Sunday, June 12, 2011

{Miles: One Month}

Miles turned one month old on June 2nd.  Crazy how that time seems to fly by and the 9th month of pregnancy goes by at a snail's pace. 

The little guy is getting so big!

Weight - 10 pounds  (50%)
Height - 22.25 inches long (75%)
Head - 14.5 inches (25%)

Tall with small (and bald) head.

I can't believe he has gained over 2 pounds already! The doctor was really happy with his weight gain considering his reflux.  He has gained more weight then most babies in his first 4 weeks of life.

I am constantly asking him "Where did you come from?"  He just doesn't look like my other babies. Although my mom sees more of Addy in him than the boys.  But he has his own look for sure. 

His reflux is still hard.  Really hard.  He barely finishes his last gulp before it starts coming up.  I have learned to have my entire lap covered before I even start feeding him...because it will come up.  Every feeding. Every time.  He is unhappy and fussy after eating (it is so sad!) ... you can tell he is just uncomfortable. He'll get a couple good burps, but it takes about 30 min or more for his stomach to settle. Oddly he does great at night (thank heavens)...he eats and falls right to sleep.  I don't know why we can't get that to work during the day.

All the crying has caused an umbilical hernia. Poor guy! Ry had one and it just went away after a few weeks. Hoping for the same for Miles. Luckily it isn't a medical concern...just looks like a major 'outie' belly button!

He is starting to coo, smile, and make the sweetest sounds.  We love it. Those happy baby times make the rough ones easier. 

And then there was the 911 scare.  Yah, I called 911 for the first time in my life on Friday.  He was up in his crib (crying...not unusual). I was vacuuming (not unusual).  And then when I turned the vacuum off I  could hear him coughing and sounding really weird.  I ran upstairs and pulled him out of his crib, and he was gagging on his own spit up and could not get a breath.  He kept gasping for air and was barely able to inhale anything. With what seemed like forever between breaths...and he was red in the face. I hesitated for a second and then called 911. I at least wanted them on their way if this was going to last longer than a minute. Which it did. He was gasping for air for probably 3 minutes, just getting tiny breaths every once in awhile.  By the time the ambulance was on the way, he was finally crying. They decided to come check him out, but no sirens. So a big fire truck and ambulance showed up, 5 EMTs. They checked him out and everything seemed fine. A major panic and freak-out moment ended okay and I am so grateful!! It was so scary!

Since then we are keeping him propped up when sleeping instead of flat on his back.  Either in the car seat, swing, or bouncer. Just something elevated so if he does spit-up, he can get it out easier and not choke.  And the doctor doubled the zantac medicine since his weight gain supports additional dosage. I think that has helped too. 

All things considered it has been a good month! We've had a ton of help and support. We have made it through the rough newborn spots and are really enjoying having a baby in the house!  I can't believe how fast he is growing and how much he is changing.  How do you keep them little?


Onjali P. 10:37 PM  

So sweet! I can't believe how much he has changed! I have to agree, he doesn't look much like carson and rylan. Glad you guys are doing well. Hopefully no more 911 calls!

Rachelle 10:52 PM  

He is so beautiful, I'm glad he is a good little guy for you at night:)

N. Tipps 11:35 PM  

Great pictures, Rochelle. He is a sweet little guy.

Jen I 2:34 PM  

Sheesh. That would freak me out. I am always paranoid about that - this one swallowed so much mucus on during his birth that he was constantly choking on mucus from the time he was born and I pretty much slept with one eye open. I like the propped sleep for that reason too, besides I feel like my babies always like it better anyway. I know, it's even harder to keep them little when they come out so big like my last one! I can see why people have more. :)

SuburbiaMom 2:55 PM  

Poor little guy--and you--those 911 calls are scary for moms!! Sorry about the reflux--my 2nd had it bad too...

Reese 6:22 PM  

Oh.My.Gosh...your 911 call, scary!! I would have totally freaked too. Sounds like you were cool and did the right things! I'm missing him...looking at his pics he DOES look sooo different!! I agree with mom, especially in the bath picture he looks more like Addy. Oh, what a cutie! We need to come visit!!!

Marmey 2:35 PM  

Oh Pettingill Crew... what a wonderful addition to your family ;} each one is amazing. You are such a neat family and I so love your pictures.. we have one new one with Caley and the next one due in just 2 weeks or so.. so much fun.. and I can't wait.. Take care and we love your blog and your guys.. kiss little Miles for his aunt Linda :}

Carmen Goetschius 7:13 PM  

Wow, Rochelle. Scary stuff. You are such a good and patient mama. I hope that soon he will keep more and more of that food down. He really is a beautiful baby and I'm with your mom-- I see some resemblance to Addy!

Aim 10:36 PM  

Poor little fella! Poor Momma! That is so scary! He does look like his own little person, when he was first born I thought he looked like the others but wow, he coming into his own! AND I can't wait to see him in a month! Hurray! Love you guys!

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