Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{Christmas Day 2011}

Christmas morning was just as it should be...exciting, warm, and cozy!  The smell of cinnamon bread, the sounds of Christmas music and the kids giggling, and the comfort of a warm fire and home.  I love it maybe more than the kids!
Carson slept upstairs so he could come down with the kids at the same time.  We enforce a strict "no peeking" rule and had to cover the banister and railing with a big blanket so they couldn't peek down below. 
They didn't wake up until about 7:30.  And I told them we couldn't go downstairs until they got Rylan up AND he had to be happy.  He's a grumpy gus in the morning...but it quickly faded with enticing thoughts of stockings, candy canes, and presents. 
Here they come!

Addy and Car quickly found the gifts they asked for from Santa.
Addy: Electric Scooter
Carson: Rip Rider

Since church didn't begin until 1:30, we enjoyed the entire morning opening gifts.  We really take our time...going one at a time and opening the toys and putting in batteries if they want.  Why rush it, right?  It still goes by too quickly...

Miles was so content and happy.  He took a nap part way through and rallied at the end with the lasts gifts of the afternoon.

This little girl was so excited for her new sewing machine from mom and dad!

And Rylan loves this Toy Story race track (Look, the same one from Nursery, Mom!)

He also loved this rug with roads and tracks from Grandma Judy. It went perfectly with the cars, trains, tracks, animals and other toys he got that day.

No pictures of the kids in their church clothes.  Honestly, we just threw something on pretty quickly, and I didn't fuss too much with hair or ties. As soon as we got home, the sun was shining so the kids changed in lightning speed and hit the street to try out their new toys.
The Rip Rider is pretty cool.  You pick up speed by pedaling and then crank the wheel and the wheels on the back allow you to do multiple 360 spins.  It's pretty fun (for adults too!).

Addy getting a lesson from Dad on driving her electric scooter.

It didn't take too long to figure it out.

Our parents spoiled all of us for Christmas.  The kids loved the toys, clothes, puzzles, and books galore.  They were truly treated with thoughtful and generous gifts.  I don't know how they manage all the shopping with the grandchildren list continuing to grow!

And Trevor and I loved the emergency preparedness gear and items for the kitchen and house that were so thoughtful.  I am SO excited to have my very own big-girl sewing machine too (Thanks Mom!!!).  I have a project I want to start this weekend.  Addy and I can learn together. I will aspire to be as good as my sister-in-law, Anne, who sent adorable quilted ornaments for Christmas. 

My sister had Trevor and I for Christmas this year and put together this adorable 'Christmas Symbols' bag/story. I love it!  She also took careful note of some kitchen things I mentioned wanting throughout the year, and a movie for the kids...all wrapped up in a gift that was so personal and loving! Thanks Reese & Chris!

The kids also loved exchanging gifts with their cousins.  It is always one of their favorite gifts to give and to open.  And they even got to thank them in person as we were all together for New Years Eve!
We were on the phone off and on most of the day and Skyped with all our family too.  It was so nice to talk to almost everyone!!

Since it was just us this year, I didn't want to spend all day in the kitchen cooking, so I took some cooking short-cuts and did Rhodes rolls and a pie from Costco.  Anyone notice or care? No. Add in some honey glazed ham, mashed potatoes, shrimp, and frog-eye salad...and it was a delicious, festive meal!

After dinner we tried out our new popcorn maker from Santa and played a family round of Just Dance 3.

We put together toys and set up Addy's sewing machine.  She's pretty good at threading the machine and winding the bobbin now.  She is using all my scrap fabric on sewing projects.

It was a wonderfully blessed Christmas.  I love how it connects our family, both near and far, in joyous celebration of our Savior's birth.  I feel so connected to them as we share our Christmas Day adventures and fun knowing we are all tied through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And that is greatest gift of all. 

And at the end of the day, two tired boys, snuggled up watching a movie. 
Doesn't get any better than that. 



Our family 2:26 PM  

Santa brought my girls some great learn to sew kits that I've seen at Walmart. It had all the fabric and the instructions for cute little things. One kit was a quilted bag, the other was a doll nightgown, pillowcase and blanket. They were perfect for beginners. I couldn't find it on their site, but it's similar to this....

SuburbiaMom 10:07 AM  

Fun stuff! I love that Trevor is in his suit helping Addy on the scooter!

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