Thursday, September 29, 2011

{Scooter Party!}

This was seriously one of the funnest birthday parties I have ever done for my kids!  When I was trying to think of a theme for Ry's 3rd birthday, I really didn't want to get sucked into Toy Story, Cars, or other Disney mania (Disney...I luv ya. No hard feelings).  Since Ry has loved his scooter this summer, I typed in Scooter Party on Pinterest and there it amazing party oozing with fun activities.  Creativity heaven just waiting to be scooped up .  Thanks to Gallamore West for providing such a great party idea.  I emailed her and she even kindly sent me her scooter image that I was able to manipulate and use for all the printing. I am a CPA, so I can totally execute plans, but I love all the right-brain love on the internet!

I was feeling extra I made this cute burlap banner and added some ball fringe to the party hats.
(Pinterest makes you crazy like that).

And I love this felt circle garland.  300 hand-cut circles and my MIL's help with a sewing machine, and I now have yards of garland to use over and over.  I love it!

I found this vintage toy scooter on ebay as part of a doll-house collection for the cake.  So perfect.  But when I put it on top of the cake it sunk into the frosting.  Oh well.  It still looks cute.

All the party guests....Ry's cousins! He couldn't love these guys more.  They truly are his bestest friends. Even the older ones.  He adores them.  Thank you SOOO much to my SIL for driving up from Portland with her boys and my sister (who major injured her back the day before) miraculously making it with her girls!  Ry was in heaven with this crew to celebrate!

Activity #1: Make you own sweet scooter. Royal icing for the glue.

Next up.  Dinner. 
Some of Ry's favorite including hot dogs and donuts.

Activity #2:  Pin the hubcap on the scooter.  Check my mad art skills.

Activity #3: Birthday Parade. 
When I was little I totally remember decorating my bike for the local parade sometime during the summer.  Why don't we do that anymore?? 
The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever. 

Getting the bikes and scooters all decorated.  As luck would have it, we were doing this in the hottest part of the day.  But the kids had a great time perfecting their decorations....especially Paige.  She loves all things art.  It was so cute. She could have spent all day just taping and cutting. And Brynn just got her new scooter the day before as her potty training reward! Good timing!

I also taped playing cards to the bike frames so it would hit the spokes and turn their bikes "into" motorcycles.  My kids still have them on there 3 weeks later. 

Let the parade begin!

After the parade...presents and cake.

And party favors in mason jars.

It was so much fun to plan!  And even better to see the smile on Ry's face.  He loved it. 
The kids were all great and only minor stresses...
 (including Addy spilling juice which attracted bees to the lunch table!   And the unusually hot weather which we aren't used to in the PNW). 

So grateful for this little person all my own.
Happy 3rd birthday to my sweet scooter-loving boy!


Tyler 6:07 AM  

What an awesome party. Amazing work Rochelle! Looks like everyone had a great time.

Marissa 9:31 AM  

What an awesome party!! It's so cute!

Gallamore West 9:33 AM  

I LOVE it!! You did such a great job! Thanks for sharing your pictures with me :)
Laurie @ Gallamore West

manders 10:39 AM  

you seriously need to go into business for your amazing parties or write a book. What a fun and creative party. Love it! Rylan looks like a happy boy who had a great day!

Becca, Bryce, T, C, and J 2:08 PM  

We had a great time and didn't mind the drive at all! Rylan's lucky to have a mom like you!! Job well done!!

toddpettingill 4:15 PM  

You always throw such great parties! Well done Rochelle! Rylan looks so happy on his scooter

toddpettingill 4:16 PM  

Oh just realized I am signed in as Todd :)

Carmen Goetschius 6:59 PM  

Such a fab party!!!!!!!

SuburbiaMom 8:29 PM  

Awesome ideas and everything turned out adorably. You could do parties for a side job, along with photography, when you're not busy ;)!!

Dan and Anne 5:27 AM  

You make all mom's look bad! How can we compete with your awesome party's (or keep up?!)?! Love the theme it's so cool!

Jen I 10:15 AM  

You seriously need to hire out. :) I love the idea. Just today I was thinking that next year I am putting my foot down on the tv show-themed parties. I don't know why my kids think that's all you can do for a birthday party. Too much tv, I'm sure. But I always LOVE your ideas and still remember them all -filed away for later!

Penelope 4:12 PM  

Hi Rochelle! I just found your blog and read all about your scooter party. What a great job your did and I absolutely loved the birthday invitation. My son is turning 3 in just a couple of months and I was wondering if you could tell me who designed your invitation. I am going for the scooter theme as well because is is crazy about his. Did you order it thru some website or you had the invitation custom made? I know your party happened awhile back but I hope you get my message in time. Thank you so much in advance and thank you for sharing all your ideas about your party, it has given me inspiration!

Becca & Chris Lannan 8:37 AM  

WOW! What an awesome party, you are very talented. I too am planning a party and my son's nickname is "scooter" ;) I would absolutely love to use your invite design if you are open to it so that I can alter for him and print it for his party invites. I sent you an email with the request as well. Thanks for inspiring us Moms out there looking for a creative idea, aside from the regular ole b-day party themes.
- Rebecca

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