Thursday, August 25, 2011

{And A Summer Wedding}

What would summer be without a fantastic wedding to attend?  I love summer weddings! Okay, I think I just love weddings in general...any time of year.  I was so sad to miss my cousin, Jessica's, wedding earlier in the summer.  But we were lucky enough to attend a wedding of a close (practically family!) friend a couple weeks ago in Portland...Mary!  We attended her sister's wedding in the exact same spot last summer.  I have known this girly since she was a toddler.  Babysat her during my teens and now consider her a life-long friend!  She has had a rough year: surviving a massive brain hemorrhage, brain surgery, and a year of recovery.  (All about her story here).  We almost lost her.  And now here she is, a miracle, and a beautiful bride marrying her prince in the Portland LDS temple.  Blessings were abounding every where that day. 

She gave me the task of taking some candid shots while the main photographer did the wedding photos. It was so fun because I got to linger with the family and enjoy the day with them a bit more than usual. Being at a wedding makes you wish you had that $1500 lens and top-of-the-line camera. Or even just a chance to pose the bride yourself, but it was fun to just sit back and watch the photographer do his thing. It would be way (and I mean WAY) too much pressure for me to ever do that on my own some day. I think I like my little niche as a hobby photographer.  It was really fun though!

 Mary and Zane
Oh my goodness. They are both gorgeous.  They could be on a cover of a bride magazine!

Addy and Paige were all ooohs and ahhhs the entire day.  They couldn't get enough of the bride and Mary was so good for indulging them over and over. 

 The bride and groom with the Dalley group.  Minus Trevor and Ry.  Guess who decided he didn't want to be in the group picture...again!

But seriously, this little guy.  I am so biased, but man, he is adorable.

Love going to weddings with my husband too.  It's nice to take a moment and reflect on your own wedding and love for one another.  Weddings bring out the sappiest in yourself, don't they?  Our lucky 13th anniversary is just a couple weeks away. 

 Love these next two shots of Mary with her dad and then the parents of bride together bursting with happiness. 

At the reception, Paige and Addy in another picture with the bride. I had to bribe Addy to wear that hat. Isn't it adorable?  She got so many compliments that now she'll willingly wear it. I'm sure it won't be the first time she second guesses my taste, but hey, I have good taste, don't I??

My other adorable little boy.
 Ry escorted Brynn to the drink station, helped her fill her drink, and then walked her back to the table.  Sometimes he really busts out his charm.

Congrats to the happy couple!  Thanks for letting us be a part of your day Mary and Zane.  It was a beautiful day to start your new life together. xoxo.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{Pettingill Fam Reunion}

The first week of August we headed to Coeur d'Alene for Trevor's family reunion.  We got the un lucky opportunity to be in charge this year.  The planning was a little bit of a roller coaster at first, but I think it turned out great and everyone at least seemed to have a good time.  If not, they did a pretty good job of faking it.   For us, it was one of our favorite camping spots we have been to!

We camped at Farragut State Park.  The park was gorgeous.  And the best part: The weather was absolutely fantastic.  80s during the day,  but cold enough at night for a campfire and hot chocolate in the morning.

Ry has no shortage of boy cousins his age.  There are 4 boys born within 9 months of each other and they are all ages 2 and 3 now.  They sure had a great time and played together really well.

Here are Ry and Beckett enjoying hot chocolate in the 'friend' camping chair.

Trevor made his grandpa's famous pancakes (from scratch, mind you).  They were a big hit and I am so glad he is carrying on the tradition.  Trevor has always been the breakfast-maker in the house.  And these pancakes are his specialty!

Miles spent a lot of time being held and snuggled by all.  Here he is with Uncle Tyler.

And if he wasn't being held, he was in the bumbo.  He's at the perfect age for it right now. 

Craft time is always a must for my kids.  (Thank you Michael's dollar section).

Carson and Dallan up to no good with water balloons.

 And who knew cheap squirt guns would provide so much entertainment?

All the kids thought it was pretty funny getting Uncle Trev and Uncle Dan all wet.

We spent one afternoon on Lake Pend Oreille. 

Gosh, Evee is adorable.

And we spent all day at Silverwood Amusement Park on another day.  Needless to say the kids had a blast.

Carson has a secret crush on his aunt Mindy. They were buds the whole weekend.

Owen and Ry waiting in line.

And the water park at Silverwood was just as much fun as the rides.

 Mindy and Kai
(who were off to Paris just a day after the reunion ended!)

3 of the 4 boys (Beckett, where are you?!)  Kai, Owen, and Ry enjoying dinner. Kai wasn't feeling well, but man, he looks cute in this picture!

Back at camp in the hammock that we finally set up after having it in the trailer for 3 years. Just happened to have the perfect trees for it right in camp.

Elle was at a hard age for camping (just over one and walking). But she did so good and was content the entire weekend!  Look at this sweet face and those eyelashes!
The grandmas brought little presents for the kids...which were a major hit. I love these superman capes that Grandma Judy made.  So cute!  You should have seen these boys zipping around the trees playing super-hero.

We had a little party for Evee (turning 4!)

The whole group (minus Tyler who had to leave early).  Thanks everyone for coming.  It was a huge traveling effort by all. And Onjali handled her two kids without a husband the whole week (we missed you Todd!) .  It was awesome being together in this big group.  The cousins just can't get enough of each other and it is so fun to watch them grow and become friends.  Until next year!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Pine Valley Wrap-Up}

Since my mom and sisters are the only readers of my blog, I won't feel badly about having one more post from our time in Southern Utah.  I *only* took 1500 pictures during those 2 weeks.  And then my sisters and I share pics (via dropbox...have you tried that yet? It's an awesome way to share files) which adds even more to the collection. But, I love it. 

So here are a few final activities from our vacay.   

Uncle Bryce helped the kids fly a kite during a windy afternoon. 

My Dad, Chris, and Trevor braved the boat with 5 kids to go fishing one morning.  Carson caught the only fish. He was pretty excited!  Thanks to the guys for taking these cell phone pictures. 

And , one of the highlights of our time in Pine Valley was attending the Enterprise Rodeo! I really wanted to do this as I haven't taken my kids to a rodeo since Carson was a baby.  AND, my former roommate, Melinda, from BYU (who lives in Enterprise) met me there AND her two boys and husband were competing!  Seriously, how many of you KNOW actual rodeo know, the cattle ropers and such?  They did great!

Here is Melinda's husband, Bret and her son.  Oh. My. Word.  Can I just bottle up this kid and steal him?  His hat, buckle, boots, and smile made me want to sell all I own and move to rural Utah so I can dress my boys like that and have them compete in a rodeo. He is the cutest darn cowboy I have ever seen. 

So glad Bryce & Camille and my Mom and Dad joined us too.  My dad loves a reason to wear his cowboy hat and boots! And he's also started wearing Wranglers.  My mom just shakes her head, but we think dad is a cowboy at heart.  And Claire seems pretty darn excited about it too!   

And where else can kids from the audience participate in the chicken chase?  Carson was brave enough to run around with the rodeo regulars to chase chickens in the arena.  The downside: if you catch a chicken, you keep it.  What??!?  A real, live chicken.  I was in a different world for a minute.  Thankfully Carson was no where near as brave as some of those kids who caught those chickens and hung on for dear life as the chickens went berserk flapping there wings.  We saw the cutest little girl (maybe 6) hugging one so tight.  It was extremely entertaining for us city folk.

And then Melinda invited my kids to come ride their horses out in the parking lot before we left.  This little girl was pretty excited. It's not every day you get to ride a horse. 

And here is Melinda (holding Ry so he doesn't spook a horse) and 2 of her cute kids.  See what I mean about her son? Cutest little cowboy ever.  But don't let her 4 year old daughter fool you.  She got to ride around the arena on her OWN horse at the start of the rodeo and will start barrel racing next year.  So adorable.

It was such a treat to see Melinda and her sweet family even though it was so short!  Thanks for making it such a fun night!!

And one final gem, caught on video by my sister.  This is Ry saying "Pine Valley".  He doesn't have a problem saying P's or V's..., but apparently this is how he hears it.  We laughed about it all week (and are laughing still). 

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