Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{Media Makeover}

Remember how cool these rear projection TVs were about 10 years ago?  I remember my uncle had a ginormous one in his basement and it was the biggest TV I had seen in a house before!  This is before HD and so the picture quality is fair at best on these things. Especially compared to today's standards.  And they are huge...I mean gigantic huge boxes that take up an unrealistic amount of space. 

Okay, so fast forward to us purchasing this house that is 10 years old.  The previous owners had actually sheetrocked a TV like this into a room upstairs.  Yes, sheetrock. The bottom half completely enclosed. As in they never, ever intended to get rid of it.  They must have thought technology would never change and the TV would never (gasp!) die. Seriously?  I could not believe it.   

The kids never minded it, but now that we are so spoiled by nice HDTVs, Trevor and I didn't use it to watch movies, TV, or sports.  But, in order to upgrade we had to figure out how we were going to get it out of that room without destroying the walls requiring a mini remodel, more sheetrock, and trying to match the custom paint?!  Let alone even if we destroyed the walls, the TV wouldn't make it down the stairs (they must have put it in before the stair railings went in).
Well, you bust out the reciprocating saw and demolish the TV.  I mean, you can't actually sell the thing. I don't think anyone would have even taken it for free!  I laughed at Trevor at first, but with the help of our friend Jon, they had that thing totally out of the room in about an hour.  (Note: They turned off the breaker to the room since the plug and outlet were also buried.  That way they avoided electrocuting themselves...that was my biggest worry about the whole thing!)

And what does a 65 inch rear projection TV look like inside?  It was mostly an empty plywood box.  I was surprised by how much was actually just wood! The electronic pieces were all in the lower half and could mostly be lifted out after taking apart a few screws.  Makes you think these things really aren't that sophisticated for sure. 
We kept the big mirror that was inside (that the image projects to)...as a little keepsake of the project. 

The hubster salvaged the paint and room.   And built a platform for a normal HDTV to go right in the same spot, but with access below for cords and cable so we can totally replace the new one when it becomes outdated in 10 years. After a quart of paint for the platform and a new TV from Santa, it is much improved!  It still boggles my mind that you would build a room around a TV that could not be accessed or replaced. But turns out it can... with a saw, a crowbar and a hammer!

We all love it.  Bring on the Super Bowl this weekend! 


SuburbiaMom 9:37 PM  

Wow! Thanks! Always wondered what they looked like on the inside...what a crazy "home repair!"

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