Friday, July 08, 2011

{Summer Summer}

After waiting forever for school to get out and then for the weather to finally warm up...summer is here!  We are loving it! I actually got around to some summer clothes shopping this week.  Although it was disappointing that all the 'back to school' sales are in full swing (What??!)...I did manage to score major summer clearance items. 

The kids and I are enjoying the slower pace and lack of schedule.  We spend a ton of time outside in the yard....doing yard work and playing too. We've had a few activities going on.

The older kids just finished up a 2 week round of swim lessons.
Unfortunately with Ry and the baby I couldn't take pictures pool-side...this is from across the room and these are the best shots I got.  The kids did great.

We had our first little party at our home. It was a beautiful evening to have a few friends over.  I took pictures of our treats, and left my camera on the counter the rest of the night without taking a single photo!  I'm a total picture snob (as if you didn't already know) I was so disappointed!

We had a very relaxing 4th of July.
Flag waffles for breakfast.

A little slip and slide in the afternoon (actually the kids get this out almost every sunny afternoon).

Out to lunch as a family, shopping for fireworks, bbq for dinner, and an amazing firework show from our own front and back yard!  Wow...we have some neighbors who love themselves some fireworks!! No need to go anywhere!

 Carson was the designated firework lighter again.  He did a great (and safe) job.

The kids have been to a couple pick-up track meets with the local parks and rec. 

This was the winning long jump in her age group!

Carson placed 3rd in the 100m.

And Ry ran in his first 50m race.  He was in the 6 and under division, and the youngest runner by about a year or so!  Is this not the cutest picture you have ever seen? He just makes me smile!!  He was SO excited and stayed in his lane the entire way with this huge smile on his face. That's Trev cheering him on from the start line.  Hard to believe this happy kid drives me crazy sometimes...with that face, how could he really be any trouble?
They competed in the softball throw, long jumps, 100m, and 50m.  Carson also tried out the high jump.  Trev is in heaven watching these kids on the track.


We've enjoyed plenty of late nights watching movies and tv (my kids love Cake Boss and 19 Kids and Counting right now), ice cream runs, and playing in the yard.  Here they are in a sled (in their PJs). Carson was giving rides around the grass before bed time. 

We love our new's a ton of work, but we spend so much time out there!  It sure is a blessing (especially the fenced in portion where I don't need to worry much about Ry!) The kids have plenty of room to explore and play, catch and sell tadpoles out of the pond (yes, really. They are 14 cents each in case you are wondering), find bugs, collect rocks, and just be kids on their own without mom nearby.  I only have to regulate some of the time!

I am trying to make sure they get some reading time in each day and other 'homework' assigned by mom. Not to mention their 'summer job' chart which works about 25% of the time, but we're trying. I try not to be too scheduled, after all, it is summer break for all of us, right?

Ok, officially all caught up on blogging so we can leave on some fun vacations over the next month! So excited to get away.  Wish me luck with 4 kids by myself on the airplane.  Yah, I'm really doing that. 


Amy Hoppie 10:55 AM  

Oh, I wish we lived close enough to stop by for some 14 cent tadpoles! You have such a beautiful family...good luck on the airplane!!!

Erica 10:19 PM  

Oh I love a good blog! Those track events looks like lots of fun for the kids and you're right, that one of Ry is priceless!! We've been enjoyin' summer down here in Utah too - I just love being out in the sun - yay for vitamin D!!

We can't wait to see you guys in PV - I'm so excited to snuggle on Miles!!! Be safe in your travels and we'll see you in a few weeks!! Much love!!

Finn Clan 9:17 AM  

Looks like you guys are having lots of summer fun. I love looking at your photos, & I especially love the pic of Rylan running on the track. Priceless!

Carmen Goetschius 3:43 PM  


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