Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{Haircut, Cake, and Park}

In the interest of documenting....

Miles got his first hair cut in March.  His hair grows great on top, and not so well on the sides.
(Hopefully that continues his whole life!)

Before Shot
Man, those two teeth are the cutest things ever.

Such a sweet boy, am I right?!  Man, I love babies.  Can he please stay this little??

Next up, I made 2 cakes for the Cub Scout cake auction.  I don't consider myself much of a baker, but Pinterest came to the rescue.  These weren't actually too hard.  They are simple round, layered cakes (one was from scratch, the other a box mix).  But it's amazing what a little homemade frosting and oreos or candy will do.   (And an entire day in the kitchen).  I was so happy how they turned out because I've had my fair share of kitchen disasters.   
{Cookies and Creame Oreo Cake recipe here.}

The cake auction was a huge success and they earned more than they needed for all the boys to attend cub scout day camp in the fall. It was such a fun night!

We met up with my sister  (and my parents in town visiting) during spring break (on the one sunny day of the week!) at the Auburn park.  I love this park...there are so many unique toys to play on.  The kids loved this swing.  That Brynnie is so sweet.  (And another random friend in the back that joined in). 

Friday, April 20, 2012

{Easter 2012}

Man, I am usually so good at posting to my blog.  But I just haven't been feeling it lately.  I need to do it.  After all this is my main form of scrapbooking/family history.  I gave up cutesy papers and glue in 2002.  But I can't let it go because I fear the memories won't be captured anywhere but in a folder of pictures on my computer.  So I am trying to hang in there. 

I guess facebook and now instagram just seem easier. So I end up posting pictures on there and then often again on my blog.  Seems a little redundant.  But I guess I don't see myself printing out a book of my facebook statuses for posterity, so blogging will continue until something comes along that can accomplish my same goals of documenting our family journey. 

{BTW, are you on instagram yet?? I LOVE it. So happy they finally got an Android app). You can follow me on there. Username: rpettingill}

Okay Easter.  I love all the holidays with the kids.  So even though these pictures are the same ones as last year except everyone is a year older and we have a baby in the mix, it's the tradition I love.  And you better believe my kids really know our family traditions and wouldn't let me skip a thing.  I love how exciting it is for them year after year. 

First up. Dyeing eggs.

This little guy loves to point his cute finger.

We lucked out with another beautiful, sunny day for the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.

 This is Miles' first Easter. Remember, I was about ready to pop last year?

Typical Ry.  Overly exciting about everything!

Carson had already emptied out his eggs by the time we sat down to get a group shot.  The organizers of the even collect back all the plastic eggs.  Love that it means I don't need to store an additional 60 plastic eggs each year.

So fun to have Grandma Judy and Grandpa Chuck visit for the weekend too.  We made our traditional Easter cookies on Saturday night.  You follow a recipe that also has scripture references all about the Resurrection. 

And you seal them up (in the tomb) with tape. This was Rylan's favorite part, he could have taped all night.  In the morning the cookies are hollow (because the tomb was empty!).  We also watched this video on Saturday night.  So wonderfully done.  It was late and kind of torturous with Rylan, but I know all these teaching moments are adding up in the hearts of my littles.  I can't imagine them growing up without knowing that He is risen.  That our Savior died for all of us so that we might live again.  It's the greatest event of all time.  And the greatest gift I can give my children is to teach them their Savior knows and cares for them more than anything! 

The Easter bunny left trails to their baskets again this year. 

Can you tell Carson is grumpy?  He wasn't feeling well and headed back to bed just after I took this picture.  (Addy's socks in her hair = pretty hair for church).

Dressed up for church (minus Carson in bed, sick) 

This sweet picture of Ry just doesn't even look like him because he never looks this calm or sits this still or looks at the camera. 

This is the Rylan we know. 
And looking at it right now (while he's peacefully tucked in bed not destroying anything) makes me so glad he is this energetic, happy boy. 

Loved the springy flowers in my back yard!!  Makes the fall planting and spring yard work so worth it!

We had the warmest day of the year on Easter Sunday.  It was sunny and a perfect 70+ degrees.  I loved having church at 9am so that we also had time to enjoy the afternoon as a family. 
We soaked up the sun on a family walk and had Easter dinner on the deck. 

(Instagram photo)

And that's Easter in a ginormous nutshell. Picture overload, sorry. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Maybe that is too tricky of a title, get it, house anniversary?  Anyhow, yep, 1 whole year in our new place.  I had big plans to have a anniversary dinner with the kids...but it just didn't happen so this blog post will have to suffice.  The last year in most ways seems like it went by in lightning speed.  I look back and wonder how in the world did we buy and sell a house in 4 weeks, pack up and move our life of 7 years one mile down the road, while I was 8 months pregnant, during tax season, and during the investment and ramp up of physical therapy clinic #2.
And then the scramble to get the house in working order before a baby arrives, enrolling in new schools and helping set up new kids rooms so it feels like home even though their worlds were flipped upside down.  Attempt to meet new people at church while huge and prego.  And then deliver a baby and deal with colic and acid reflux, which was awful for 6 months and has slowly but surely improved. 
It's strange looking back because I really feel like we have overcome a lot of struggle, but while going through it I was really able to keep myself from feeling sorry for myself.  Sure I didn't get much decorating or anything much done to the house in the last year, but that didn't burden me either.  I am overwhelmingly grateful for a house that was move-in ready with no major projects required, but I am just now starting to feel like I have the time and desire to tackle some rooms and projects.  It's taken that year, and I really credit my family for keeping tabs on me, a husband who supports me, and a loving Heavenly Father who truly knows my struggles and lifts my spirits and gives me strength to overcome whatever obstacles I face. 
And don't get me wrong, moving to this new home was what we wanted!  It was and is a huge, ginormous blessing.  I love it.  I still love it.  I still wake up and pinch myself that we get to live in a place that feels so much like home.   It's some of the small things that I love the most like the additional light switch next to our bed so you don't have to get up to turn on the light (genius), the toy storage all contained in one room and out of all the bedrooms, the central vac with a kick plate to sweep into in the kitchen, the oval window in the den and the natural light in the master bathroom, the lilac trees, an undermount kitchen sink, the molding and doors. But, it's also a 10 year old house with 10 year old problems including aging appliances and a few dated items including iron 'grape clusters' as knobs on the kitchen cabinets!  And being next to a green belt brought our first dead critter in the crawl space (oh my gosh ,  I was dying. d.y.i.n.g....even if it was just a mouse).  But it has been and continues to be fun to make the home ours while doing some updating here and there.  We've now spent all the holidays and experienced all the seasons here.  We have a little history in this home now.  My mind is now spinning with ideas to re-do the den and half bath.  And start the project of touching up the baseboards and other molding in need of a fresh coat of paint.  I'm feeling rejuvenated a bit, finally.  But mostly, grateful.  Grateful for the blessing that the last year has been.  Grateful for the memories and for the memories to come. 

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