Sunday, November 27, 2011

{Thanksgiving 2011}

We were so happy to have my sister and her family over for Thanksgiving. They live in Renton, about 45 minutes away, so we get to see them quite a bit, but haven't had them stay at our house in years! My kids were in heaven with their cousins.  The guys got in plenty of football watching. And it was so nice to have help for the meal (Reese cooked half of it!) and help in the kitchen too. 

Cooking must always start on Wednesday.  Rolls, Stuffing, and Pies were on my list that day.  (And an unanticipated stop to the pediatrician, with 4 kids,  to rule out strep throat for Rylan.  It was negative, thank goodness. Then a stop to the pharmacy for some sore throat magic mouthwash, and I was officially way behind on the to-do list.  But we managed to pull it off. I just left laundry undone and the house a little less clean than I hoped.  Why do I even make a plan? are so unpredictable!)  Anyhow, keeping with tradition, each of the kids had to make a pie.  Carson fizzled out a bit, but Addy and Ry helped from start to finish.  Addy - Pumpkin Chiffon Pie, Rylan - Apple Pie, Carson - Chocolate Cream Pie.

 And then Thursday morning the kids can't wait for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  They even stayed interested for over an hour. That's Addy with socks in her hair :-)

Addy waited by the window for almost an hour for her cousin, Paige, to arrive.  She was asking every 5 minutes when they were coming!

The dining room was empty until a month ago when my mom drove up my Grandparents dining room table.  My Grandpa recently moved in with my Aunt and Uncle as his health continues to decline.  We all got a few trinkets, but I feel immensely blessed to be able to have this table that my grandmother served so many meals at.  It's beautiful and in amazing condition.  And my mom is extra amazing for driving it all the way up to my house!

All the kids (minus babies). The kids did a great job at making place cards.  I never got a group shot at the table. Too much prep going on at the same time, but the kids sure look happy and excited!

Rylan called Brynn "my Brynn" the whole weekend.  "Hey Carson, that's my Brynn!"  These two are so sweet together.

Brynnie is so sweet!

 The babies just outside the dining room in their own chairs.  Finley is so sweet and so quiet compared to our loud and often cranky Miles. She is just so content most of the time you hardly hear a peep out of her.  I'm sure it is a big surprise to be around our babbling (just started saying da-da-da), crying, and sometimes screaming baby.  Finley had fun crawling all over the place while Miles was a slug in one spot.  But they are sure interested in one another.  Sure to be great friends!

 Who says you can't have more pies than you have adults? Reese brought Banana Cream and a yummy Berry Pie too!
Our tradition is to stick an almond in each pie. Whoever gets the almond, gets a prize.  It kind of back fired this year because we had so many pies so the chances of someone getting an almond was small. In fact, Chris was the only one.  And then the kids were asking for more and more just to demolish their piece looking for the almond. So I just handed over a prize to each of the kids before all the pie was gone!

After pie, we spent a long time looking through ads and searching for on-line deals. We were trying to minimize our shopping by seeing what we could find on line for the same price and were pretty successful at that.  Reese and I didn't go shopping until 7am and hit Fred Meyer (still had everything we wanted...and with very light crowds) and Toys R Us (a total bust...everything gone).  We had a great time and got a ton checked off our shopping lists!

So lucky to have a sleepover with cousin Paige!

And Reese brough Just Dance 3.  The kids loved it!
It was warm and sunny on Friday. Warm enough to eat turkey leftovers outside in the sun!

After the guys got in a few hours of Black Friday shopping, we raced to the Christmas Tree farm to cut down our tree before the sunset (post coming soon!)

We had a blast with Charise and Chris and all the kiddos.  They are so fun and it is just so easy to host my sister. No need to worry about the dirty dishes laying around for a few hours or a house full of toys and piles from the kids. It just means the house is lived in, and we are having fun visiting, relaxing, and enjoying the good company!  Thanks again Reese and Chris!

It is nice to reflect on so many things that we are thankful for at Thanksgiving.  At our family home evening last week we made a list of about 100 items. Some of my favorites:

Trains (Rylan)
Birthdays (Addy)
Harry Potter (Carson)
Toothfairy (Addy)
Washer & Dryer (Mom)
Jeep (Dad)
French Fries (Rylan)
Employees (Dad)
College Degree (Mom)
Wii (Carson)
Sunshine (Addy)
Scriptures (Dad)
Cubscouts (Carson)
Emma (babysiter) (Rylan)
Temple (Mom)
PE (Addy)
Jesus (Rylan)
Skittles (Addy)
Camera (Mom)
Shapes (Rylan)
Job (Dad)
Good Health (All of us)
Baby Miles (All of us)
New House (All of us)
Gospel (All of us)
Family! (All of us)

This is just a fraction of what we feel blessed and grateful for this year.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Reese 9:19 PM  

It WAS super fun!! And relaxing! It felt so chill and nice...even though the kiddos are more demanding sometimes. We love you guys and each of your kids. I am thankful my kids have LOTS of cousins, and especially some cousins close by! Thanks again for EVERYTHING!!! Love you, Shell!

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