Saturday, September 10, 2011

{Back to School!}

The kids have been in school over a week now.  They have been antsy about it for weeks....packing and unpacking their school supplies, organizing new school outfits, counting down the days.  So fun to see them so excited.  (Although the honeymoon phase is quickly fading...).  I'm excited too...the sibling arguing seems to escalate all summer until I am ready to ban them to their rooms all day.  And then school starts just in time and they just seem to get along better when they aren't together so much. 

We were so glad to find out they have wonderful teachers and adorable classrooms.  We attended back to school night two days before school began to re-learn where everything is (remember they were only in the school for about 7 weeks last year after we moved and before school was out for the summer).  Helping Addy figure out where to line up and where Carson picks her up at the end of the day, and where they meet me after school.  Got that all down.  And school supplies all delivered and tucked away in their desk and cubbies.

And then the night before school started we had our traditional back-to-school feast.  (well, as much of a feast as I can put on which consisted of home-made soup and dessert and pretty much store-bought everything else).  We raced home from soccer to enjoy a little party!  I made crowns this year for the kids (a la nie her!). 

That night Trevor gave them each father's blessings. A little prayer and blessing that things will go well for the kids this year. I love that.  It's such a wonderful start to the school year for all of us. 

And then 7AM came pretty early to these kids who usually are getting up at 8:30 or 9:00! Yah, we are in for a major adjustment!! 

Got to have a shot in front of the front door.  Here's our 1st grader.  She's gone all day!  I miss her!!!  She is my big helper at home and keeps me company too.  She's so excited though, it's hard to be too sad. 

 And this handsome kid, is in 4th grade.  I seriously don't know how I have a 4th grader. I am definitely older than I feel!! And man, he looks so old in this picture!

I am now home with the two little boys and love it (and I'll love it more when that darn tax deadline is over).  We don't have to go anywhere!!  No preschool, no kindergarten drop offs, no dance.  Just my 3 year old and baby. This hasn't happened in years!! It'll be a great (quiet) year...which I am really looking forward to. Ry will have 2 years of preschool starting next year, so I'm not rushing anything and we are just going to enjoy being at home.  Because once school is out, the chaos begins. The start of school also means the start of dance, piano, soccer, and cubscouts!

Here is what Ry and I were up to the first week:
Potty training...a family affair. I don't know who was more excited Rylan or Car and Ads.  They were great cheerleaders!  (And yah, not much modesty here either...).

And yes, Rylan (who turned 3 last week) is potty trained!! I seriously cannot believe how easy it was. It took about 2 days. I am shocked actually. Carson and Addy were the WORST potty trainers ever.  Partly my fault...started too young, I think.  I wanted to wait until Ry was 3, but a week before his birthday he wanted to use the potty so we put him on the toilet and he went.  Ever since then, he's just wanted to use it.  I have to remind him to go in and go, but he goes on demand.  No pull ups (except at night).  Very few accidents (we had a 3 day no-accident stretch going until yesterday).  I have taken him on errands for a few hours at a time and he's been fine.  I still can't believe it even typing this...but I'll take it.  Something has to be easy when the other little boy in the house is crying all the time making me want pull my hair out!  Good job Rylan!!!

And, totally unrelated, but my flowers have been awesome. Remember when I planted all those pots in the spring? They are at their peak right now as we near the end of summer and all the watering and dead-heading is paying off.  They're beautiful! I am not a green-thumb at all, so this is huge for actually keep plants alive the entire summer.  It's such a treat to sit outside and enjoy these!!

And we also have a piles of tomatoes from the garden too.  It's amazing how vegetables will grow when I'm not responsible for watering them...hooray for a sprinkler system in the new house.  Very low maintenance and yummy produce!

I am enjoying the pace and routine after a busy summer.  And the groove we get into when school starts.  If only this warm weather would stick around too...


Tim and Lisa 7:49 AM  

Congrats on everything. The big one is potty training! I am so jealous. I started with Austin yesterday and we had SO many accidents. I am thinking he is not ready, I am but he is not. Off to the store to get diapers!

Erica 10:24 PM  

Excellent post! I love your 'back to school' dinner & personalized celebration for the older kids. Makes going back to school more exciting!

Love the flowers too! I don't have the slighting green on my thumb, so I'm SUPER impressed!

Enjoy your time at home with the little ones! You deserve some 'stay at home' time, away from the taxi least for a few hours of the day!

Kris and Cath 5:49 PM  

You are adorable! I cannot believe how grown up your kids are getting- gorgeous! Great crowns and food on table!! Glad your happy:) saw your parents today at Erins game- loved it!

Carmen Goetschius 1:53 PM  

Wow! Beautiful! Can't wait to see your house and YOU and your little boys (sorry to miss the older one's) next week!!!!!!!

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