Wednesday, November 02, 2011

{Addison's Birthday}

Photos by Kali Leenstra

The only problem with having her birthday party a week planning another little party on her actual birthday.  Not sure how to remedy this...but I feel badly not celebrating on her ACTUAL birthday too.  We kept it pretty low-key. 

She started off with a yummy, hot breakfast made by dad.

The little boys and I took treats to her class.  It was my first attempt at Oreo pops and they turned out pretty good.  And they are so yummy too.  Perfect combination of chocolate and cookie.

She helped me bake this cake. And yes, that was cake #10 in less than a week.  I really wanted to try out that ruffle icing (which was not too difficult, by the way). But, just between you and me, I only had enough icing to go around 3/4 of the cake.  No super mom here.  But we didn't care.
She picked out that hat from Target with some of her birthday money.  It's pretty much glued to her head now.

Dad met up with us after work and brought the birthday girl a balloon and flowers.  And then at her request we headed to Applebees for dinner. It's a special treat now when we go out as a whole family to an actual sit-down restaurant.  We just don't do it as much anymore because the little boys are hard to handle.  But, we managed ok for her birthday.  And it helps when there are less people in the restaurant on a week night, which means less people we can bother.

 We opened her presents from her grandparents and cousins at home.  Her present from us was the party.  Add the fact that she is completely spoiled by grandparents means I don't need to buy her anything else.  But she did get a coupon to go on a date to get her nails done. That, and this cupcake maker from Grandma Judy and art projects from Grandma Dalley = one happy girl.

Candles and cake, again.

Happy 7th Birthday Addy! 

You have grown-up so much in one year!

  • You are such a good ballet dancer. The jump to an intermediate level class has been challenging, but so good too.
  • You continue to voice your independence.  Wanting to choose what to wear, how to do your hair ... with no input from mom.  Small battles have begun.
  • I love what a fun little reader you have become.  You are not afraid to tackle the hard words.  And willingly practice spelling words.
  • The aggressiveness has come out in you during soccer.  You are so competitive. I love it.
  • You are a baby-lover and just can't get enough of Miles. 
  • You never. stop. eating. I don't know if it is a continuous growth spurt, but you are never full, always hungry, always snacking. And always wondering when the next meal is coming.
  • You have been very out-going in finding and making new friends after we moved.  It's been hard, but you have adapted so well.
  • Your dimples kill me. You are simply adorable.
  • I love how positive you are about almost anything.  You get so excited to start a new project, meet up with your cousins, talk on the phone to grandma, head to McDonalds, pull out the Halloween boxes, etc.  We love how happy you are!
  • We catch you singing all the time...usually making up your own songs and singing away while playing.
  • You love projects.  Taping, gluing, markers, paint. 
  • You make up for being the only girl with 3 brothers in over-the-top girly-ness.  Pink, purple, nails, hair, clothes, princesses, love it all (and your brothers are secretly jealous!).  
We love you Addy.  Don't grow up too fast ok? 
Happy 7th Birthday to our sweet girl!

And this concludes what feels like a month of celebrating the birthday girl


the Holyoaks 4:27 PM  

You are a super mom. I am so impressed that you have an infant and three other kids and managed to do Halloween and birthday partIES. So impressive. And I am in love with that frosting! How did you do it? Is there a tutorial somewhere? What tip did you use? It looks beautiful and your little girl is beautiful too. I can't believe you have a seven year old! It's even harder to believe that the seven year old is your second child! Where did the time go?

Kris and Cath 6:13 PM  

How fun! You are so creative and I love learning from the cute Dalley mom's on how to be a mom someday!

Love ya,


Carmen Goetschius 12:52 AM  

Such a sweet girl!

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