Monday, June 20, 2011


My kids have been driving me crazy.  Well, mostly Ry.  He is into everything! You can't take your eyes off that kid or he has markers out, pasta noodles all over the counter, dipped fingers in all the frosted cupcakes, dead flies in hand, putting my make-up brushes in the toilet, climbing on top of the get the idea.  The kid is a handful right now, which is why throwing in a new house and a new baby = craziness.  The transition to 4 kids has been hard, hard, hard...and I really think it isn't about the number 4 but just the fact that I also have a 2 and a half year old!  And that kid is Rylan.  Throw in the fighting between my older two, a colicky baby, being self-employed, and end of school year garb, it's been pretty tough around here. Not gonna lie.  I feel like I am saying no all day long. 

But even though Ry gets in so much trouble, he will melt your heart in an instant. Little boys lovin on their mommy is the sweetest. If I stub my toe he is the first one to say "You otay mommy?" or he'll come up to me at my desk and say "Guess What? I love you!". I think his spunky personality will serve him so well in his life (if we both survive toddler-hood). 

And then I saw my kids on the couch like this.

And then earlier in the week I found Carson reading to Miles like this. 

And I got a picture of this sweet face in a rare, happy moment.

And even a rainbow out my kitchen window while I was doing two days worth of dishes.

I think sometimes my blog comes across as..."Wow! Look at how happy they all are...doing fun activities, and loving each other all the time!"  Reality is the stress-level can be high.  BUT, I am trying to cherish the small moments of peace.  Because even though it's not all roses, it's not all thorns either. 


Jen I 7:25 PM  

Phew. Glad I'm not the only one. I'm not kidding - 4 is rough, and I had even heard from others before me that was their hardest transition. I was SO glad the twins were three when this one was born - the twos were rough. Even 2 months before the baby was born they were rough, but 3 seemed much more manageable. Hang in there though, you're probably at the state we were a couple months back where Ryan and I were both considering medication. :) You'll get a better groove...eventually.

SuburbiaMom 9:17 PM  

It's a good thng kids are so cute or we'd never be willing to do so much for them! (And all of yours are adorable!)

Kricket 10:49 PM  

I'm with you on the 4 kids being really hard. I think the colicky new baby was the hardest part for me though. I don't know if you remember my "Tricks of the Trade" post but I posted all of the tricks we had tried to help Trey. Maybe you will find something that will work for sweet Miles. Good luck my friend.
Here is the link to that post.

Carmen Goetschius 2:06 PM  

What a nicd blog post, Shell. Hang in there! You are doing great!

Grammie's World 9:41 PM  

Welcome to real life!! You can do this.

Camille 9:29 PM  

You are wonder mom in so many ways!! You are so right it's not always roses (I feel that way and I only have TWO!!) You're managing so much and have all your priorities in the right place...way to stay positive!!

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