Tuesday, June 07, 2011

{Keeping Busy}

Note: I published a post with the written version of the birth story.  I back-dated it so it will appear chronologically in the blog (yes, a little OCD, but important).  If it didn't show up in your feeds or google reader, you can find it here.

No shortage of things going on around here.  The blog has been all things baby (as it should be!)...but here are a few other items filling our time. 

I planted a zillion pots.  We have built-in planter boxes on the back deck...but they are meant to hold pots not soil (i.e....the boxes are just framed in slats if that makes sense).  The previous owners left quite a few pots around, so I didn't have to buy that many.  But then I wanted some by the front door and by the garage doors and more around the deck. Throw in a few hanging baskets...and yah, it was a lot of flowers and dirt and planting. 

 But they are looking so pretty now!!  I am constantly watering and dead-heading, but it's worth it for beautiful flowers and color all around!  I'll take another picture when they have matured more. 

And then all yard projects were on hold until we got the garden planted. I couldn't let these raised beds go to waste this summer just because we didn't have time to plant anything.  So Trevor prepared everything and put down the compost and soil.  And we are hoping for yummy strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, peppers, peas, lettuce, and green beans.  I am so glad these beds are connected to the sprinkler system...maybe that way I won't kill them from lack of watering! 

One of the reasons we loved this house was the outdoor deck and yard.  The previous owners did a ton of professional landscaping...but it has been sitting for 2 years and everything is overgrown. So we are trimming back and digging out the weeds in search of treasures.  And man, as spring has come...we have found out we have some gorgeous plants.  I love these lilac bushes...I didn't even know they were lilacs until these beauties showed up.  We have a light purple and a deep purple bush that smell SO good!

And then just last week this tree/bush flowered...it is a snowball tree! Oh my gosh...it is gorgeous! These flower blooms are the size of snowballs (baseballs). Wouldn't these be pretty as part of wedding flowers?

And not to be overlooked...was Trevor's birthday.  He doesn't like much fanfare, but we took him balloons and goodies to the office (the kids were going cah-ray-zee!...that's the last time I take them to the office during business hours).  We went out to lunch AND out to dinner (hey, I'll take any chance I get to avoid cooking). And managed a sit-down restaurant with 4 kids quite well. 

We had angel food cake and strawberries that night.We love a great party and cake!
 And because Ry runs the house, he got to blow out the candles for Dad.

 Carson and Addy made up their own 'funny' birthday card for him and even designed very elaborate pop-up posters (you can kind of see them in the back of the table on the picture above). The kids love any chance they get to cut, paste, color, and create.
Happy 30-something birthday (okay, it's his 35th). He hates the idea of getting older but I keep telling him we aren't THAT old. But he is older than me!

And I am happy to say one project is complete on the INSIDE of the house. And I can't even take credit.  My mom and sister, Camille, really wanted a project while they were staying here.  So they tackled the upstairs bathroom. I love most of the paint color choices that are on the walls in the rooms of the house, except for the color in this one bathroom.  We called it 'poop brown'. Sorry to be resort to 'potty talk' ...but seriously, who paints a bathroom that color? And then the bottom half was yellow and blue plaid wallpaper.  Very dated.  Especially considering the rest of the house is pretty 'up'dated in terms of colors.  Oh well. Paint is an easy fix.

We went with a really soft yellow.  My mom patched all the holes, moved around and added some hardware and painted the whole room.  And then tackled the wallpaper! (Yes, she's amazing).  On the bottom she put up new wallpaper over the old wallpaper that looks like wainscoting.  It's a textured, paintable wallpaper.  My sister painted all the trim and then we painted the wallpaper the same white as the trim color.  So much fresher and brighter! Addy uses this bathroom...hence the bright pink towels. 

 It's hard to see the texture on the wall paper...but it really does look like wainscoting. 

Thanks Mom and Camille! It turned out great!!! 

I am determined to tackle more on the to-do list this week like finalizing the baby announcement, actually hanging pictures on the walls, selling the stuff in the garage on Craig's list, finish trimming back more plants in the back yard...and it goes on.  I guess that's how you know you are a homeowner and a mom...the list never ends!


Camille 7:01 PM  

You guys are busy...I don't know how you fit it all in. I'm just trying to keep my lawn from looking dead and that's about all the energy I have! The flowers look so good and I bet the whole lawn looks great!

I can hardly take any credit on the bathroom--mom did most of it so thanks for the shoutout anyway. Mom is amazing!! It looks so good all finished!

Anonymous 12:44 PM  

You have an amazing family and your yard is BEAUTIFUL! The white flowering bush is a snowball viburnum I think. Google it and see if this is your plant.

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