Monday, October 31, 2011

{Addy's Cake Boss Birthday Party}

Addison loves 'Cake Boss' (on TLC).  We have the DVR set for all the new shows on Monday nights.  It's always been funny to me that she loves it so much at age 6 (and now age 7!!) She's begging to watch it all the time (and I've had to censor a few of the shows recently that are veering from family-friendly....darn).  But, we thought it was the perfect theme for her 7th birthday party. 

The party took over my life for the better part of 2 weeks, but it was so much fun!!  I learned a lot of new things along the way.  I love it when I get to do fun crafty projects.  A party forces me to do that when I normally can't find the time.  And one again, Pinterest offered a slew of ideas. 

Loved how this display turned out!  I made the burlap banner and sewed on fabric that I ran through my printer to create the letters (using freezer it...that stuff is amazing!).
The cake plates I made for $2 each.  I bought a plate and ice cream sundae dish from the dollar store. Spray painted each white and glued together using E-6000 glue. 
And the, oh man, that was a lot of cake!  This was my first time covering cakes in fondant.  Wow. It's harder than it looks on tv!  I baked the cakes ahead of time, wrapped in plastic wrap and stuck them in the freezer until I was ready to frost.  I put on a thin layer of butter cream and then covered with fondant. I had two kinds.  My friend Mindy gave me two buckets of the pre-made stuff (THANK YOU!....that was a life savor!).  And then I made one big batch of marshmallow fondant.  Both were pretty easy to work with once I got them rolled out, but it seriously was an ab workout. 

I did the birthday cake in square to change it up a bit.  And found these cute wires at the craft store.  I actually think I could make a really cute fondant cake now after learning from my mistakes, but it turned out cute for the party. 
 The other major project was these aprons.  I love how they turned out! I found the plain white aprons at Joann's and then sewed the ruffles on (thanks to my mom's tutorial on how to gather the fabric).  The cupcake was another thing I ran through my printer and then used a heat bond to iron it on.  They were a little bit timing consuming since I have never sewed anything in my life!  But if you don't look too closely, they turned out pretty cute! I totally have the sewing bug now.  I have been borrowing my MILs extra sewing machine, but I must get one for myself ASAP.  After the aprons I sewed a table cloth and napkins for the party too. 

Addy couldn't wait for the party to get started once she got home from school.

Still feeling like the 'new' girl in the area, her party consisted of girls from all over: one cousin, one friend from church, one neighbor, one friend from dance, one friend from school, and one family friend = 7 girls total with the birthday girl.  I don't think one of the girls knew another girl at the party, but they all knew Addy (one girl missing below who arrived after the picture).  Despite not knowing each other, they had a great time together and were such a cute bunch!

First up was the craft in the dining room.  I got to re-use that felt garland I made for Ry's party.  Love it.  We made a little cake topper to go on the cakes and cupcake wrapper flowers. 

And then we had a little 'Cake Boss Training' in the kitchen.

Then they were ready to decorate their cakes! 

They had a blast decorating, piping, sprinkling, rolling and cutting out fondant shapes...all while snacking from the 'Bakery Shop'  (I didn't bake a thing...all store bought.  I was baked-out from all the cakes!) Thanks to my sister and my husband for the hands-on help that was really needed with fondant, icing bags, etc.  Couldn't have done it without them! 

We opened up presents and ate the birthday cake right at the decorating table because there was no pulling these girls away from their cakes! 

All the girls with their finished cakes!  The cakes, cake plates, and aprons served as the party favors.  The girls were so excited to take their cakes home to their families!
 I only wish I would have stretched it out to 2 hours instead of an hour and a half. It just wasn't quite long enough. It was a wonderful afternoon and a joy to plan. I asked her what her favorite part was and she said "EVERYTHING!".  That makes it all worth it!  Her actual birthday wasn't until a week it's been birthday mania around here (along with Halloween and all the festivities).  So happy with how it all turned out.  And I have a few months to recover before Carson's birthday in January! 


Tyler 7:01 AM  

Looks like it was an amazing party! You are so creative Rochelle!

Hilary 10:23 AM  

You seriously are the best mom in the history of all moms. That was a motherload of work {no pun intended}.... I bet she adores you. :)

Reese 10:51 AM  

You are super party mom! It was a seriously cute and well-organized party and each of the girls LOVED it! Glad Addy enjoyed "everything" too! And need to recover...

the Holyoaks 10:56 AM  

What an amazing party! You are amazing! I'm tired from all of the Halloween stuff going on and Truman probably isn't going to get a party this year. Do you plan parties for hire? You certainly could. Happy birthday to Addy!

SuburbiaMom 11:55 AM  

You outdid yourself again! Wow to everything--that's about all I can say!!!!!

Camille 6:41 PM  

You. Are. Amazing! Seriously! WOW! Everything look fabulous. I wish I could have been there to have a cake of my own...wonder if Addy would have let me join as a "guest" So miss you guys and Happy Birthday to Add once more!

Onjali P. 8:41 PM  

What an awesome party! that looked like a lot of work, seriously where do you find the time?

Becca, Bryce, T, C, and J 9:29 PM  

Rochelle - do you sleep?? hahaha Seriously - I would hire you to plan my kids parties!! Sit back and relax now! I love all the pictures of Addy cheesing!

Jen I 4:18 AM  

WOW. WOW. WOW. I hope to someday be INVITED to a party like that! I see so many cute ones, but I've never been to any of them! Guess that makes it so there's no pressure on me to keep up at least. :) Does your family get ignored for a couple weeks when you do this? Cause that's what happens when I try to do anything big!

Jones Morris 4:46 AM  

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