Monday, September 26, 2011

{He's Three}

My sweet, little toddler is three!  Rylan's birthday was at the beginning of the month (on our anniversary, remember?).  Hard to believe he is three years old, I really do feel like I just had him.  He is our rambunctious and wild one.  He'll karate chop you and then turn around and melt your heart with his sweet kisses. 

He loves:
  • David Shannon Books:  'No David!' and 'Fergus'
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  • Toy Story movies (going on almost 2 years and still a favorite)
  • Dancing
  • Music.  Current favorites are: Dynamite by Taio Cruz & Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars
  • His scooter.  He wants nothing to do with the tricycle, but man, he can speed by you in his scooter. He's shockingly fast and coordinated with it. His love for his scooter prompted his Scooter Birthday Party (post coming soon!).
  • Grandmas and Grandpas
  • 'Pond Belly' (aka Pine Valley, UT)
  • His blue crocs
  • Toy Story lunch box
  • Trains and matchbox cars
  • Toy Story 'guys' (see what I mean about Toy Story? Man, are killing me!)
  • Chips, Juice, Granola Bars, Popcorn
  • Fries and Pepper!  This is code for: French fries and Root Beer. 
  • Bugs (he calls them 'Bugga Bugs'). He'll reach right down and pick up ants, grasshoppers, etc. 
  • His cousins.  He has a sweet spot for Brynnie.  So glad she lives close by.  And misses, desperately, the others his age: Graham, Owen, Kai, and Beckett who he doesn't get to see as often. 

I love:
  • His raspy voice (just recently referred to an ENT for this...but I think it's just cute).
  • Sweet hugs and kisses.
  • Watching him learn how to hop. He holds one knee up with his hand and with all his might leaps about 1 cm off the floor.  And then exclaims..."I did it!"
  • Bedtime stories.  He is a joy to read to at night.
  • His small size.  He's our little guy...wearing some of the same clothes for multiple years.  Just caught him wearing 12mo. shorts the other day and they still look great.
  • His one liners.  Best one recently was the first time he went #2 in the potty.  "Mom, that was amazing!"
  • His enthusiasm.  He has always been so energetic about everything.  Movies, fast food, lunch, Dad coming home, the phone ringing...pretty much anything. He'll run into the room and say "I love dinner!"  He's a pretty positive kid.
  • His sweet prayers.  He wants it to be his turn for family prayer every night.  They are sweet and tender.

This is hard:
  • Melt downs (semi-frequent). I always say three is worse than two.  I am hoping that is wrong, because two has been pretty dang hard.  I am dreaming of the day when I can reason with him.
  • Potty Training.  It's all relative. He's been my easiest BY FAR.  And he's pretty great at it...the only battle is just getting him to go on his own without my prompt. The stubbornness kicks in big time.
  • Church/Nursery.  Let's just say 1:30pm church does NOT go over well.  Most of the time he falls asleep after the first hour and sleeps through hour #2, and is cranky in hour #3.  I don't see this getting better until we switch to 9:30am church in January.
  • Cleaning up. We are working on it, but he'd rather throw a 30 minute fit instead of spending 2 minutes picking up the cereal he spilled on the floor. Then he'll come up to me and completely switch gears and say "I'm sorry mom" and then clean it up. Don't know why he can't figure out it that it is just easier to do it in the first place! 
  • Going to bed. He's a night owl through and through.  He'll battle us until 11pm or later some nights and finally crash in the hallway or on the stairs.

We had a little family birthday for him on his actual birthday and his Scooter party a few days later.

Making chocolate cupcakes and chocolate frosting with mom.

I made a birthday crown this year because I felt badly I didn't make him a 'back to school' one like the other kids. And he actually wore it!

We love our 3 year old little Ry Ry. 


Reese 12:29 AM  

And we love him too!! He's such a fun, unique kid and we can't get enough of him!! We will pray age 3 will be easier than age 2 (crossing my fingers...).

Tyler 5:35 AM  

Such a great post! I hate that he is growing up so fast!

Tim and Lisa 6:54 AM  

Last year when we were at 130 church Alex would fall asleep the first hour, sleep through the second and Tim would have to wake him the third, just in time for snack in nursery. When he went into 930 church this year and being a sunbeam it all worked out! Good luck.

Marissa 8:27 AM  

I LOVE those pictures of him with his crown and cupcakes! Especially the first one where the candles are lit. SO CUTE!!

SuburbiaMom 11:19 AM  

He's so darn cute!!!

Erica 1:39 PM  

Great post Shell!! You wouldn't think he was prone to meltdowns in those photos! Gosh he's the cutest little thing and I love the 'one-liners' too. Little Jesse was always great at those. Happy Birthday Rylan!!

Kris and Cath 5:10 PM  

Very cute! This was a great post for me to learn more about ry! He is adorable and I love his hair in the last pic!

the Holyoaks 9:37 PM  

He is so cute! I love, love that picture of him in front of his cupcakes, so excited.

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