Wednesday, February 01, 2012


The "storm of the decade" started out pretty fun.  We were sent home from our church services after our first meeting due to icy roads.  Turns out the worst part of the drive was the drive TO the time we were heading back home, the roads were much clearer. 

The kids couldn't peel off their church clothes fast enough and pile on the snow gear.  Sledding, snowball fights with dad, gigantic snowballs, snow angels, and a snowman for each of the 3 big kids. They were in heaven.  And played for at least 2 hours...which is major improvement of all my previous years as a mom that involved 30 minutes of snow gear prep for about 15 minutes before they cashed it in---cold and ready for hot chocolate. 

 First time in the snow for Miles...for about 2 minutes to take his picture!

Monday was a holiday and they played in the remaining snow.  Tuesday was a late start day due to about an additional inch of snow accumulation.  Turns out that would be it for school for rest of the week.

Wednesday brought about 6 more inches of snow.  This is HUGE for Seattle.  Trevor had no problem making it to work in his Jeep, but most of his patients couldn't make it in.  By about 2 pm, he closed the office and headed home to load us in the car for some fun. 

We headed to the church parking lot.  Only a few tracks in the snow, but otherwise 6 inches of fresh snow, and an empty parking lot. Perfect to tie a few sleds to the back of the Jeep and pull the kids around.  I got some definite grief for this on facebook. But it was totally safe, and I had absolutely no worries.  The snow wasn't really icy so when the car slowed down, so did the sleds.  We weren't going fast enough for there to be any momentum.  They were right behind the car and definitely were not swinging wide like a tube behind a boat. Think of it as the little boat rides at the amusement park just chugging along at about 5mph. It was so fun.  I was sitting in the back of the Jeep with the perfect view for taking pictures, hearing the endless giggles and warming my heart with these genuine smiles.

I love this series of pictures of Addy trying to jump onto Rylan's sled and back.  She was laughing so hard!

It was cold after an hour, but we warmed up in the car while Trev and Carson were trying to be wanna-be snowboarders down the hills at the church. 

The kids played in the snow more at the house.

And then the power went out.  I could tell from facebook that it wasn't out everywhere, so at dinner time we loaded everyone up and headed to the new McDonald's playland.  By the time we got back, power back on! 

Until Thursday morning about 6am.  Between Wednesday and Thursday, the ice came.  Freezing rain is an amazing thing.  It coated everything with ice.  Trees toppled over, branches broke, and power lines failed. 

It was okay in the house during the day.  We have a gas fireplace and tons of windows, so it didn't slow us down much.  I had enough battery power to work on some things on my laptop (no Internet!) and then I had my phone and hand-crank radio (xmas present from my parents...great timing!!) to say up to date on things.   And the gas range helped with making warm lunch and dinner.  But by Friday night it was getting tough.  I had wet laundry to dry, food that was going bad, and kids with cold ears and noses.  Thankfully wonderful neighbors a mile away welcomed us over to their warm house with power, fed us, and let us charge up all our electronics. 
The night was cold, but not too cold...we layered an extra blanket on each kid and we all slept fine, but it was kind of devastating to wake up again to no power.  Luckily we had our generator going by this point to keep the refrigerator on (and so I could blow dry my hair!) and power a light inside the house.  It was a life savor. 

As luck would have it my sister was leaving out of the country on Friday and my mom was coming to watch the kids.  My sister's flight was still on the schedule, but my mom couldn't get into Seattle for 2 days!  So I drove up and got my cute nieces and brought them back to my cold, dark house. The kids made the best of it and having cousins around got our mind off of it.  And just as I was getting teary about facing another night in the cold, the power flickered back on.  A true blessing! 

I've realized I am such a wimp with no power and completely addicted to my electronics. Without my phone I probably would have gone crazy! Thank heavens for smart phones.  We have a list of things to prepare for in the next few months, including getting a better generator and a bigger stock of batteries. 

Seattle is definitely kind of wimpy when it comes to snow.  Being from Utah we just roll our eyes at school closures, but this storm was definitely worthy of all the hype and press! We won't be forgetting this one anytime soon.  We have the broken trees and branches all around the community to remind us too.  What a crazy week! 


Hilary 6:16 AM  

It looked awful on facebook. Glad you made it through.
Will you put a post up about your generator buying? I would like to know more about one, we would like to buy one soon.

Tim and Lisa 7:15 AM  

The other tracks in the church parking lot was the Poulsens!

Becca, Bryce, T, C, and J 9:36 AM  

I can't even imagine being without power for that long! It looks like you guys handled it well and made it fun at the same time!

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