Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{Miles' Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday Party}

I knew I wanted to plan Miles' 1st birthday around the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle.  He has loved that book ever since receiving it for Christmas.  How in the world we went through 3 kids before that without owning this book, I do not know.  It is perfectly simple.  Miles will gasp and point and ooh and ahh over it every time. 

I found out it is not a very unique party theme.  Pinterest provided some amazing party inspiration.  Since I started planning a couple months in advance, I had time to do some of the crafty items I normally would pass over.  I actually like pulling all the details together, but I cannot do it in one week or even two, so time and checklists help balance the chaos and party prep.   

My favorite decoration had to be the paper lantern mobile.  So easy:  paper eyes and antennae just hot glued on the head and then hung with fishing line.

I also bought coordinating red and green fabric for the table.  I think the red runner will do double duty around Valentine's Day.  And the green tablecloth is pretty versatile too.  I also made some felt caterpillars that I intended to hang from the chandelier, but it didn't quite work, so I just laid them on the table. 

 One of the party favors included these tins of  "caterpillar food" (aka candy runts). 

I used my favorite felt garland again. It makes me so happy, I left it up for 2 weeks. 

The food for the party was pretty simple.  Miles favorite: PP&J along with all the fruit from the book (minus plums...I could not find them anywhere!). 

Addy, my little 7 year old reader, loved all the tags that went along with the story (and they were easy to make too).

I went super easy on the cake.  I did not make that fondant topper, but isn't it so cute?!  My good friend was having a facebook giveaway for her company Banner Events, and I won a merchandise credit to Edible Details just in time to place an order for Miles' birthday.  I never win anything so I was so excited! The owner of Edible Details is Brittany, and she is so talented.  I loved her design and everything shipped and arrived in excellent condition.  I made the 6 inch, 4-layer cake and just stuck it right on top.  It was perfect and easy!

She also designed these cupcake toppers for me that went right along with the story and were such a hit with the bigger kids. And made dessert easy as frosting cupcakes. 

And here is the birthday boy! 

He was able to celebrate with some of his favorite cousins.  I was so thrilled to have my SIL drive up from Vancouver for the weekend and my sister drive down from North Bend for the party.  Love you guys! He sure loves and knows his cousins!

First up, eating lunch. 

Followed by a couple crafts.  First: coffee filter butterflies (remember the caterpillar turns into a butterfly at the end of the book?).  You color flattened coffee filters with washable markers and then lightly spray with water so the colors bleed.  Leave out to dry (only takes a few minutes) and then wrap a black pipe cleaner around body and use to create antennae. 

And the second craft: fingerpaint bookmarks.  Just white cardstock, red ribbon, and a little paint. 

We played a memory game and opened presents and then finished up with the cake!

Miles couldn't keeps his hands off the frosting while we were singing and then as I was snapping pictures he threw out his arm and grabbed the flame and put it out.  Oh man, not getting mom of the year award for that.  He cried for a couple minutes until he realized he wasn't really hurt (the frosting on his fingers must have provided a barrier to the heat!) and he began to demolish the chocolate cake.

 There are 4 babies within 6 months of age on my side of the family.  He's the caboose in the group and happy to join the 1 year old club with Finley and Jett (we missed you Claire!). 

After a much needed nap, he went back for round 2 on the cake.  (You can't have too many pictures of your one year old eating cake, right?)

I love a good birthday party and this one was so fun! 

Happy First Birthday Miles!!

{Sharing the fun at Bird's Party and Lil Luna}


Rachelle 4:37 AM  

I love that party if only I had your energy and creativity to pull it off!

SuburbiaMom 8:58 AM  

Nicely done, Rochelle! So adorable!

the Holyoaks 9:56 AM  

Your party turned out so cute! We did that theme when Truman turned one, but I was pressed for time and not nearly as creative as you. If only you had done it first I could have stolen all of your awesome ideas! I love the pictures of Miles eating the cake. You really can't have too many of those. He is such a cutie! Happy Birthday!

Kris and Cath 10:38 AM  

This is fantastic! I love this book and the theme is so great! Everything goes together perfectly:) GREAT job!

Sharon/MOM 10:10 PM  

So cute and I can tell he loved it! and Finley and Jett look pretty envious about that cake. Party Planner Shell!

Onjali P. 10:44 PM  

All I have to say is your amazing, Well done Rochelle!

Jen I 7:34 PM  

That is so funny, I've been working so hard on an upcoming birthday - with some of the same details! And I thought I was so original with paper lanterns and eyes! (Although mine are ninja). But I've been thinking about you recently and thinking - I need Rochelle to look over my ideas and pull it all together and make it look cute. I've got lots of ideas, I can just never pull it together as well as you can and look so polished and finished! I seriously need to come out for some tutorials! It was adorable.

Birds Party 12:57 AM  

Such a fun, colorful party!! LOVE the caterpillar decoration above the table - So clever!♥

Thanks for linking up to Bird's Party Linky! You are one of our featured favorites! :)

Serge 8:34 PM  

I surely love the theme that you picked for this party! And it just makes my heart melt to see kids enjoying their first birthday cake ever... Happy Birthday Miles!

Jen 2:56 PM  

I love this party idea. You did it so well!! Where did get that confetti banner and red canisters?? Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Anonymous 12:12 PM  

Where did you get the adorable confetti garland!?

Sarah 6:54 PM  

where did you get the printable for food labels ?

Anonymous 1:32 PM  

Love the ideas, want to steal a few! Where did you get those adorable red tins? I can't find red ones anywhere!

Heather 6:13 PM  

I'm going to be doing a Hungry Caterpillar birthday for my daughter in a few months. I also didn't realize it was so popular! Your party turned out beautifully. I have a question - where did you get your garland? It's darling. And how long is it? Just to get a sense of what size to purchase. Thanks!

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