kids are pretty darn lucky to have a dad that loves them so much. He's the fun one...and the more patient one.  And is so good to carve out time for each one of them.  He rarely takes a second for himself anymore.  When I am ready to lock myself in a room after the end of the day, he's the one to read bedtime stories, play games, open the scriptures, brush teeth, and have tickle contests.  So grateful to have a husband who balances me out and can step in and take over when things are crazy.  Not to mention that he has long days every day too. He sacrifices sleep and his own hobbies to spend time with these littles.

And one last photo of my favorite piece of art right now.
By Addy.
She drives me bonkers with the mess she can create in about 5 minutes, but I guess that is what it takes to create a masterpiece like this.

Monday, June 27, 2011

{Dance Recital 2011}

Addy's recital was at the beginning of June.  She loves dance but it was tough getting her to go to class the last couple months.  But, she hung in there because the recital in the big theater is the best part! She's all about the final performance (not so much about the practice). This year she had two dances: Ballet and Tap.
Her ballet dance was part of the the 'Alice in Wonderland' theme and they danced the Tea Cup scene.  So cute.  The tap dance was to the classic 80s song; "Let's Here it for the Boy!".  She loved it.

She was quite the little leader in her class being one of the oldest in the age 4-6 class.  It was our last chance to do a morning class (because she had PM Kindergarten)...and I'm going to miss that! 

Loved her costume this year!

Here she is with her best friend from class, Chanel. These two are so cute!

Flowers from dad.

Hugs from mom.

So fun to have Grandma there too!  She was a huge (I mean gi-normous!) help to me that day with Miles.  Addy's dress rehearsal was the morning of the recital. So we were there from 9am to 5pm.  She was so good with Miles so I could help Addy.  It was a long day, and I couldn't have done it without her! Thank you so much for coming and for letting me put you on baby duty too!  Grandmas are the best!

We love our girly girl! 

Monday, June 20, 2011


My kids have been driving me crazy.  Well, mostly Ry.  He is into everything! You can't take your eyes off that kid or he has markers out, pasta noodles all over the counter, dipped fingers in all the frosted cupcakes, dead flies in hand, putting my make-up brushes in the toilet, climbing on top of the get the idea.  The kid is a handful right now, which is why throwing in a new house and a new baby = craziness.  The transition to 4 kids has been hard, hard, hard...and I really think it isn't about the number 4 but just the fact that I also have a 2 and a half year old!  And that kid is Rylan.  Throw in the fighting between my older two, a colicky baby, being self-employed, and end of school year garb, it's been pretty tough around here. Not gonna lie.  I feel like I am saying no all day long. 

But even though Ry gets in so much trouble, he will melt your heart in an instant. Little boys lovin on their mommy is the sweetest. If I stub my toe he is the first one to say "You otay mommy?" or he'll come up to me at my desk and say "Guess What? I love you!". I think his spunky personality will serve him so well in his life (if we both survive toddler-hood). 

And then I saw my kids on the couch like this.

And then earlier in the week I found Carson reading to Miles like this. 

And I got a picture of this sweet face in a rare, happy moment.

And even a rainbow out my kitchen window while I was doing two days worth of dishes.

I think sometimes my blog comes across as..."Wow! Look at how happy they all are...doing fun activities, and loving each other all the time!"  Reality is the stress-level can be high.  BUT, I am trying to cherish the small moments of peace.  Because even though it's not all roses, it's not all thorns either. 

{Miles Birth Announcement}

Official birth announcement crossed off the to-do list!  Manged to get this designed and out to family members last week. With facebook and the blog, I feel like everyone already KNOWS about Miles' birth.  But, I had to have the announcement for his baby book to give him the same attention as the other 3 kidlets.  And, it's nice to have something to stick on the fridge, right? 

I can't believe how much he has changed since this picture (taken about a week old). 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

{Into the Woods}

First camping trip of the season!  We booked a site at Alder Lake (about 40 min away) 2 weeks in advance, and we were lucky to find a spot.  At the time the weather was iffy, but 2 days out the forecast was fantastic. It was a beautiful weekend.  You never know what the June weather will bring in the great PNW.  So far it's been a mixed bag of sunny days and rainy/cold days.  But we lucked out for a fantastic weekend! We convinced our friends, the Bennetts, to join us because we love their company. Hopefully our rowdy crew didn't bother them too badly! 

Plenty of campfire time.

A little hike to the dam.

Tia's beautiful plant creations!  She was our resident Botany expert.

Fun afternoon in the water.

A couple games.

Some reading. (this lasted about 5 minutes..camping isn't relaxing for moms I've decided).

Saying "Where's Ry?" about a thousand times. 
Check out the Bennett's cool tent that goes over their truck bed. It was sweet!

And the only calm time: When Ry was watching 'Spicable Me' (Despicable Me).

And loving our gorgeous scenery and the great outdoors just a few miles from our house. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

{Miles: One Month}

Miles turned one month old on June 2nd.  Crazy how that time seems to fly by and the 9th month of pregnancy goes by at a snail's pace. 

The little guy is getting so big!

Weight - 10 pounds  (50%)
Height - 22.25 inches long (75%)
Head - 14.5 inches (25%)

Tall with small (and bald) head.

I can't believe he has gained over 2 pounds already! The doctor was really happy with his weight gain considering his reflux.  He has gained more weight then most babies in his first 4 weeks of life.

I am constantly asking him "Where did you come from?"  He just doesn't look like my other babies. Although my mom sees more of Addy in him than the boys.  But he has his own look for sure. 

His reflux is still hard.  Really hard.  He barely finishes his last gulp before it starts coming up.  I have learned to have my entire lap covered before I even start feeding him...because it will come up.  Every feeding. Every time.  He is unhappy and fussy after eating (it is so sad!) ... you can tell he is just uncomfortable. He'll get a couple good burps, but it takes about 30 min or more for his stomach to settle. Oddly he does great at night (thank heavens)...he eats and falls right to sleep.  I don't know why we can't get that to work during the day.

All the crying has caused an umbilical hernia. Poor guy! Ry had one and it just went away after a few weeks. Hoping for the same for Miles. Luckily it isn't a medical concern...just looks like a major 'outie' belly button!

He is starting to coo, smile, and make the sweetest sounds.  We love it. Those happy baby times make the rough ones easier. 

And then there was the 911 scare.  Yah, I called 911 for the first time in my life on Friday.  He was up in his crib (crying...not unusual). I was vacuuming (not unusual).  And then when I turned the vacuum off I  could hear him coughing and sounding really weird.  I ran upstairs and pulled him out of his crib, and he was gagging on his own spit up and could not get a breath.  He kept gasping for air and was barely able to inhale anything. With what seemed like forever between breaths...and he was red in the face. I hesitated for a second and then called 911. I at least wanted them on their way if this was going to last longer than a minute. Which it did. He was gasping for air for probably 3 minutes, just getting tiny breaths every once in awhile.  By the time the ambulance was on the way, he was finally crying. They decided to come check him out, but no sirens. So a big fire truck and ambulance showed up, 5 EMTs. They checked him out and everything seemed fine. A major panic and freak-out moment ended okay and I am so grateful!! It was so scary!

Since then we are keeping him propped up when sleeping instead of flat on his back.  Either in the car seat, swing, or bouncer. Just something elevated so if he does spit-up, he can get it out easier and not choke.  And the doctor doubled the zantac medicine since his weight gain supports additional dosage. I think that has helped too. 

All things considered it has been a good month! We've had a ton of help and support. We have made it through the rough newborn spots and are really enjoying having a baby in the house!  I can't believe how fast he is growing and how much he is changing.  How do you keep them little?

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